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Wrecking Dangerous Abstraction [playlist]

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wreck thiS meSS on Radio 100 ° Amsterdam ° 99.3 FM Pyscho-audiographic Dérives #108: Abstract is Dangerous Mystification + Live webcast
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2002
      wreck thiS meSS on Radio 100 ° Amsterdam ° 99.3 FM

      Pyscho-audiographic Dérives #108: Abstract is Dangerous Mystification
      + Live webcast <www.desk.nl/~dfm/>

      Friday 21 September [24:00 - 3:30 AM]


      The Novocaine Boogie [Pass the Gas Doc] > Dr. Dr. Jazz [1]
      Way Out Intro & Motorcycle Ride > Bruce Haacke & Miss Nelson [2]
      Undercurrents > Marcos Fernandes [3]
      Church of Bank > Blurt [4]
      La Vie Aussi > Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown [5]
      Bullets for Ballots > Marcos Fernandes [3]
      A1 People Remix [Preparing for Old] > Black Sifichi [6]
      Entendue > Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown [5]
      Stück 9 > Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget [7]
      A Psychedelic Pswirly [Modal variations on a I, IV, V progression for
      garage quartet > Coachmen [8]
      OK, Robot > Bruce Haacke & Miss Nelson [2]
      I Hate the Dutch > Jona Lewie [9]
      Windmills of Lingerie > Blurt [4]
      Upper Lip of a Nostril Man > Fred Lane & His Hittite Hot Shots [10]
      The Orange Line > Marcos Fernandes [3]
      Hiawatha [excerpts: Henry W. Longfellow] > Harry Fleetwood [11]
      Lonely Boy > Vincent Gallo [12]
      Time Apart > Beef Knowledge [13]
      Stück 5 > Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget [7]
      Sixteen Seconds > Vincent Gallo [12]
      With Smiles & Death Smiles > Vincent Gallo [12]
      Label-less disc [14]
      I-Transmission > Jamzero [15]
      Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky > b/art [16]
      Cante Marito / Caterpillar > Marcello Radulovich [17]
      Quad or Knee > If, Bwana [18]
      My Dog > Dan Greenburg [18]
      Unsavory Products > Black Sifichi vs Black Dog [19]
      Title Unknown #4 > Robert Pelham [20]
      Army Ants in Your Pants > Bruce Haacke & Miss Nelson [2]
      La Nuite Blanche > Roots of Communication [21]
      Es Eilt Die Zeit > Roots of Communication [21]
      Kasimicks Tractors > Blurt [4]
      Trouble My Buddy > Stephen Jesse Bernstein vs Roberto Valenza [22]
      Roronra > Joscha Oetz [23]
      Wishing Well > Black Sifichi vs Black Dog [19]
      El Habib > Sonic Monks [24]
      Ennoia > David Dunn [25]
      The Girl of Her Dreams > Vincent Gallo [12]
      A Brown Lung Hollering > Vincent Gallo [12]
      The Way It Is Waltz > Vincent Gallo [12]
      Glad to be Unhappy > Vincent Gallo [12]
      Losing > Beef Knowledge [13]
      And a Colored Sky Colored Summer Day Grey > Vincent Gallo [12]
      Stück 10 > Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget [7]
      Fishing for Some Friends > Vincent Gallo [12]
      Six Laughs Once Happy > Vincent Gallo [12]


      [1] This mad-sampling dentist from the hinterlands of Michigan has
      created the first audio-loop in the search for a sonic replacement
      for novacaine. Insanely long piece of a short loop that dares us to
      pay attention beyond what the human mind could ever be expected to.
      May be better applied in interrogations of hostile enemy suspects.
      Bring it to Guantanamo Bay! They'll crack in a minute! If American
      intelligence had had this weapon in its arsenal instead of LSD, it
      would have won the war in Grenada, Guatemala, Angola, and Ann Arbor.

      [2] "The Best of Dimension 5" on Dimension 5. Ethnomusicology
      Department hires Mickey Rooney and Shelly Winters. Categories and
      files rearranged. Mayhem ensues, it begins to make sense. With every
      laugh you become more nauseous. Unlikely soundbed mates make like
      Kim Fowley caught in a Firesign Theatre.

      [3] "Hybrid Vigor" on Accretions <www.accretions.com> This is
      inspired and carefully arranged chaos. It's a tea party in a
      hurricane. It mirrors MF's cross-cultural hybridized life. He grew up
      in a Portugese/Japanese family. Raised Catholic in a Buddhist
      country. There is no stopping his material, it washes over you like a
      tidal wave of perceptions, splinters of influence, slivers of
      samples. He reminds me on this disc vaguely of Todd Rundgren, another
      maximalist, especially on his drug-induced/inspired journey "A Wizard
      A True Star" or on Vandergraaf Generator tossed into a busy street.

      [4] "Celebrating the Bespoke Cell" There are very very few bands and
      voices that hold up over a period of 20 years especially those that
      arose out of punk or disco. Blurt, like the Fall, are one of those
      anomalous sonic-poetic mysteries, consistently sounding both
      rudimentary and sophisticated, rhythmic and improvisationally
      complex, poetic in that both write lyrics that beat 99% of all spoken
      word. The words allude and instigate, are universal and about things
      happening right now. Ted Milton is a kind of humanoidal Frankenstein
      poet combining the inspired lunacy of Leon Thomas and the anarcho
      beatness of Kenneth Patchen. "In the dank shadow of the church of

      [5] "A Propos D'Un Paysage" on Crammed disc vinyl 1985. Excellent
      disc from Benjamin Lew, Steven Brown, Marc Hollander, Vini Reilly,
      Rami Fortis, Alain Lefebvre.

      [6] Black Sifichi <http://www.blacksifichi.com>unreleased trax
      working with Black Dog: new album - Black Dog vs Black Sifichi
      <http://www.unsavouryproducts.com>. You ignore him at your own peril

      [7] "Low Tide Digitals" on Rune Grammofon <www.runegrammofon.com> Is
      an excellent selection of harmonic abstract sound pieces using
      guitar, electronics and a cello. Plaintive and lonely pieces that
      make you think of late night Helsinki in some Kourismaki film scenes.
      Lovely seductive light that only highlights or torments you with the
      fact that the loveliness is precisely a taunt and poke at your
      incredible and sudden awareness of despair. Magnificent.

      [8] Ten Compositions (New Frontiers in Free Rock) on Ecstatic Peace,
      Byron Coley PO Box 627, Northampton, MA 01060, USA
      <glasseye@...>. Recorded on Thurston Moore's sub-label, may
      very well be the missing link between the Kingsmen and Rahsaan Roland
      Kirk. But it sounds more like the Shaggs slipping out of their
      retirement home to back JD King, the sole original Coachman. The
      Coachmen, an early 'progressive garage-rock' band of Moore's,
      carbon-dates from 1978, when everyone 'was forming bands and being
      devout conformists', King notes. The new Coachmen - Val Boyd
      [keyboardist/composer], King [guitarist/composer], Dave Wain [bass]
      and 'gorgeous chick drummer' Simon Quick from London - have been at
      it since 1996. The results of this 20-year incubation is ten
      compositions that sound more like inter-planetary communiques beamed
      to Sun Ra than what we know as musical composition. Sun Ra passed
      them along to Jandek, who slipped them to the Coachmen, who
      ultimately remixed them in the studios of avant jazz label, E.S.P.
      Compositions is bereft of all identifiable melody, cultural
      reference, sampling, tunes, sentiment, motifs, harmony, grooves,
      riffs, or hooks. What we're left with is discord in search of
      strategic mission. Imagine Merzbow and Cecil Taylor in a blackhole,
      reconfiguring Metal Machine Music. The Coachmen have produced a
      charming, challenging, pata-intellectual, recombinant sound document,
      which I dare not call music. When listening to Compositions expect
      two new conundrums to emerge for each one resolved. If these be
      compositions then a blackhole must be a nice place to live. [From
      GreenDolfy@..., Sept. 2002: "BTW: True confession time. You were
      right. There is more (or, actually, less) to The Coachmen than meets
      the ear. I am all the musicians. I play everything. I invented the
      other characters."]

      [9] Great song from that late 70s-early 80s Stiff period.

      [10] "Car Radio Jerome" on Shimmy Disc, 1986. At the height of funny
      irreverent discs to help us get through the times of Heightened
      Repression. Freedom was some kind of women's hygiene product in the

      [11] "The Song of Hiawatha" on Folkways, 1959. So famous it is almost
      obscure again: "Pathwayof the ghosts, the shadows / Running straight
      across the heavens / Crowded with the ghosts, the shadows."

      [12] "Recordings of Music for Film" on Warp, 2002. I got this from
      black sifichi. A perfect gift. This is the kind of soundtrack I can
      listen to for hours. Jazzy, atmospheric, Bernard Hermann meets Ry
      Cooder's Paris, Texas with brooding slabs that sound like they were
      taken directly from the great "Betty Blue" soundtrack. The music
      seems to evoke oppression in open space and harassed by choice. Gallo
      is painter, actor, director but best of all composer of this great
      stuff. He did music for experimental film [70s-80s]. Sound that fills
      space and has a subliminal tinge of angst behind its soothing
      textures. 29 pieces from an assortment of films inc. Buffalo 66,
      covering a period of some 20 years.

      [13] "The Grey Knowledge" on Noise Factory
      <www.noisefactoryrecords.com> is softcore pensive forlorn melodic
      abstraction in the best Durutti Column sense of the meaning.

      [14] amazing disc with absolutely NO markings, no identifications
      except some typical electro-ambient photos of anonymous [Amsterdam]
      urban settings. I looked at every little sliver and scratch and
      corner for any identificationŠ

      [15] "Jamzero" on Ecco Chamber <www.bauchklang.com>
      <www.ecco.chamber.com>. This is great post-Guru scat-dub downbeat
      hiphop . Lots of things happening between beats, even some echoes of
      ancient human beatbox stuff.

      [16] one of my many wacked simplistic rudimentary samples I did in
      late 80s. Here a Jackie Wilson serves me well.

      [17] "Hello" on Accretions <m@...>
      <www.accretions.com>. This is superb audio crunch work. Lots of
      sampling, loops, leitmotivs creating an effective pastiche of wacked
      juxtapositions. Maximal plunderphonica done ESP jazz style with lots
      of retooled soundscaping. Stretched samples, wanked sounds, wrenched
      bites. Recommended for those who enjoy deep, dark, and in-your-face.

      [18] Marlo Thomas & FriendsŠ A message album you can get as warm as piss for.

      [19] See no. 6.

      [20]"Untitled" on Progressive Form <http://homepage.mac.com/p_form>.
      Intellectual dance shit. Grooving in a sweatless universe.

      [21] "Al Valico Dei Secoli" on Esperia <www.esperiamusi.com> Is
      post-modern global music which manages to be both conceptually high
      minded and entertaining, from an alien world that we are all very
      familiar with using indigenous and traditional instruments to conjure
      up international secret trade routes between cultures.

      [22] "Forewarning the 21st Century: A Live Show" presumably on
      Bootburn <bootburn@...> but who knows. It is by Roberto
      Valenza <robertovalenza@...> & Steven Jesse Bernstein with
      Pete Leinonen on bass and Ben Ireland on drums. This is a fine and
      wonderful shambles, a wonderful concoction of personal and prophetic,
      poetic and noise, the beautiful and wondrous entangled in the ugly
      and foreboding. The jazzy feel is hardly retro, it is sonically
      extrapolatory and rather than hold poetics in a kind fo cliched
      framework, it actually ignites the work. Also available is RV's
      Musical Secretions Roberto Valenza, Primordial Marrow, RV's the real
      thing - not some fetishized icon from some dubiously touted past but
      the archway, extensible and expanding, bridging 60s to 90s, broad
      expressionistic brushstrokes that gouache together 19th century with
      21st. Valenza now lives in Florida. He has produced 13+ small press
      books. His first major book of poems and drawings from his time in
      Asia, "Under the Precious Umbrella," is available from Nine Muses
      Books <mw9muses@...>, 3541 Kent Creek Rd. Winston, OR 97496
      200 pages, $15 dollars inc. shipping. SJB's "I Am Secretly an
      Important Man" is available through <www.autonomedia.org>.

      [23] "Vieles Ist Eins" on Accretions <www.accretions.com> Hybridized
      jazz that blends the zeitgeist of a frantic life with a kind of
      inner-directed groove. Improv can be dangerous.

      [24] "Kidnap: International" on Kidnap <wte@...> Groove
      ambiences, sipping molotov cocktails on the Dead Sea coast, dried
      caviar between your toes. There is the distant thunder that may be
      something manmade and then there is the throb in the veins on the
      side of your head.

      [25] "Four Electroacoustic Compositions" on Pogus <www.pogus.com>
      What a siren, a radio, a blender sound like if they had emotions and
      you were ripping them apart - ritualistic disembowelment or rubbed
      against the ageing labia of Gloria Swanson.


      o I will have to be a little subdued laidback for the coming months
      as I enter crunch time and [yodel book] deadlines loom. So if I am
      brief and minimal it has nothing to do with the discs themselves. Nor
      with enthusiasm. It has to do with the fact that governments refuse
      to increase the day to 28 hours!

      o Der Spiegel on TIPS: citizen-spy ratio would be higher than in fmr GDR
      Politech is at http://www.politechbot.com/

      Interesting analysis of TIPS in German-language Der Spiegel today, which
      includes detailed comparison of the projected number of TIPS participants to
      the number of citizen informants that cooperated with the state security
      system in former East Germany. Story projects that the percentage of
      citizen-spies under TIPS would be over four times greater than the
      percentage of citizen-Stasi-informants in former GDR. [roughly
      translated excerpt] [reworked by b/art]

      Bush Wants a Nation Full of Informers by Alexander Schwabe

      Almost one year after September 11, US president George W. Bush is
      trying to transform the country into a society Š of informants. In
      August operation "TIPS" started as the newest weapon in the fight
      against terrorism. If the pilot project works, the informer ratio in
      the states will soon be higher than it ever was in the GDR [former
      German Democratic Republic, or East Germany]

      Above all, the authorities want to convince people whose work places
      them at the interface between public and private domains of society.
      Bus drivers, postal employees, phone company employees, truck
      drivers, gas and water company service personnel ... are going to be
      encouraged to sharpen their senses and their sense of duty to call a
      toll-free number if something seems suspicious to them.

      Ten cities in August inaugurtated the pilot project. One million
      informants are to be involved in the surveillance of their fellow
      citizens. If the effort were to be successful in the ten largest
      American cities, this would mean there would be one million
      informants for 24 million inhabitants (just around four percent)...

      * "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands


      Selected Wreck This Mess playlists have begun appearing regularly in
      3am Magazine <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the title
      "Radiophotogram: Visual Radio". Also posted is my interview with Judy

      "For a more international, commercial feel, try 3am Magazine. . . .
      The cosmopolitan, rive gauche quality of the site is wonderfully
      obvious. From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and
      music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and
      clued-up, and it counter-balances nicely the London/New York
      publishing behemoth." o Bill Broun, The Times (Monday April 30 2001).

      "Cool ezine 3am is worth taking a look at for a dip into the edgier
      waters of literature on the net." o Michelle Pauli, The Guardian

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