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Stonehenge2003 - 1st meeting with Police for an extended Solstice Celebration

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    TRUTH & RECONCILIATION COMMISSION FOR STONEHENGE ======================= 25th Meeting Saturday 13th July The George Hotel AMESBURY - **It s not in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
      25th Meeting
      Saturday 13th July
      The George Hotel
      AMESBURY - **It's not in Shrewton!!**

      @ 10AM **It's in the MORNING!!**

      A new year, a new phase in our journey to heal the relationships

      We are all human beings We all have feelings that can be hurt, and when
      hurt or threatened, we tend to retreat into non communication.

      Demanding communication is often counterproductive - yet we all need to take
      responsibility to communicate when our behavior or role affects other
      peoples' lives

      I encourage all of you who are committed to make the Solstice2003 Celebration
      at the stones and wherever else it lands to come on board, engage in three
      dimensions and help make it everything it can be.

      The meeting on the 13th is the first step in a collaboration with the police
      etc for an extended gathering in 2003.

      There is a role for us all in this exciting project.

      There are two important threads to this meeting:

      Firstly to report back on what happened at the Solstice, what went well
      and what went not so well, and how to do it better next year. We will
      pick this up again in September, but it's good to collect information
      while memories are fresh.

      The TRC is also trying to help a group (referred to as the Working Party
      One, or the London Group) to plan an authorised Solstice gathering next
      year. This is different from the Access at Stonehenge, it will be at a
      different location, but will complement what happens at the Stones and
      possibly take some of the pressure off what happens at Stonehenge.

      Please can those working within this group, try and attend, to meet with
      Wiltshire Constabulary, and take this project forward, as an independent
      activity, helped the TRC only where necessary.

      George Firsoff

      "Though the road may be long
      Still journey on
      Till you reach your happy abode" (song)

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