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Three Lucky Boys

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    Three Lucky Boys is Big Block 454 s second CD album for Raspberry Records. It features vocals by Melissa Sinden, the niece of English actor Donald Sinden.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 1999
      "Three Lucky Boys" is Big Block 454's second CD album for Raspberry
      Records. It features vocals by Melissa Sinden, the niece of "English"
      actor Donald Sinden.

      The song "Stove-Bolt Six" features in a recent book about porn-star
      Linda Lovelace.
      "Orthodontic Police" and "A Bayonet is a Weapon with a Worker at Each
      End" have been used in film soundtracks.

      The title track "Three Lucky Boys" is an account of the 19th Century
      American expedition to discover the Biblical sites of Sodom and
      Gomorrah. They had a lot of problems due to the salt water of the
      Dead Sea corroding all their equipment. We felt we had to write a song
      about this.

      Big Block 454 are currently working on a Film / Soundtrack Album /
      CD-Rom / Book of The Dead provisionally entitled "Strange Ululations"
      - think "King Kong" meets "Eraserhead" in the Antarctic and Rochdale
      with sounds by The Clangers and the budget of "Roobarb & Custard".
      The soundtrack album will be "The Faust Tapes" for 1999, if they had
      wanted to play "633 Squadron".

      The culmination of the film project will be a series of screenings
      featuring an expanded version of Big Block 454 performing live, in the
      manner of a silent film and pit orchestra.

      Big Block 454's influences include The Residents, Faust, Can, Captain
      Beefheart, Syd Barrett, Harry Partch, Bela Bartok and Brian Eno.

      Find out more at The Official Big Block 454 Non-Ironic Web Site, at

      Visit Raspberry Records at

      Interview Big Block 454 by e-mailing to

      Colin, Big Block 454, Manchester, England
      The Official Big Block 454 Non-Ironic Web Site
      Raspberry Records
      Email :
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