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Wreck Goes Alpine [playlist]

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS ƒ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ƒ Amsterdam Adventures in UNsound: no. 184 Auswitzerany: Music from Sw / Au / Gr Maandag, 3 Juni 2002 (17.00 to
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      wReck thiS meSS ƒ Radio Patapoe 97.2 ƒ Amsterdam

      Adventures in UNsound: no. 184 > Auswitzerany: Music from Sw / Au / Gr

      Maandag, 3 Juni 2002 (17.00 to 19.00)


      Car / Faith One / Quiet Nights Intro > Curd Duca [1]
      Quiet Nights / Mid a4 / Stim > Curd Duca [1]
      Conan / Canzone / Jesolo > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag [2]
      Wer Viel Kummer Hat > Rocket/Freudental [3]
      Freiheit fur Muff Potter! > Rocket/Freudental [3]
      Nochmal / Vergnügen Issa Boss! > Rocket/Freudental [3]
      Funky Trümpi > Christine Lauterburg [4]
      Anneli [Ur-Mix] > Christine Lauterburg [5]
      's Zyt / Rot uf Grau > Christine Lauterburg [4]
      Meta Alpinismus > Rotex [6]
      Obtubi > Stimmhorn [7]
      Geissel Drama > Christine Lauterburg [4]
      Wir Pinkeln in ein Dixi Klo > Rocket/Freudental [3]
      Möchten Heut Nicht! > Rocket/Freudental [3]
      Germany Music Fans / Rocket-Feudenpak > Rocket/Freudental [3]
      Walzer / Out of Nowhere / Wunderbar > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag [2]
      Morgerot > Christine Lauterburg [4]
      Stromberg Hobo > Rocket/Freudental [3]
      Die Zentrale Frage > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag [2]
      Wenn der Sommer Beginnt > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag [2]
      You > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag [2]
      Mjandrio > Stimmhorn [7]
      Im Röseligaarte z' Mailand > Christine Lauterburg & Doppelbock [8]
      Des Vogels Schwingen > Christine Lauterburg [9]
      Ehemeliger Herzinfarkt > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag [2]
      Manche Vegetarier / Suite 16 > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag [2]
      Jodelreigen > Christine Lauterburg & Res Margot [10]
      The Austrians / the American / Todesparty > Auch Wenn Es Seltsam
      Klingen Mag [2]


      Having had several major sabbaticals and diversions for
      personal/family/death reasons I have fallen out of the sonic loop.
      Things have been hectic, stressful, and I have had my plate full of
      things I prefer not to digestŠ

      This show is out of order and features recent material I have
      received from various austrian / german / swiss musicians. Some are
      new discoveries like the Swiss avant yodeler Christine Lauterburg
      [she is a true find sounding at times like Värtinna, Ofra Haza, Lena
      Lovich, and covering sounds both global and local, both deep and
      wide.] While Curd Duca I have been a fan of since his first Easy
      Listening Cd from the early 90s. He continues to explore territory
      first sighted by Les Baxter, first explored by Jon Hassell, but never
      quite settled the way CD does. Rocke/Freudental are the heirs to a
      very prickly and humorous kind of non-grunge avant garage rock that
      goes from kraut to iggy to suicide with humor and dignity. Stimmhorn,
      meanwhile, must mystify most of the Swiss with their own particular
      brand of alpine scat that speaks more to the flora and fauna than it
      does the citizenryŠ

      Stay tuned for playlists from Radio 100 [simulwebcast] show #105 plus
      Radio Patapoe shows #183 which was dedicated to waves [including NEW
      Curd Duca, Mike Cooper, Marineville, Sheila Chandra, Eno, Rapoon,
      Ryoji Ikeda, Coldcut, Aube, Santana, Orange NoiseŠ] and #182 Scapes [
      Scott Smallwood, Dallas Simpson, Paul Horn, Paul Giger, Touch
      cassette #33, Kochu.


      bp / wtm


      [1] "Elevator 3" on Mille Plateaux <www.mille-plateaus.com> When
      Martin Denny meets Pole on an elevator in an abandoned airport and
      one of them has dropped several colorful marbles.

      [2] "Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Klingen Mag" Inspired insanity somewhere
      between Penguin Café orchestra, Soft Machine and the Lettermen. Early
      vehicle for Curd Duca.

      [3] "Wir Arbeiten Durch" on Jon Meng <bobrocket@...>. This is a
      basic inspired piston ring derivation of Suicide and early Fall given
      a mad spin of the roulette wheel. Ooops don't forget your plastic
      cocktail glass. And watch the blender blades - watch your cortex get
      whittled into a cervix... hmm?

      [4] "Echo der Zeit" on CSR <www.csr-records.ch>. A great label
      producing an under-regarded possessed yodeler in the vein of Shelley
      Hirsch from a snowy peak. Inspired reinvention of ethno-über-music
      combining real yodeling with hints of other-worldly musics splintered
      and melted into a mix worthy of Hector Zazou.

      [5] "Anneli Plus Techno Mix" on CSR <www.csr-records.ch>. She leaves
      no style unexplored and you realize that all genres of music could
      use a little more yodeling! Believe me.

      [6] "Rotex" is a 4 cut CD <bobrocket@...> that suitably
      refabricates yodeling in new climes and tropes. Plunderphonix with a
      recognizable glottal stop. Deconstruction on the autobahn to
      lederhosen valley.

      [7] "Inland" on RecRec <www.stimmhorn.ch>. This is abstract post
      dada-chant hitting the glaciers. This is Jaap Blonk with a giant
      alphorn between his legs. This is to scat what the alphorn is to the
      jazz trumpet.

      [8] "Echo" <www.doppel-bock.ch> has taken folk music right back to
      the joints, sinew, cartilage, and pores of the folk.

      [9] "Paradiesvogel" on BMG inspired vocals that resonate way beyond
      their Swiss terrain. If Nina Hagen and Lena Lovich had only had this
      kind of inspired countryside to sing about.

      [10] "Schynige" Zytglogge another excellent example of what it mean
      to go global in one's appropriations and aural borrowings when one is
      also firmly rooted in the local - roots that extend into the skyŠ

      The night my father died - going back a bit to June 7 - I was dj-ing
      live at the OCCII in amsterdam, opening for Jozef van Wissem who had
      called in sick. I had just wrapped up a set and was talking to DJ
      Smallaxe in the hall when I got the call that my father died:

      That night I played Tipsy / Liminal / Jaap blonk / UHT / John
      Schnalski / glomag / Black Sifichi / Scott Marshall / DJ Wally / Bip
      Hop generation excerpts / Stuart Argabright vs Judy Nylon / Peggy Lee
      [in honor of William Plantenga] Systemwide / Sex Pistols / Christine
      Lauterburg / Burnt Friedman / Norsq / Tschujiya Yasuyuki / Haitian
      Voodoo Trance Music Š

      * "plus another few hundred when it hits the BSI list!" Ezra

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands


      Some of my playlists can be found at 3am Magazine
      <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the title "Radiophotogram: Visual
      Radio". Also posted is a depth-of-focus interview with Judy Nylon.

      "For a more international, commercial feel, try 3am Magazine. . . .
      The cosmopolitan, rive gauche quality of the site is wonderfully
      obvious. From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and
      music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and
      clued-up, and it counter-balances nicely the London/New York
      publishing behemoth." o Bill Broun, The Times (Monday April 30 2001).

      "Cool ezine 3am is worth taking a look at for a dip into the edgier
      waters of literature on the net." o Michelle Pauli, The Guardian


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