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  • Gwendal Cobert
    there s an awful lot of music in that vein... I d recommend the Luke Vibert Nuggets comp ; there s a Barry 7 Connectors comp in the same series (don t
    Message 1 of 26 , Feb 25, 2002
      there's an awful lot of music in that vein... I'd recommend the Luke Vibert
      "Nuggets" comp ; there's a Barry 7 "Connectors" comp in the same series
      (don't remember the label, sorry). Even wilder are the Manhattan Research
      Inc from Raymond Scott and "Forbidden planet" OST by Louis & Bebe Barron.
      I've got other Perrey releases, and it seems to me they're veering more into
      easy listening territory ; if that's what you're after, there's Space
      Capades in the Ultra Lounge excellent series...

      > dear all,
      > a request of help and suggestions:
      > I was given a cd by jean jacques perrey, called good
      > moog-astral animation and computer kartoons 1966-1977
      > which I thoroughly enjoyed (as did my 2 years old
      > son).
      > I didn' t know of him, but he looked a plump good
      > humoured middle aged man wearing a white coat on the
      > cover notes.the record brought to memory a recent LP
      > I saw with electronic music from the clangers
      > and made me very curious to get more similar stuff.
      > I would be grateful for recommendations on what to buy
      > (somebody mentioned a record of "toy music" in a
      > similar vein without being able to give further
      > details)
      > With many thanks
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