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FS: Aube, Folds & Rhizomes II, Fonn, Brokeback, Live Human...

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    ** PRICES ARE US$ POSTAGE PAID ** in North America (more for overseas) If you don t like a price, make me an OFFER. OFFERS -- Aube - Flood-Gate JAP CD
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      ** PRICES ARE US$ POSTAGE PAID ** in North America (more for overseas)
      If you don't like a price, make me an OFFER.

      OFFERS -- Aube - "Flood-Gate" JAP CD (Vanilla: vanilla-27) 1993
      [Sound source: Water. Now classic "digital" debut on the
      excellent Vanilla imprint. 3 tracks, 60 minutes of ambient,
      drone & blissful rhythmic noise recorded at Studio MECCA,
      Kyoto in 1993. This copy is NEW (mint), and * AUTOGRAPHED *
      in silver ink by Akifumi on the back of the front sleeve.
      Limited edition of 500 copies. Long out of print.]

      $ 6 -- Brokeback - "Returns To The Orange Grove" US 7" (Thrill Jockey)
      1997 [AUTOGRAPHED in silver by Doug McCombs (Tortoise). Feat.
      "Returns...", "Divines Water" & "A Carrot Is As Close..." by
      Cpt. Beefheart. Archer Prewitt guests. NEW copy.]

      $ 7 -- Divine Styler - "Concept Design Deflon" UK 12" (Mo'Wax) 2000
      [Feat. title cut plus "Mono" & "Come Into My Space". Dark,
      minimal, cinematic, 80's-inspired groovers from this out MC
      (not on "Wordpower 2: Directrix"). NEW Copy.]

      $ 9 -- Fonn - "Field 831" UK CD (Fat Cat: fatcd05) 1999
      [Quality electro/drone-based "post-rock" that brings to mind
      Fridge, Tortoise, Slint et al. Guest: DJ Quest (Live Human).]

      $ 7 -- Live Human - "Improvisessions" UK 12" (Fat Cat: fat05) 1998
      [4 non-album pieces of sublime, improv hip-hop/jazz from the
      trio of Andrew Kushin (contrabass), Albert Mathias (drums)
      & DJ Quest (turntables). NEW Copy.]

      $ 8 -- U.N.K.L.E. - "Psyence Fiction" CAN CD (Mo'Wax/Polygram) 1998
      [DJ Shadow & James Lavelle's superstar album feat. Kool G Rap,
      Lateef, Lyrics Born, Alice Temple, Richard Ashcroft, Wil Malone,
      Mike D., Jason Newstead, Atlantique & Thom Yorke. NEW copy.]

      $15 -- V/A - "Double Articulation" BEL CD (Sub Rosa/Utopian Diaries:
      sr110) 1997 [Part 2 of the "Folds & Rhizomes" series. 55
      minutes of remixes... Shea remixes Scanner, Scanner remixes
      MoM, MoM remixes everyone, Tobias Hazan remixes Main, Main
      remixes Oval, and Oval remixes Oval. NEW copy.]

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