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Atlantis Nath

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  • David Beardsley
    A while back someone asked if this will ever see general release. See below. ... * David Beardsley * http://biink.com * http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley [Non-text
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2002
      A while back someone asked if this will ever
      see general release. See below.

      From Forced Exposure:

      >RILEY, TERRY: Atlantis Nath CD (SMM 001). Limited edition first
      >pressing of the debut release on Terry Riley's new label. A 1000
      >copies made, all signed & #'d. Largly intended to be sold mail order
      >only, only a few copies will be circulating; in the future an
      >unlimited mass market version will be released. "Sri Moonshine
      >Studios is happy to announce it's first release, Atlantis Nath,
      >recorded, mixed and edited during the period of 1993-98 in Nice
      >France at the CIRM studios. This is a special signed and numbered
      >edition of 1000 CDs! Terry's first big studio production since the
      >1978 Shri Camel is a 74-minute seamless journey featuring voices,
      >strings, synthesizer, piano and loops from India. The CD is packaged
      >in a natural paper 6-panel foldout with radiant Asian inspired
      >illustrations meticulously designed and rendered by New York artist,
      >Chris Harvey. Included on the recording is the final scene of Terry's
      >opera based on the life and works of Adolf Woelfli, 'The Crucifixion
      >of My Humble Self' as well as 'Emerald Runner,' 'Ascención' and
      >'Remember this O Mind.' Produced by Terry and the masterful CIRM
      >Studios team of Luc Martinez and Michel Redolfi, this recording
      >shines with state of the art sonics and performance. Terry sings and
      >plays all voice, piano and synthesizer parts on these tracks with
      >guest appearances by the Nice Opera String Quintet and Frédéric
      >L'Epée, Guitar." $42.00

      * David Beardsley
      * http://biink.com
      * http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley

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