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Janice Giteck in RealAudio, Mappings play list for week beginning July 4, 2002

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  • Herb Levy
    Hi y all, This week on Mappings , you ll hear music by composer Janice Giteck. Recently I ve had technical
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
      Hi y'all,

      This week on Mappings
      <http://www.antennaradio.com/mappings/show.htm>, you'll hear music
      by composer Janice Giteck. Recently I've had technical troubles that
      have made it difficult to get new programs online every week. Sorry
      for any inconvenience my difficulties may have caused any of you. I
      think I've solved this problem and expect to be changing my programs
      on a more frequent basis in the coming weeks.

      This week's show went online Thurday afternoon around 1:00 PM (-0400
      GMT) and will remain online at the above URL for a week. Last week's
      program (featuring music by John Luther Adams, Kitty Brazleton,
      Arnold Dreyblatt, David Mahler, and Alvin Singleton) is still
      available in the Mappings archive (click on the link to last week's
      show on the page noted above), soon you will once again find play
      lists for the program since it began in March 1998.

      Hope you tune in to the program.


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