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Re: Îòâåò: ïÔ×ÅÔ: [thewire] afrobeat/funk

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  • David Beardsley
    ... From: Äìèòðèé Óõîâ ... I think they played it in NYC a second time around 95 or 96. BTW: I ve played AFMM twice. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2002
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      From: "Äìèòðèé Óõîâ" <dmituhov@...>

      > >Graphs & Time. I've heard that performed by the
      > American Festival of Microtonal Music.
      > > yes, David, so did i - by the Microtonal Music whiz Johnny Reinhard AND
      > Lydia Kavina on theremin at My Alternativa Festival (1999 or 2000).

      I think they played it in NYC a second time around '95 or '96.

      BTW: I've played AFMM twice.

      > What concerns electric Miles i'm not beyond the latest records ("Aura"
      > stands out; not Fiesta which...what's the right word?...lame?).

      Aura was a high point! But he didn't write it - Palle Millelborg did.
      It's been a while, I pulled it out to listen to this week. Fiesta - I don't
      have a needle for my turntable, so I haven't heard it since it came out.
      I did like Tutu, but the later period Miles was hit and miss. At least
      we could always count on his playing to be hip, even if the context
      was kinda un-hip.

      I probably like the "Classic" Quintet w/ Wayne Shorter and Tony Williams
      the best, but the Silent Way/ Bitches Brew/ electric years are amazing too.
      I enjoy his post-bop solo material too (up to Kind of Blue), but
      it isn't quite as interesting as the Classic Quartet.

      > i've seen
      > Davis live in flesh and blood for the first and last time in 1988 at the
      > Jazz Jamboree (Warsaw). it was mostly TuTu with two keyboard players Adam
      > Holzman and Joey de Francesco and Foley on solo bass guitar. The Dark
      > himself was in a surprisingly good shape.

      I only heard him once live, around the same time in a very rare club
      show near Times Square. Great seat too, I saw lot of his back.

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      * http://biink.com
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