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  • stevolende
    This week in my cd bag for listening to on college computers Love Forever Changes gonna see them in a coupla weeks plus I read starlings review yesterday
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2002
      This week in my cd bag for listening to on college computers
      Love Forever Changes
      gonna see them in a coupla weeks plus I read starlings review
      not that I agree with it or owt
      just been reading him a lot lately

      Creedence Clearwater Revival Bayou Country
      Godfathers of grunge?
      or am I ten years out of date?
      definitely major influence on The Scientists who were directly
      +this is my fav of their lps

      Faust So far

      Gong You
      nice swirly funky stuff
      need to get some more of them -hopefully all the Daevid Allen stuff
      +the early Soft machine stuff-Jet Propelled photographs -gotta get it.

      Betty Davis They Say I'm different
      dirty funk from Mrs Miles

      Groundhogs Split
      yum -durty blues
      but wish I'd known about this before i got it singly

      Pop Group Y
      wot can I say one of the best bRit lps from '79

      Pink Fairies Kings Of Oblivion
      due for extended rerelease

      Savage REpublic Jamahiriya
      reissue of one of the late 80s best kept secrets
      sounds very krautrocky
      enough to convince ol friends of mine it was -but the bands from LA
      sometime you'll get to read my article on them

      VdGG Pawn Hearts
      wish somebody would remaster this as an individual cd
      but dashed good nonetheless even if it is double plus unfunky
      still jazz based in places but they keep destroying grooves

      MC5 Power TRip
      the first compi from Total Energy
      some cool stuff
      some bad sound
      and I wish Eldridge cLeaver was way shorter

      QMS Lost Gold and Silver
      live 68 and better than Happy Trails in my estimation
      finally got this 2 years back after having lost Maiden of the Cancer
      Moon -the vynil equivalent 10 years earlier

      Universal Sounds of America
      Soul Jazz space jazz compi
      (just seen a new compi on Lonnie Liston Smith in town with Astral
      Travelling on -cheap mid price too looks pretty comprehensive too)

      Big Star Third/Sister Lovers
      What can I say?

      DAF Die Klienen und Die Boosen
      creepy electro funk from when they were still a band
      some mean guitar on here

      Pink Floyd Umma gumma live disc
      got my cdr buddy to burn me tnis last year
      not a big fan of the studio stuff from here
      but this is one of the best live discs ever

      Stooges Funhouse
      yup I do believe this is one of the cornerstones of reality
      2 major influences Archie Shepp meets James Brown

      Eric Dolphy Out to LUnch
      great '64 recording featuring Tony Williams
      -Dolphy died in Europe shortly afterward
      this is great

      Sonny Sharrock Ask The Ages
      w. Paraoh Sanders and Elvin Jones
      great +very tuneful for the guy behind Monkey Pockie Poo
      (of course this is 20 years later)
      and relative,
      this still has some very shredding moments

      Caravan In the land of grey and Pink
      very melancholy tuneful Canterbury stuff
      if this is what prog was all about I'd be way happier
      Np gong a sprinkling of clouds
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