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WRECK: Yodel = Courage [PLAYLIST]

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    wreck thiS meSS on Radio 100 ~ Amsterdam ~ 99.3 FM Pyscho-audiographic Dérives #107: Yodel = Courage + Live webcast Friday 16 August
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 7, 2002
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      wreck thiS meSS on Radio 100 ~ Amsterdam ~ 99.3 FM

      Pyscho-audiographic Dérives #107: Yodel = Courage
      + Live webcast <www.desk.nl/~dfm/>

      Friday 16 August [24:00 - 3:45]


      Plan du Mont > True Tone [1]
      Meta-Alpinus > Rocket [2]
      D'Mölleri Bödelt Eis / Stets in Truure Zeit > Christina Lauterburg [3]
      In Tirool > Olga Lowina [4]
      Erika's Alpentraum > Christina Lauterburg [3a]
      Echo Lied > Olga Lowina [4]
      Zauerli > Erika Stucky [5]
      On the Swing > Shelley Hirsch & David Weinstein [6]
      Balkanization > Neil B. Rodnick [7]
      Hech-Obä > Ruedy Rymann [8]
      D'Meisterlosig > Astrid Schuler [8]
      Kufsteiner Lied > Dino Laval [9]
      Jeu-de-Quilles > True Tone [1]
      Bi de Hinderschachelüte > Ds Schützechörli Kirchbärg [10]
      Timber > Coldcut [11]
      Dr Sunnähälbler > Toni Büeler [8]
      Spaced Cowboy > Sly & the Family Stone [12]
      Hillbilly Leprauchan > Ethel Delaney [13]
      Jeu-de-Quilles > True Tone [1]
      Cowboy Sweetheart > Ethel Delaney [13]
      Them Yodel Yellers > Mason Williams [14]
      Yodel Ploughboy > Ned Tucker with Orchestra [15]
      Swiss on Rye > Ethel Delaney [13]
      5 O'Clock World > The Vogues [16]
      Verchamp (Vaches et Génisses) > Les Sonnailles [1]
      Silvesterchlaus 3 > Buel-Bänkli Schuppel [17]
      Nurse's Song [Blake] > Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky [18]
      Silvesterchlaus 5 > Buel-Bänkli Schuppel [17]
      Blue Yodel > Jack Collom [19]
      La Youtze > Montferrine [20]
      Dirty Hangover Blues > W. Lee O'Daniel [21]
      Hill-Billy Willy > Alice Babs [22]
      Whoopi Ti Yi > Elton Britt [23]
      Cattle Call > Elvis Presley [24]
      Nothin' To Do > Rex Allen [25]
      Cowboy Buckaroos > Mason Williams [26]
      Yodelin' Hillbilly > Wilf Carter [27]
      Britches > Elvis Presley [28]
      Yodelin' Cowboy > Hank Snow [29]
      Yodelin' Fool > Wylie & the Wild West [30]
      Alp Schwellaui Klöntal > True Tone [31]
      Hum Allah Hum > Leon Thomas & Pharoah Sanders [32]
      See That My Grave is Kept Clean > Diamanda Galas [33]
      Heimetvogel > Christina Lauterburg [34]
      Yodeling Ghost > Bing Crosby vs Andrews Sisters [35]
      Big Chief Yodel > Big Chief Redbird [36]
      Sy Leer My Om te Yodel > Bles Bridges [37]
      Yodel-ee Yodel-ay > Bobbejan Schoepen [38]
      Ik Ga Naar Tiroler Land > De Migras [39]
      Rosalien > Jodel Jerry [40]
      Lovesick Blues > Slim Whitman [41]
      Freight Train > Tex Morton [42]
      Ik Voel Me Rijk Als 'n Koning > Jodel Jerry [43]
      Yodelin' in the Valley > Mason Williams [44]
      Ik Kom Uit de Alpen > Bob Vrieling [45]
      Big Rock Candy Mountain > Eastside Dave & the Mountain Folk Band [46]
      Tennessee Houn' Dog > Marvin Rainwater [47]
      In the Hills of Tennessee > John Lilly [48]
      Chime Bells > Wylie & the Wild West [30]
      Yodel Fiddle Blues > Mississippi Sheiks [49]
      California Hippy Murders > Red River Dave [50]
      If I Could Learn to Yodel > Patsy Montana [51]
      Waiting For a Train > Wylie & the Wild West [30]
      Swiss Dreams > Slim Clark [52]
      Dream Lullaby > Wilf Carter [53]

      [1] "Les Sonnailles" on CSR <www.csr-records.ch>. The magical
      enchanting sound of cowbells in Alpine pastures. More than 60 minutes
      of it. [see below]

      [2] "Rotex" is the solo project of ROCKET/FREUDENTAL member Robert
      Steng <bobrocket@...>, ROTEX is (experimental electronic,
      trashmetal)... on this CD he takes the piss out of yodeling and puts
      it right back in. Plunderphonically yuutzing! Steng on yodeling:
      "Both of us are big fans of the mountains, especially the Alps, where
      we go hiking and climbing. ... We want to point out the differences
      to the 'urban' student scenes in Hamburg and Berlin, so we started to
      use samples of traditional South German music and the Alps, looking
      for the real cool things that the country brings!Š I mean, yodelling
      is unusual sound."

      [3] "Echo der Zeit" on CSR <www.csr-records.ch>. A great label
      producing an under-regarded mad yodeler in the vein of Shelley Hirsch
      from a snowy peak. Inspired reinvention of ethno-über-music combining
      real yodeling with hints of other-worldly musics splintered and
      melted into a mix worthy of Hector Zazou.

      [4] "Liedjes Uit de Alpen" on Fontana. Olga Helena Lowina van
      Puttenmusters [1924 - 1994] "I have an iron throat, I don't need a
      microphone, and I have the stamina to sing for hours." She was indeed
      one of those sturdy Wagnerian operatic looking belters, in full
      Tirolean costume who deep into her 60s was still able to amaze people
      with her vocalizing prowess, an untutored singing voice of crystal.
      But it wasn't all prowess and volume... She came to prominence after
      World War II when there was a strange fascination on the flat lands
      with everything mountainous, exotic snow-covered peaks, the alps, the
      Tirol. It was an exotic other world for Dutch people. And OL took the
      post war generation there when they could ill-afford a real vacation.
      She met her manager, and soon-to-be husband, Lou Marti, who
      recognized her talent. I am reminded a little of the image Yma Sumac,
      mysterious Peruvian [or Brooklyn-born?] princess who also managed to
      create an odd terra infirma from her exotic vocalizations which
      characterized and painted a kind of imaginary world beyond our own.

      [5] Bubbles & Bones by Erika Stucky on Traumton Records [CD4454-2],
      2001. Erika Stucky on vocals, accordion, melodica and some mighty
      experimental jazz vocals and even some yodels. Ray Anderson: trombone
      / sousaphone / vocals; Art Baron: trombone / melodica/stove-pipe
      cornetto; José Davila: tuba; Dino Saluzzi: accordion; George Gruntz:
      piano. This American Swiss singer straddles two cultures and many
      musical styles with a cool and clever delivery. She comes on like Ann
      Magnuson and Judy Tenuta with a mammoth avant jazz voice [with hints
      of Meredith Monk]. She has a gift for levity and is a vocal gymnastic
      treat, going hi & lo, going scat and totally vampy campy. At times I
      think of Bobby McFerrin but she also has a gift for irreverent
      phrasing of questionable pop/rock classics such as "You Are My
      Sunshine" "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith and "Roxanne" by the Police.
      Her humor is pointed like Loudon Wainwright and grungy like Mojo
      Nixon. And somehow her big-city scorn and her scowly swingin' scat is
      sweetened by the earnestness and care her Swiss roots bring to the

      [6] "Imaginary Landscapes" on Elektra. This compilation includes part
      of a long piece called "Pomp and Circumstances" She is in full
      yodeling flair up here combining and morphing the zeitgeist at will.
      New Yorker Shelley Hirsch is most known for her kinetic multiple
      personality panoply of voices that seem to emerge from her mouth as
      if by some temporary self-induced psychotic state. It is
      improvisation of the highest art order but also, dare I say,
      incredibly moving [bio-melodrama] and entertaining. She is a bit of a
      shaman in her ability to shift into new guises, voices, dreams, and
      personalities. She makes imperceptible legato slides from style to
      genre to questionable mental states. She has a command of cabaret,
      Borscht Belt routines, a grip on opera, 40s swingin' pop, jazz, rock,
      Broadway musicals, as well as post-Dada forays into the abstract
      frontier of language as pure sound experiments. She moves from East
      New York denizen to operatic diva at the blink of an eye.

      [7] "Imaginary Landscapes" on Elektra This is a Balkan [Bulgarian /
      Yugoslavian village music] yodel fed through a computer music
      performance system. The yodels stutter, cascade, waft in and out.
      Transforming the vocals into a shimmer of audio mirrors.

      [8] "Rössli 7: Alper Liedli & Jüüzli" on CSR <www.csr-records.ch>.
      The two collections of traditional yodels on Rio 6 Starkä Tubak
      Alpler-Liedli und Jüüzli [CD 91752] and Rössli 7 Starkä Tubak
      Älpler-Liedli und Jüüzli [CD 91742] are a must if you want to hear
      real roots-style yodeling and the Swiss style accordion [a small
      non-chromatic thing made of wood]. Rio 6 is a fairly complete
      collection of the recent repertoire of the Pragelchörlis from the
      canton of Muotathal, here interpreted by Toni Büehler and others.

      [9] "Kufsteiner Lied" by various artists on Europa. With among others
      alfons Zitz. The title song is one of those standard pop songs
      [austrian] that everyone around there covers.

      [10] "Ds Schützechörli Kirchbärg Singt u Jutzt" on TBM
      <Paul.Buergi@...> is local Emmentaler region yodeling from an
      official yodel club complete with uniforms and a strict and yet
      lovely interpretation of yodeling. The yodeling has a melancholy
      forlorn sound to it which can be quite moving. The rules and
      regulations that mark official jodel clubs means they fit into a
      scheme of dress, manner, song structure, arrangement of chorus on
      stage in a manner befitting the arcane rules that govern cricket or
      the Catholic Church. I met archivist-yodeler Paul Buergi in Burgdorf
      and got an incredible tour of the archives, the msueum, the beer and
      cheese of the region. Thanx Paul!

      [11] "Let Us Play!" by Coldcut & Hexstatic on Ninja Tune includes
      "Timber," a great piece of creative sampling commentary with
      accompanying CD-Rom, a pro-rain forest effort complete with sampled
      chainsaws serving as back beats and plaintive pygmy yodels as the
      forelorn voices of a disappearing habitat.

      [12] "There's a Riot Goin' On" on Epic. "Spaced Cowboy" is the first
      of a series of funk/rock/soul/rap yodels [de la soul to the fugees!]
      that can only be termed a strange cross-pollinated aberrant hybrid.
      But this really, really kicks. It's a real yodel from one of the
      greatest rock legends from the 60s.

      [13] "Turning Back Time" <yodel@...>. Ethel Delaney has
      been the "Swiss Miss Yodeler" for as long as anyone can remember but
      she can still muster a yodel of formidable octave breadth if called
      upon. With the rerelease of vintage Delaney material on this CD
      [August 2000] we get a good sample of the glory of a yodeler who
      could yodel so well that it outshines her own singing to the point
      where you can't wait for the next yodel refrain. "Time" is the result
      of remastering and digital transferring of 26 cuts that were
      originally recorded between 1963 and the early 1980s and taken from
      both album and single releases. It includes the novelty oddity
      "Hillbilly Leprechauns," complete with some insane yodeling and
      munchkin voices that could have been a hayseed version of something
      by Lucia Pamela or Nina Hagen even!

      [14] "Them Poems" by Mason Williams on Vee Jay, 1964 [CD 2000].
      Williams is quite the eccentric and eclectic musician perhaps like
      other eccentrics like Morgan Fisher, John Trubee, and the like, he
      never got his full and just due. Although he probably still cleans up
      on residuals for that pop hit, "Classical Gas." Here he does some
      very funny blues oriented pop poems as eccentric as anything ever
      wrote and recorded. I remember hearing "Them Toad Suckers" once and
      it left a really deep indelible impression on me. This disc also
      includes a piece called "Them Yodel Yellers". Which has a woop burp
      swallowed yodel. If there is one strange record that will impress
      anyone who just walked in off a comic strip it will be this.
      Excellent sing-along material.

      [15] "The Yodelling Ploughboy" on Parlophone 78, rerecorded for me by
      friend Toni. This is 1930s English countryside yodeling. I know
      nothing more.

      [16] "Five O'Clock World" by the Vogues is a great mid-60s vocal
      group single which combines the feel of the urban work day with a
      pretty nice yodel. It describes the rut of a 9 to 5-er who is rescued
      by thoughts of his baby's arms wide open, willing to accept him at
      the end of a day work and drudgery. It was used as the theme song to
      the "Drew Carey Show" for several seasons.

      [17] "Am Alte Silveschter z ' Urnasch" on CSR. These field recordings
      by Cyrill Schäpler record the strange Appenzeller pagan holiday in
      January when men dress as strange evil or good spirits. The masks
      remind you of something from the Middle Ages or mid-Africa.
      Incredibly haunting material.

      [18] Holy Soul Jelly Roll - Songs And Poems (1949-1993) by Allen
      Ginsberg and others, produced by Hal Willner on Rhino/WordBeat (4
      CDs) [R2 71693], 1994. William Blake's "Nurse's Song (Innocence)"
      combines Ginsberg's singing with mad-beat poet / life partner, Peter
      Orlovsky's wonderful yodeling as Ginsberg repeats the final line -
      "and all the hills echo-ed" - over and over until it becomes a chantŠ

      [19] "Blue Yodel, Blue Heron" by Colorado poet from the
      Boulder/Naropa 'region'. This is great mythical story-telling with
      yodeling, political commentary, a great [Burl Ives] voice that
      rambles gently and patiently through a mythical tale of a blue heron.
      Highly recommended. Available thru: Baksun Books, 1838 Pine St.,
      boulder, CO 80302.

      [20] "Montferrine: Musique de Romandie et des Alpes" on VDE
      <www.vdegallo.ch> Is updated folk music from the French sections of
      Switzerland using native instruments like the Hackbrett.. Really

      [21] Don't know a thing about this disc - yet! It was included on a
      series of CD-Rs made on request by Ronald of the Jonges v/d Vlakte.
      Thanks Ronald!

      [22] "Mittsommernacht" by Alice Babs on Bear Family [BCD 15809 AH].
      What a wild persona and career that went far and wide. Includes some
      of the more incredible "perversions" of yodeling and thus, was a
      truly adventurous vocalist. Includes "Jodel-Boogie," "Jodel-Jockel,"
      Š Alice Babs is a strange creature indeed, like some half-sister of
      Yma Sumac. At age 15 she broke through with a hit song,
      "Joddlarflickan (The Yodeling Girl)" in 1939. But then she fell under
      the spell of jazz all in her native Sweden during wartime. She became
      very popular with her swinging jazz vocal on a succession of hits.
      She was denounced by some sectors of prim society as "vulgar" because
      her untamed jazz stylings promoted promiscuity.

      [23] "Ridin' With Elton" on Soundies. Britt [July 7, 1917 - June 23,
      1972] is regarded as one of the most pure and high yodeling cowboys.
      He came to prominence when scouts noted his yodeling prowess during
      the depths of the Depression in the early 1930s. I listened to some
      of his yodeling and timed his breath. At the end of "" he holds a
      note for a full minute. Yodeler Liz Masterson claims he held a note
      for some 64 beats by her own count. Britt was a mere post-teen when
      he hit it big at age 20. Born as half-Irish, half Cherokee Indian in
      1913 in Oklahoma's Osage Hills he quickly learned music from his
      champion fiddling dad and singing from his mom, a native of the Ozark
      Mountains. He picked up a guitar and learned songs from spinning them
      over and over again on the old VictorolaŠ He worked with the group,
      the Beverly Hillbillies and eventually went solo. He had a prolific
      career on ARC, Decca, Variety and Victor putting out some 670 records
      and 50 albums! His yodeling hits include "Patent Leather Shoes,"
      "Chime Bells," "Lorelei," and Maybe I'll Cry Over You. A patriotic
      hit during WWII with "There's a Star-Spangled Banner Waving
      Somewhere" got him an invite as first country star to go to the White
      House. But that should not hinder your listening pleasure. He is one
      of the all-time greats!

      [24] This is from some documentary and it shows Elvis really fucking
      with the old standard made famous by Eddie Arnold. It is because he
      cannot yodel that he ends up just making fun of it - or was he just
      zonked out of his head.

      [25] Mason Williams <www.masonwilliams-online.com> has done some
      unusual yodel songs like 1968's "Cowboy Buckaroos," which is sort of
      broadside humor in the realm of Riders in the Sky. "because yodeling
      was a part of the country western music in the movies." This was
      before he himself could yodel. Back then it was "just an element in a
      song" he was writing at the time. It appeared on an LP and was not
      released as single. He has, over the years performed it "a lot."

      [26] Rex Allen narrated a lot of Disney nature specials like Old
      Yeller and other Disney production features. He did some very nice
      western hollywood cowboy albums in the '40s, but went Vegas.

      [27] "Cowboy Songs" on Bear Family. Carter [aka Montana Slim] sounds
      a little bit like alpine style Leon Thomas scat yodeler As folklore
      mixed with mythology and a bit of embroidered biography has it,
      Canadian yodeler, Wilf Carter, as a youngster in his native
      Guysborough, Nova Scotia spotted a poster announcing the local
      performance of "The Yodeling Fool." After sneaking in to see this
      most vocal of human freaks, he decided then and there to begin
      practicing to become a yodeler. He is one of the big influences on
      western style yodeling.

      [28] "Flaming Star" is a 20th Century Fox film directed by Don
      Siegel. It stars Elvis Presley, Barbara Eden, Dolores del Rio, among
      others. It includes one casual yodel song called "Britches" which
      although on the soundtrack did not make it onto the film version. Š
      the yodeling done here is as casual as something Sinatra on downs
      would have tossed off with a kind of casual blasé charm.

      "Beware of a gal in britches
      Never trust no gal in britches
      If you had a sense of this here horse
      You would have known it by now of course
      Who wears the britches is the boss
      That's a gal, that's a gal in britches"

      [29] Hank Snow, the Yodeling Ranger" from Nova Scotia died in 1999.
      There was no one who tried to fill Jimmie Rodger's shoes like Snow
      tried. He sold lots of records. He rivaled Wilf Carter and Gene Autry
      in popularity.

      [30] "Total Yodel!" on Rounder <www.rounder.com> Wylie Gustafson is
      considered by many to be the best hope for a resurging interest in
      genuine rootsy country, Sheldon Williams III not withstanding,
      although thus far, Sheldon's yodels are mere vocal speed bumps ala
      his grandfather Hank Sr., compared to Wylie's mountain soaring
      yodels. However, Wylie has, for better or worse, not been allowed to
      live the life of an ordinary country singer. Wylie and his band, the
      Wild West, have become prominent figures in the 5th generation
      reinvention of country music. Their music is steeped in old-time
      country dancehall music. The Wild West consists of Ray Doyle on
      guitar and mandolin; Dave Reynolds on drums; T. Scot Wilburn guitar,
      fiddle, and steel guitar; and Duane Becker on various steel guitars.
      He does his own formidable yodels as well as those of his heroes
      Britt and Rodgers. Recommended.

      [31] "['s Fahr Glüüt]" on CSR is another in this series of incredibly
      enchanting soundscape CDs which are intoxicatingly representative
      sonic portraits of certain aspects of Swiss [vanshing] culture. "True
      Tone" volumes 1-5 including: ['s Glüüt vols. 1-2], ['s Fahr Glüüt],
      [Les Sonailles] [CD 91522, 91532, 91482, 91492] is a series of
      ambient recordings of, yes, the pastoral / pastaural Swiss scenery.
      What do the Alps, the pastures, the rolling hills sound like? They
      are alive and filled with the atmospherically pregnant sounds of
      intoxicating cow bells of the herds grazing the steep rolling

      [32] "The Best of Pharoah Sanders" on Impulse vinyl. "Creator" was
      recorded in 1969 with lyrics by Amosis LEONtopolis THOMAS. Jazz
      vocals often showcase Pygmy yodeling's influence on "western"-style
      singers. Leon Thomas, for instance, sings a unique madcapped style of
      scat singing which utilizes the opening at the top of his larynx
      allowing his voice to veer off into yodeling which hearkens back to
      Pygmy yodeling. It is most evident on saxophonist Pharoah Sanders'
      "Creator Has A Master Plan" and "Shukuru." Musicologist Ashenafi
      Kebede goes so far as to suggest that the Pygmy "performance styles
      remind us of contemporary European avant garde music at its best."
      I'm not arguing.

      [33] "The Singer" on Mute / Elekra. This is not yodeling not singing
      not exactly primal scream, not the soundtrack to a horror film not a
      jackal making loveŠ

      [34] "Echo: 'S hät deheim en Vogel Xunge" on Narrenschiff
      <sternaeburo@...> Lauterburg is that inspiring dovetail where
      punk, experiment, and tradition converge. She is original and
      inspiring yet she covers ground in search of roots lost to the
      countryside. She sings in the Swiss-German dialect which, when I was
      recently there doing research for my yodel book, I found awfully
      musical and beautiful as well as inscrutable - impossible for my mind
      to comprehend with my latent German [haven't really exercised it for
      20+ years]. She sings traditional songs with unique and refreshing
      new interpretations...

      [35] Amazing stuff! Bing yodels so do andrews Sisters. Yodeling
      infected EVERY genre and style! More about this in my book! The
      Andrews Sisters actually had a 1948 hit with a nother yodel number
      Toolie Oolie Oolie.

      [36] I know shamefully little [i.e., NOTHINg] about this presumably
      american Indian country yodeler.

      [37] South African yodeler whose bio and discography have eluded the
      record keepersŠ

      [38] The Belgian Jimmie Rodgers?

      [39] "Weer in Tirol" [In Tyrol Again] on Bovem Negram 1979 vinyl.
      What Weird Al Yankovic was to pop, de Migras are to yodeling,
      enjoyable and funny parodies of this already much maligned genre. But
      at its worst, yodeling could use a little humor to set it straight
      again and the Migras were just the shit-detectors to do the trick
      like Firesign Theatre rejects in lederhosen!

      [40] "Cowboys en Meisjes" on Telstar/Parade vinyl <hoesbv@...>.
      This is a collection of Dutch cowboy music. Some of it eerily
      'genuine' sounding. I am STILL on the trail of ANYthing about Jodel
      Jerry who is a really fine jodeler. JJ is a mysterious 'star' of a
      former era. Difficult to get a hold of and a surprisingly interesting
      songwriter and yodeler.

      [41] Slim whitman is that anomalous talented guy who screws it all up
      by making lots of bad aesthetic decisions. This guy had a sweet yodel
      but ended up at the bad end of the late night tv telemarketing of
      Vegas-Elvas meets Wayne Newton syndrome.

      [42] Not in response to Moon Unit's hit about Valley girls, Williams
      here did a great [but sadly unreleased] novelty song with wonderful
      lyrics and a great conceit, using a young Valley girl who has never
      yodeled before do the yodeling.

      [43] Like I said, JJ has not answered my inquiries and he remains
      someone who pops up on a lot of strange compilations from Dutch
      cowboy to post punk to pirate radio hitsŠ and he's a really good

      [44] Wonderful bartitone ersatz cowboy yodeler.

      [45] "Prikkebeen" on Telestar Favoriet vinyl <hoesbv@...>. BV on
      the cover in classic kitsch cowboy garb [see Blazing Saddles!],
      well-groomed white horse looking into the camera lens, shiny saddle,
      shiny boots. He looks a little like a Belgian Liberace or Gene
      Wilder. Here singing a song by the more famous and prolific Belgian
      yodeling cowboy, Bobbejaan Schoepen.

      [46] "Mountain Folk" on Mountain Laurel, 1999. He got smitten by
      yodeling some 25 years ago when he first heard bluegrass masters - in
      particular, a certain singer who went by the name of "Uncle Fudd" -
      yodeling at festivals. Although his earliest memories go back to Snow
      White & the 7 Dwarves, he was also influenced by the yodeling of Roy
      Rogers, Slim Clark, and Patsy Montana. Although his particular style
      of yodeling has the joyous electric Ozark jug band of the Ozark
      Mountain Daredevils. He continues to practice his yodeling "in a dark
      room so as not to take myself too seriously...The kids bust on me...
      when they've had enough yodeling for one day." And combined with his
      enthusiasm for outdoor sports, for hiking in the mountains and the
      revitalizing effects of mountain air, he exudes a kind of new-age
      syncretic emotionality. These preoccupations of physical interaction
      with the mountains, spiritual connectiveness, and yodeling find their
      full expression

      [47] Marvin Rainwater's star rose on the launching pad of Arthur
      Godfrey's talent scout show in 1955. I think he was half Cherokee,
      half white Š and half something else! Four years as a regular on Red
      Foley's Ozark Jubilee as well as shows such as Ed Sullivan, Dick
      Clark, Porter Wagoner and Sunday Night at the Palladium in London
      mean he was something. He looks like something out of a Jack London
      story, rugged and real. Very cool yodeling.

      [48] "Broken Moon" is a self-produced CD that contains a riveting
      version of "In the Hills of Tennessee" a song made famous by Jimmie
      Rodgers. John Lilly <jflilly@...> has certainly come a long way
      since his impressionable days as a tour guide at the Country Music
      Hall of Fame and waiter in a Nashville Mexican restaurant who spent
      his free time hawking his songs. These days, his talent does not go
      unrewarded nor unhearalded but he is proof of that old tautological
      music world equation of talent does not equal remuneration. "I am
      essentially a traditional folk or country music artist," notes Lilly,
      "today we're using the term Americana. Like most Americana artists,
      my music has roots in traditional country, and branches out to
      include my own songwriting and some related musical styles such as
      blues, folk, bluegrass, and old-time." John has essentially lived the
      sound and played the life - for more than 25 years now - singing,
      yodeling, promoting and writing about old time music. In the
      mid-1980's, he became a member of the New Southern Ramblers and the
      Green Grass Cloggers [on a 1985 Rounder LP] dance troupe as a
      musician, singer, and dancer.

      [49] "American Yodeling: 1911-1946" on the formidable German Trikont
      label <http://www.trikont.de/english/e_trikont.html>. Christoph
      Wagner's liner notes are astute and lively. I have learned much from
      this guy. This cut is a blues number by a black string band who had a
      fairly good-sized hit with "Sittin' on top of the World" which became
      a hit many years later for that blues bulldozer, Cream. I think Bob
      wills or Louis Armstrong had a hit with that but it may just be me
      over-exposing blindspots here.

      [50] Red River Dave died in January of 2002 at the age of 87. He was
      born David McEnery and was a tireless Folk balladeer for some 60
      years concentrating on contemporary events of seeming historical
      import for his inspiration. McEnery started seriously singing on
      local San Antonio radio stations when he was just a young teen. He
      was later hired by a Virginia radio station as a singing cowboy. He
      formed the fairly renowned Swift Cowboys and made numerous records
      for the Decca, Savoy and other record labels. He also appeared in
      some Hollywood westerns including 1944's Swing in the Saddle, which
      featured a cameo by Nat "King" Cole.. His most notorious song [to
      DJs at alternative radio stations] was a yodel song called "The
      California Hippie Murders" wherein he intertwines a sinister yodel in
      between the gruesome tale of the Charles Manson Murders of Sharon
      Tate and in the song he seems to come down hard on hippies as many a
      'straight' singer did in that time. This has all the makings of wacky
      retrospective kitsch value novelty song. And it will certainly appear
      on many a crazed roots of R&R compilation - now that he's dead - and
      all the while he was a serious chronicling troubador.

      [51] Patsy Montana is one of the best and also among the most
      popular. She is famous for a sweet, nostalgic take on cowgirls. She
      had the look, the costumes and a kind of innocent sound. Her yodeling
      was superb. But at times it seems this was a woman out of real time
      or something, like she had arrived from another century. This is
      excellent stuff. Loads of reissues and any cowboy compilation has her
      on it no doubt.

      [52] "Cowboy Songs: Vol. 2" on Palace. Cover illo: a silhouette of a
      cowboy on his horse either rolling a cigarette or blowing into a
      harmonica or sneezing into his hands... The man I bought this from at
      this flea market outside Lancaster was so heavy that he never budged
      from his reinforced beach lounge chair. I wondered who set him up in
      the morning.

      [53] Blind guitarist Riley Puckett was the first important country
      singing star, first to record a yodel with "Rock All Our Babies To
      Sleep" (they say at first session '24), [but I seem to have
      evidence of much earlier recordings. Well, anyway, like Emmett Miller
      he seems to be a massively under-regarded American treasure. Famous
      in his time and country's first influential guitarist; he made some
      80 traditional string band records with the very important Gid
      Tanner's Skillet Lickers. Puckett had a rich deep voice that pushed
      the band to fame.

      Much of what you see here is material - rough and under-hewn - from
      the pastiche of inclusionist mania I will call a yodeling book
      [Routledge, 2003]. From Pygmies to Nazis, from Aussies to HawaiiansŠ
      Soon some great contemporary yodeling from Austria/Germany = Zabine,
      Edelschwartz [heavy metal yodeling] and Hubert von Goisern and others.

      * "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra

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