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WRECKING Eastern Europe [Playlist7]

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 188 The East is the Beast Maandag, 26 August 2002 (17.00 to 19.00)
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      wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ~ Amsterdam

      Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: no. 188 > The East is the Beast

      Maandag, 26 August 2002 (17.00 to 19.00)

      SIMULWEBCAST and streaming < http://freeteam.nl/patapoe/>

      "The only time I down so much beer is to into the future."
      o Bohumil Hrabel, Too Loud a Solitude

      VaKund / Hard Time > The Magic Carpathians Project [Poland] [1]
      Czech Radio c. 1993 [2]
      Mravenci Sila > Iva Bittova [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Wetschernij Swon > Totschna [Switzer. / Russia] [4]
      Spalilo Sie > Tara Fuki [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Wielkie Oko > Mapa [Poland] [5]
      Im Alpenhof > Totschna [Switzer. / Russia] [4]
      Dnes v Noci Nad Svety > Raduza [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Wszyscy Polacy > Mazzoll, Kazik & Arhythmic Perfection [Poland] [5]
      Dnem Bazenu / Kamen > Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt [Czech Rep.] [6]
      Uspvanka > Iva Bittova & Vladimir Vaclavek [Czech Rep.] [5]
      Baba Aga > Jablkon [Czech Rep.] [5]
      Krai Selo Na Bairite [By the Village, On the Hills] > Welkya [Bulgaria] [7]
      A/T/M > The Magic Carpathians Project [Poland] [1]
      Padna Mugla [Fog Has Fallen] > Trio Bulgarka Penev [Bulgaria] [8]
      Kukusheryat Ide [The Egg Man Is Coming > Trio Bulgarka Penev [Bulgaria] [8]
      Lutenik > Pavel Fajt [Czech Rep.] [3]

      "They castrated the poet / Lest he copulate / He lived without testicles"
      o Johannes Kepler on Prague

      The Situation of the Asian Proletariat in America > Sergey Kuryokhin
      [Russia] [5]
      Krasobruslar > Topol Filip & Agon [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Chramova Sonata C. 4 > Hipocondria Ensemble [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Fish / Wish > The Magic Carpathians Project [Poland] [1]
      V Busi > Navarova Zuzana & KOA [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Svatojan > Kocko Tomas a Orchestr [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Reko Moji Duse > Sestry Steinovy [Czech Rep.] [3]
      Untitled Track 5 > Uzgin Uver [Hungary] [5]
      Proc ti Muzu Pomoct > CP.8 [Czech Rep.] [3]
      A Year in a Village > Dasa Andrtova & Radim Hladik [Czech Rep.] [9]
      Nova Hospoda v Pembridgi > Jan Hruby [Czech Rep.] [10]
      Krajina > Ivo Cicvarek & Oko [Czech Rep.] [10]
      Duch Plzenskych Sklepu > Jan Hruby & Kukulin [Czech Rep.] [9]
      Track One Untitled > Korai Orom [Hungary ] [11]

      "I had a glass of rum and then a beer and then another rum.
      It is not until we're totally crushed do we show
      what we are made of."
      o Bohumil Hrabel, Too Loud a Solitude


      This was a show that took a long time to happen. In conjunction with
      my need to reel in my time spent on all other activities while I
      finishe my book on yodeling I have had to cut corners. I used to
      pride myself on the patchwork noise documents I could create with
      sometimes over 100 sound sources in one show. Now I have come to
      appreciate a more minimal approach for many reasons: my hormones have
      changed, my daughter gets a lot of the time I used to spend on other
      more useless activities, and I have come to see an aesthetic value in
      a calmer approach, the need to defy the very insanity installed to
      sell us prozac and other life-management prescriptionsŠ music is a
      cheap prescription especially if you can get it right off the radio.

      [1]"Ethnocore 3 Vak" on Fly <nytuan@...> This is Yma Sumac goes
      goth, this is Diamanda Galas with Les Voix Bulgares. Polish Gregorian
      chants on high demeanor ambient. Quite wonderful electro-acoustic

      [2] Courtesy of Nina who lived in Prague for one year teaching
      English for $200 per month. I stayed there for an extended period and
      the magic of place, my not having any agenda, and being in an
      enchanted [pre-Disney] city with the one you love left a kind of beer
      stain on the nostalgia sector in my brain.

      [3] "Czech Alternative Music: vol. 8, 2001" on Indies
      <indies@...> <www.indiesrec.cz> More than half of this comp
      is interesting although the word alternative is used way too loosely.
      Much of it sounds a lot like catch-up indie rock, derivativeŠ But the
      half that I played is inspired and has a sound that verges on Celtic
      with strange [non-western] exotic strains. There is always Iva
      Bittova, one of the most interesting vocalists singing today and the
      great percussionist, her ex-partner, Pavel Fajt. I would 'czech' this

      [4] "Uberegratuus" on Phonag [for more info: lukas
      <LHeuss@...>. This is a seemingly odd crossing of Russian
      music and Swiss music that lingers off intellectual quirky abstract
      and becomes luscious folk music of an imaginary folk. Wonderful

      [5] "New Music From Central & Eastern Europe: Tamizdat Comp vol. 1"
      on Tamizdat [released in conjunction with the millennium and the
      Wire]. <www.tamzdat.org> Heather and Matthew, formerly of NY,
      formerly of knitting factory here in Amsterdam, packed their bags to
      brings good Eastern European music to Eastern Europe and everywhere
      else. They have great taste and good ears for adventurous and quirky
      without foregoing popular. This one includes 3 Eastern giants: Sergey
      Kuryokhin, the Plastic People of the Universe, and Iva Bittova. They
      do earnest and wonderful stuff at Tamizdat. Music from the former
      Second World nations. Amazing array. Interesting is the naivete and
      enthusiasm that mixes well with a sophisticated modern sense although
      there is still a lot of gravelly dingy metal.

      [6] "Fajt & Bittova" on Panton. I saw them twice while I was living
      there. What a treat, great percussion and a voice that can do it all
      include charm.

      [7] "Welkya" with Thodosii Spassov on Gega. What would happen if
      Frank Zappa had learned all his chops from forest gnomes. There is an
      unbridled earthy sweetness here that allows this disc to sound bound
      up in old world roots and sound thoroughly Š taboo shattering at the
      same instant.

      [8] "Folk Songs" on Gega. It is absolutely amazing that there are so
      many incredible vocal ensembles in Bulgaria. This and #7 are courtesy
      of Nina who brought these back in her underwear.

      [9] "Czech Alternative Music: vol. 2" on Indies <indies@...>
      <www.indiesrec.cz> They make a great case for the fact that each
      nation has a lot of interesting music that goes undetected and
      unmined. This is to more projects like Indies and Tamizdat.

      [10] "Czech Alternative Music: vol. 7" on Indies
      <indies@...> <www.indiesrec.cz>. the best of these
      compilations is when the music stays closest to what they know best,
      their own sounds [perhaps applied to modern idioms] but when they try
      to rock and blues it just collapses upon the funnybone near my spinal

      [11] "New Music From Central & Eastern Europe: Tamizdat Comp vol. 2"
      on Tamizdat <www.tamzdat.org> Some other TAMIZDAT music: Easy Band
      Allstars (PL) (s/t)...funkin' from Commodores to Digable Planets
      Lvmen (CZ) "Raison D'Etre"...intense, dense, and unforgiving hardcore
      Ole Lukkoye (RU) "Crystal Crow Bar"...trip-hop celebratory ethno
      dirge Zive Kvety (SK) (s/t)...sultry Slovak song-writing (think
      Tindersticks) Kormorany (PL) "Teraz"...Canterbury scene Polish style?
      Right here, proggers OHM Square (CZ) "Scion"...lushious, soaring
      techno/house/electroSlede. Zive Slede (CZ) "Rostliny!"...wonderous
      avant-song [bsn, dbass, gtr!] Korai Oröm (HU) "Sound and
      Vision"...electroethno simmered to its perfection Persona Non Grata
      (HU) "System of Logic"...dance-hall electro avant-rock Gnu (CZ)
      "Srdce v Kusech Zvuku"...blast-ridden post-rockin hard-core Karpaty
      Magiczne (PL) "Ksiega Utopii"...imperative avant-ethnocore Rale (CZ)
      "Soumrak"...folk music twisted-up in poignant Brno-bred style Program
      (PL) (s/t)...what would happen if Mondo Generator were from PL *
      Plastic People of the Universe (CZ) "PPU IV: Ach to Statu
      hanobeni"...recording by PPU during the Second Festival of the Second
      Culture, after which PPU's imprisonment led to the rise of Charter
      77, heavy and incredible


      The Economist Aug 26 / Sept 1, 2000: Trafficking in women / In the
      shadows [excerpts] "ŠThe corpses of several hundred trafficked
      women-strangled, shot, or beaten to a pulp-fetch up around Europe
      each year. Many more bodies, Europoll reckons, are never found. The
      organized gangs of traffickers who lure and smuggle young women,
      mostly from Eastern and Central Europe, into prostitution are
      ruthless. In January, a group of 22 women being led across a mountain
      range into Greece via Bulgaria were abandoned by their traffickers
      when a blizzard struck. Two women froze to death before Greek border
      troops could reach them. Conservative estimates put the number of
      women smuggled each year into the European Union and the more
      prosperous Central European countries at 300,000, though not all end
      up in the sex trade. But the figure could well be double that. Š

      While the illicit and violent nature of the trade makes accurate
      monitoring impossible, a clear pattern seems to have emerged since
      communism's collapse. Simplistically, there is a two-step movement of
      women from east to west. First, of Russians, Ukrainians, Moldovans
      and Belarussians into the trade in Central Europe; second, of these
      women and Central Europeans to western cities. These days, Slav women
      have supplanted Filipinas and Thais as the most common foreign
      offering in Europe's brothels. Š Recruitment follows a familiar
      pattern. A young woman, say from provincial Ukraine, almost certainly
      under 23 and often far younger, is approached by a trafficker. She is
      offered employment, usually as a waitress or maid, in Central or
      Western Europe. Having agreed, her underground journey takes her to a
      squalid way-station. There, her passport and identity papers are
      stolen, and she is sold, more or less as chattel, to brothel
      owners-many of them based in Germany, the chief destination for
      trafficked women-for a few thousand dollars. If she resists, she is
      isolated, beaten, and often raped. Thus broken, she begins her
      brothel career, held by means of physical abuse and debt bondage in
      involuntary sexual servitudeŠ"


      * "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands


      Some of my playlists can be found at 3am Magazine
      <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the title "Radiophotogram: Visual
      Radio". Also posted is a depth-of-focus interview with Judy Nylon. To
      appear soon: excerpts from my scandal-delicious paris novel, PARIS
      SEX TETE, a review of the spoken word works of Roberto ValenzaŠ

      "For a more international, commercial feel, try 3am Magazine. . . .
      The cosmopolitan, rive gauche quality of the site is wonderfully
      obvious. From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and
      music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and
      clued-up, and it counter-balances nicely the London/New York
      publishing behemoth." o Bill Broun, The Times (Monday April 30 2001).

      "Cool ezine 3am is worth taking a look at for a dip into the edgier
      waters of literature on the net." o Michelle Pauli, The Guardian


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    • Дмитрий Ухов
      I havw the Wire compilation of Tamizdat and find it mediocre, save for the exceptions listed . There are far more way out stuff here and there both literally
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 3 11:39 AM
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        I havw the Wire compilation of Tamizdat and find it mediocre, save for the
        exceptions listed . There are far more way out stuff here and there both
        literally and muscially (Kuryokhin is nor among living for 6 years) But
        there NE TE duo/quartet Olga Leonova( the singer from Chelyabinsk Art
        Ensemble), Oleksander nesterov a midi-guitarist from the Ukraine
        Ask more about it Marino Pliakas of Steamboatr Swirtzerland he was in St
        Petersburg lasdt spring at the Kutyolhin memorial festival SKIF.
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