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  • David Beardsley
    ... From: Kristopher S. Handley ... from ... at ... of ... the ... Great album! ... really ... maybe ... Interesting album, but
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2002
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      From: "Kristopher S. Handley" <thesubtlebody@...>

      > >From: "äÍÉÔÒÉÊ õÈÏ*" <dmituhov@...>
      > >On the Corner???
      > >The nadir of the 70s Davis.
      > >Even Jack Johnson & Agharta deserves more.
      > Why is ON THE CORNER not deserving of praise? I think it stands apart
      > the rest of Davis' body of work, an abortive experiment that to me seems
      > least as worthy of revisitation as anything else he ever did, ever. Kind
      > like the Stones' SATANIC MAJESTY'S REQUEST, a wonderful cul-de-sac for the
      > band, a superhighway of possibility for future music. ON THE CORNER seems
      > to nod at dub and point straight toward drum n' bass. But maybe that's
      > anticipation of a nadir in your estimation? I find it fecund.

      Great album!

      > I like Jack Johnson but am not crazy about the "jammy" quality of it;
      > like that opening guitar work with the menacing bass notes creeping into
      > motives, whether it be Sonny Sharrock (according to corrective legend) or
      > John McLaughlin (sounds more like Sonny to me). I think it's given birth
      > to way too much instrumental rock wank. But not a bad record, no. Miles'
      > tone and confidence are much, much better than so much of his playing on
      > record in the Seventies, so often sounding as sickly as the man. (Or
      > defeated by the effects he was trying to use?)

      Interesting album, but not essential. J Mc & SS are both on there. JMc
      during the rock section, SS on the space section. There's a Jack
      Johnson box coming from Columbia/Legacy at some point in the future.

      * David Beardsley
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