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New Lustmord

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  • Simon Fay
    Dunno if it s any good but the blurb sounds like a Chris Morris put-on to snare a hifi-fetishising Goth with a job as course-leader for Contemporary Western
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2002
      Dunno if it's any good but the blurb sounds like a
      Chris Morris put-on to snare a hifi-fetishising Goth
      with a job as course-leader for "Contemporary Western
      Despair Studies"

      Apparently The Horror isn't so horrible as to preclude
      pumping much time/effort into detailed representations
      of it.

      "LUSTMORD (Nextera, Czechoslovakia, $29.95)

      Zoetrope - The Original Soundtrack, Expanded & Revised

      1. Main Title/Infinite Space 7.17
      2. The Cell 5.49
      3. Cellular Blur 4.31
      4. Descent 5.03
      5. Transitional Pathway 5.25
      6. Amalgamated Man 8.02
      7. The Harrow 7.26
      8. Disintegration 3.48
      9. End Titles 4.58
      10. Zoetrope Trailer v.3 3.28

      Brian Lustmord's short biography:
      Brian Williams is much in demand by Motion Picture,
      Television and Video Game productions for his
      distinctive music and sound design. He also has a
      twenty year history of recording his own influential
      albums under the name Lustmord, and has worked with
      many pioneers of electronic music, and has over 40
      motion picture credits to his name.

      Note that to achieve the best sound quality possible
      this album was mixed using 24 BIT digital technology
      and additionally mastered using 32 BIT technology. The
      result is truly amazing for the Compact Disc format
      and is close to DVD Audio and SACD sound quality
      standards, and is of true reference quality!

      Consisting of both the music and extensive sound
      design of the movie, melded and mutated to recapture
      the atmospheric nightmare of the world that is
      Zoetrope, where walls breath and dreams become

      Originally conceived as a two month music and sound
      design project, it quickly evolved into a three year
      journey into madness, as Zoetrope the movie became a
      complex exercise in pure cinema and sound.

      The black and white film, was inspired by Franz
      Kafka's story "In The Penal Colony" and is a haunting
      examination of a man imprisoned in the inner depths of
      his own mind, only to discover the truth about himself
      and the world of oppression which has driven him to
      this inescapable fate. The film was directed by
      Charlie Deaux and produced by Mellissa Berry for MGP

      A glimpse into the world of Zoetrope can be gained by
      viewing the video trailer included on the CD which is
      playable on both PC and MAC formats.


      Format : Compact Disc (CD Extra including video for
      MAC and PC)
      First 3,000 in 6 Page Digipack.
      File under : dark ambient electronic music
      Length : 56.10 plus Video

      The eighth Lustmord release presents the darker sound
      of Brian Williams and AGAIN pushes further into
      uncharted depths.

      po box 1040
      mountain gate
      ferntree gully
      victoria 3156

      http://werple.net.au/~dorobo "

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