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this week's toons

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  • stevolende
    I waited until I d been to Dublin and back before compiling this week s cos I knew i d be chocka with goodies plus I went through several tapes I hadn t
    Message 1 of 37 , Jun 19, 2002
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      I waited until I'd been to Dublin and back before compiling this
      cos I knew i'd be chocka with goodies
      plus I went through several tapes I hadn't listened to in ages on the

      WITCHMAN Explorimenting Beats
      very dark electronica
      I never know the names of subgenres here
      some very interestiing influences in there too.
      everything from heavy rock through classical plus jazz.

      BLACKALICIOUS Melodica plus
      San Francisco based jazz influenced rap band on Mo'wax
      later contributors to Quannum project
      I love the cadence of the main rapper's style
      +I think Dj Shadow was involved pre-fame

      BIG CHIEF Mack Avenue Skull Game
      Funk metal from Detroit that actually works
      got a groove etc + ran the Motorbooty fanzine
      take off on Lightnin' Rod's Hustler's convention

      Nyc guitarless Latin funk band from the early 70s
      lead lines are played on xylophone/horns but this is real fonky

      TIM BUCKLEY Honeyman
      73 live stuff from Tim's funk era
      This is a lot more laid back than the Return of The Starsailor cd
      that I'm more used to
      still stellar, really sexy

      PRETTY THINGS Parachute
      the '70 rock LP
      dashed good

      CURTIS MAYFIELD Superfly
      2cd version of the soundtrack that made the film
      Curtis' finest hour?
      couldn't find any of the other lps around Dublin
      this has a second disc of outtakes and 2 radio spots

      massively heavy
      but shorter than I'd expected
      Night of the Shape is really psychedelic with its violin +piano
      plus the vocals are more submerged than grunted

      SAVAGE REPUBLIC Tragic Figures
      first lp by these guys.
      the punkest they got
      reminds me of a surf band with a funky rhythm section playing
      eastern tinged serial music
      comes with all the non lp singles from the time.
      Film Noir especially stands out

      the lp with the p-ing horse on the cover
      and the title track where bLixa's voice carries the rhythm
      I think its going ouit of print so a piece of luck finding it in

      first lp by the heavy crew
      not as intense as i would've previously thought though it has its
      it'll probably grow on me

      again less humongously intense than I would've thunk
      but still pretty dashed good
      the 3 piece's only lp?
      after this Fripp said no more KC +split until the 80s.

      ORANGE GOBLIN Time Travelling Blues/Frequencies From Planet Ten
      the first 2 lps as a double pack
      Heavy but the lyrics are a joke

      ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS The Day The Earth Met The
      -finally got this
      after years of Ubu fandom
      pretty great prepunk stuff nice guitarts
      but who's the fat guy with the glasses onn the sleeve photo?
      is that RFTT mkI?
      rumours of a MK IV? (no thats the Creation!)

      Psychedelic Jazz and Soul iN Sound compi
      great weird late 60s early 70s Jazz thing including Sun Ra, Roland
      Kirk and 2 tracks from Freddie Hubbard's sing me a song of songmy

      JAMES BROWN In The Jungle Groove
      compi of JB at early 70s peak intensity including a couple of tracks
      with the Collins Brothers

      STEELEYE SPAN The Hills Of Greenmore
      almost all of the first 3 lps minus a track each in jumbled order.
      Ashley Hutchings' time in the band
      plus the Woods on the first lp
      (-Woods Band's 1st is also great)
      electric folk = psych rock?
      or to put that another way if you forget that this is electrified
      versions of traditional songs you've got some of the finest
      psych/drone stuff going
      plus a few less droney ballads which are more rocky still luvlee.
      -been meaning to investigate since people started reviewing these in
      terms of post Velvets drone
      (I think the next phase has been compared to Sabbaf)

      EUGENE MCDANIELS Headless Horsemen of the Apocalypse
      weird protest funk with Alphonse Mouzon +Miroslav Vitous
      +Eugene who ain't a great singer but did write 'Comparted to What'
      which is cool by Roberta Flack
      some great grooves on here

      HERBIE HANCOCK Mwandishi
      electric funk jazz from 1971 by the same band as cut Sextant
      these 3 cds (fat Albert Rotunda and Crossingsare the other 2) are now
      available separately

      HUMAN LEAGUE Reproduction +
      first lp plus eps by original weirdo electronic line up of the
      future chart artists
      this has Dignity of Labour and Being Boiled on it

      MINUTEMEN Double Nickels On The Dime
      one of the greatest lps to come out of the hardcore scene
      though I don't know if they could still be called hardcore at the
      time -obviously they lived the life
      but this is so far from generic
      incorporates jazz, funk, folk, 60s/70s rock influences(covers Steely
      Dan Van Halen , BOC and CCR) and has some of the best lyrics going
      (something for the mind)

      how do you write the title with a normal computer keyboard?
      drone rock classic

      LIONROCK An Instinct for Detection
      ex mod electronica first lp
      dashed funky -also sounds like a funkified Neubauten in places
      Np RFTT Day The earth SO Cold
    • gradyfinklemyer
      I ve been meaning to ask...you re not the same Stevo from the show Jackass on mtv, are you? just wondering
      Message 37 of 37 , Jul 2, 2002
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        I've been meaning to ask...you're not the same Stevo from the
        show "Jackass" on mtv, are you? just wondering

        --- In thewire@y..., "stevolende" <stevolende@y...> wrote:
        > --- In thewire@y..., "gradyfinklemyer" <gradyfinklemyer@y...> wrote:
        > well
        > made about as much sense as
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