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new releases on Hushush: Vromb / Lilith

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  • dimitridf
    Hello all, Hushush is really proud to announce the recent release of two new exciting pieces of music. Montréal s own unique dark electronica s oufit Vromb
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2002
      Hello all,

      Hushush is really proud to announce the recent release of two new
      exciting pieces of music. Montréal's own unique dark electronica's
      oufit Vromb new long playing release and for Chicago's much respected
      minimal electronic composer Lilith's Scott Gibbons awaited CD.

      HSH13 - Lilith "Imagined Compositions for Water" CD
      HSH14 - Vromb "Mémoires paramoléculaires" CD



      REF: HSH13
      MEDIA: CD

      Imagined Compositions for Water uses a single theme to produce its
      effects without synthesizers or traditional instruments. Just as
      Stone (Sub Rosa, 1992) used stones, rocks, etc; and Redwing (Sub
      Rosa, 1995) used air; "ICFW" uses source audio and video recordings
      made exclusively from oceans-rivers-lakes-waterfalls-etc, modified
      using analog & digital filters and effects, and only minimal computer
      processing. Homemade electronic controllers are used to direct many
      of the effects.

      This album contains recordings of two live performances, at the ARS
      Electronica Festival (Austria - 1997) and at the Comandini Theatre in
      Cesena (Italy - 1998). The recordings from these performances were
      combined to create the final album-
      document. A video footage of the performance is available on this CD
      as a quicktime movie clip. The CD comes in a limited edition light
      blue tinted jewel case.

      LILITH With almost twenty years of electronic music composing, Scott
      Gibbons isn't exactly a newcomer. Indeed he has had an important
      influence on some other Hushush recording artists such as Mick
      Harris' Lull and Akifumi Nakajima's Aube. His mind challenging
      compositions led him to release three CD's under the famous Belgian
      label Sub Rosa. Cited by many as seminal compositions, his early
      nineties releases based only on the sound of stones and wind got
      praises from all over the world. Scott and his project Lilith were
      invited in many occasions at several renowned festival (ARS
      Electronica and the Holland Festival to name a few). The Wire UK
      magazine coined him "master of the sub-bass". His list of
      collaborations includes much respected artists such as Brian Ladd
      (Blackhouse), Mark Spybey (DVOA), GVOON, David Wright (Not
      Breathing). Scott is now a regular collaborator of the avant garde
      Italian theatre company, Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio and Golan Levin's

      For sound excerpts and artwork:


      REF: HSH14
      MEDIA: CD

      Mémoires paramoléculaires is Vromb's first release on a Canadian
      label since his debut album Jeux de terre (1993). We at Hushush are
      very pleased to present you this fine piece of electroacoustic music
      composed especially for us by Hugo Girard. Inspired by the emerging
      Hushush sound, Mémoires paramoléculaires is a digital sequencing of
      analog sources. This is the result of a process of understanding
      Heurel Gaudot's participation to Vromb's musical output. It is
      constructed as the first chapter in an electronic opera for
      ultratonical machines. Questioning our link to reality, this sci-fi
      musical project is a reflection on our condition as organic machines.

      As always with Hushush, much attention has been put in the making of
      this release. Vromb's Mémoires paramoléculaires is available as a
      limited item of 700 copies only. The CD comes in a hand made and
      stamped CD sleeve as well as a luxury colour cardboard packaging
      accompanied by several inserts showing drawings of prof. H.Gaudot by
      Steve Deschênes.

      VROMB's solid reputation as a unique artist is legendary amongst fans
      of minimal electro rhythms. Based in Montréal (Québec) Vromb's Hugo
      Girard is nonetheless mostly known in Europe and in the United
      States. Having released only but a few discs in his whole ten years
      and over career's span, his many followers eagerly await each
      release. With a style on his own, Girard's project may be one of the
      most original act in the North American electronic music scene.

      NOTE: Mémoires paramoléculaires is pronounced in English as: May-mwar

      For sound excerpts and artwork:

      Mémoires paramoléculaires has a dedicated website with exclusive
      tracks, explanations and tons of graphics. Don't forget to visit this
      or access it directly from the band's main website

      For Disques Hushush Inc.
      Dimitri della Faille
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