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Re: Ответ: [thewire] afrobeat/funk

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  • David Beardsley
    ... From: äÍÉÔÒÉÊ õÈÏ× ... Cough cough! In the opinions of few! ... worth ... for ... Graphs & Time. I ve heard that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2002
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      From: "Дмитрий Ухов" <dmituhov@...>

      > On the Corner
      > Live-Evil
      > Crazy stuff.
      > On the Corner???
      > The nadir of the 70s Davis.

      Cough cough! In the opinions of few!

      > Even Jack Johnson & Agharta deserves more.
      > But,nevertheless, Teo Macero is THE genius.His own compostiions are
      > seraching as well.
      > Bur who knows that Edghar Varese had wrtten a graphically notated piece
      > a Teo Macero studio group but the work was declined?
      > dmitri(M)

      Graphs & Time. I've heard that performed by the
      American Festival of Microtonal Music.

      * David Beardsley
      * http://biink.com
      * http://mp3.com/davidbeardsley
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