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CD SALE: Ambient, Electronic, Experimental, etc.

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  • toddkbowman
    CD SALE *Reduced Prices* * TAKE $1 off the total price if you buy 1 CD * Take $3 off the total price if you buy 2 CDs * Take $5 off the total price if you buy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
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      CD SALE *Reduced Prices*

      * TAKE $1 off the total price if you buy 1 CD
      * Take $3 off the total price if you buy 2 CDs
      * Take $5 off the total price if you buy 3 or more CDs

      This is my last posting of this list. Anything that doesn't sell in
      this round is off to the used CD store.

      Send email to tkbowman@... to reserve CD(s). I accept
      PayPal (preferred), money order, or personal check. PayPal and
      Money Orders are shipped promptly upon payment. Checks can
      take 5-8 business days to clear. All payment must be in US
      funds. Payment must be recieved within 10 days of reservation
      or your CDs go back up for sale.

      Shipping in North America is $2.50 for 1 CD, $3.50 for two or
      more CDs. International shipping is $5 for 1 CD (add $2 for
      each additional CD).

      Thanks, Todd

      ALIO DIE "Under An Holy Ritual" (Limited Hic Sunt Leones Ed.,
      OOP) $12

      ARTEMIY ARTEMIEV "The Warning" (Elektro Shock) $14

      ART ZOYD "Le Mariage du Ciel et de L'enfer" (Cryonic, OOP,
      worn but plays fine) $14

      A SMALL GOOD THING "The Pink and Purple World of
      Dishonesty" (Soleilmoon) $8

      A.T.S. "Blood Drive" (Shimmy Disc) $4

      BLACK LUNG "silent weapons for silent wars" (Machinery) $8

      PETER BLEGVAD "Just Woke Up" (East Side Digital, notch in
      spine) $5
      - features John Greaves & Chris Cutler

      HAROLD BUDD "By the Dawn's Early Light" (Opal/WB, OOP) $9

      JOHN CAGE "In a Landscape" (Catalyst) $9

      CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO "Yamanashi Blues" (Discipline) $7

      CHANNEL LIGHT VESSEL "Automatic" (Gyroscope/All Saints)

      CLAN OF XYMOX "Creatures" (Metropolis, promo) $7

      CONTROLLED BLEEDING "Golgatha" (Staalplaat/Soleilmoon
      OOP) $14

      PATRICIA DALLIO (of Art Zoyd) "Procession" (DTR, OOP) $10

      DAVID DARLING "Journal October" (ECM/BMG Classics) $10

      DAVID CUNNINGHAM/GILES/MUIR "Ghost Dance" (Piano) $10

      DEAD CAN DANCE "Best of: A Passage in Time" (Ryko/4AD) $7

      DEUTSCH NEPAL "Benevolence" (Cold Meat Industries, OOP)

      DILEMMA "Chip Tunes" (Irdial) $10

      DJAM KARAT "The Devouring" (Cuneiform) $9

      DJ SPOOKY "Songs of a Dead Dreamer" (Asphodel) $9

      ROB ELLIS "Music for the Home" (Leaf UK) $10

      BRIAN ENO "Neroli" (Gyroscope/All Saints) $8

      BRIAN ENO "The Shutov Assembly" (Opal) $9

      ROGER ENO W/ KATE ST. JOHN "The Familiar" (Gyroscope/All
      Saints, punch in barcode) $6

      ROGER ENO "Swimming" (Gyroscope/All Saints) $7

      ETANT DONNES "Aurore" (Touch, Rare & OOP) $20

      FIBRE "Sub Aquatic Memories" (Tone Casualties) $8

      ROBERT FRIPP STRING QUINTET "The Brdige Between"
      (Discipline) $8

      "Intergalactic Boogie Express: Liive in Europe 1991" (DGM) $9

      BRUCE GILBERT "This Way to the Shivering Man" (Mute UK,
      OOP, missing hinge) $11

      GITBOX "Touch Wood" (Discipline) $7

      PHILIP GLASS "Two Pages, Contrary Motion, Music in 5th, Music
      in Similar Motion" (Elektra Nonesuch/BMG) $8

      GÓRECKI/SATIE/MILHAUD/BRYERS "Sarah Leonard: Soprano"
      (ECM New Series 1495) $10

      JEFF GREINKE "Changing Skies" (Multimood, OOP) $12

      JEFF GREINKE "Lost Terrain" (Silent Records) $9

      ICEBREAKER "Distant Early Warning" (Aesthetics) $10

      MICK KARN/YOSHIHIRO HANNO "Liquid Glass" (Shadow,
      Limited) $8

      KING CRIMSON "the construKction of light" (Virgin, promo) $8

      KODO "Sai-So: The Remix Project" (Red Ink, punch in barcode)

      KRONOS QUARTET/PHILIP GLASS "Kronos Quartet Performs
      Philip Glass" (Nonesuch) $10

      THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN "thrang thrang gozinbulx" (DGM,
      punch in barcode) $9
      - featuring Robert Fripp

      LEFT HAND RIGHT HAND "Hum Drum" (We Never Sleep, OOP)

      MATERIAL "Memory Serves" (Metrotone, OOP) $7

      MO BOMA "Myths of the Near Future Pt. 1" (Extreme, OOP) $10

      MOBY "Move EP" (Elektra) $4

      ENNIO MORRICONE "Chamber Music" (Virgin) $10

      NANACO "Love is a Drug" (Hyperdisc/Pinnacle) $8

      BILL NELSON "Atomic Shop" (DGM) $10

      NITZER EBB "That Total Age" (Geffen, case is scuffed) $5

      NO SAFETY "Spill" (Knitting Factory) $5

      NOT WEAVING, DROWNING "Claim" (Reprise, promo - punch in
      insert) $4

      ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK "Dario Argento's Opera" (Cinevox Italy,
      Rare 7 OOP) $15
      - features Brian Eno, Roger Eno, Bill Wyman/Terry Thomas, etc.

      POPOL VUH "Soundtracks for Werner Herzog" Limited Edition of
      1000. 3 soundtracks (Aguirre, Nosferatu, Coeur de Verre) +
      booklet, packaged in tin "film reel" canister. Very rare & OOP
      (SPLAXBOX14703). $75

      THE RESIDENTS "Hunters OST" (Milan, punch in barcode) $8

      GRAEME REVELL "The Crow: Original Motion Picture Score"
      (Varese Sarabande) $6

      JORGE REYES "Nierika/Ek-Tunkul" (Silent Records) $8

      STEVE ROACH "Australia: Sound of the Earth" (Fortuna) $9

      RYUICHI SAKAMOTO "Raw Life: Osaka" (2 CDs, Warner Japan)

      JOHANNES SCHMOELLING "Wuivend Reit" (Lifestyle, Rare &
      OOP) $18

      C. SCHULZ "4. Film Ton" (Extreme, OOP) $8

      SHINJUKU THIEF "The Scribbler" (Dorobo, Limited Ed., 45 of
      500 copies) $14

      SOMEI SATOH "Toward the Night" (New Albion/BMG) $12

      SPK "Oceania: In Performance 1987" (Normal, OOP & Rare)

      STILLPOINT "Maps Without Edges" (City of Tribes, punch in
      barcode) $5

      G.E. STINSON "A Thousand Other Names" (Birdcage) $5

      SUNDAY ALL OVER THE WORLD "Kneeling at the Shrine" (E'G)
      -features Robert Fripp, Toyah Willcox & Trey Gunn

      SUSPENDED MEMORIES "Forgotten Gods" (Hearts of Space)
      -features Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes & Suso Saiz

      DAVID TORN "Tripping Over God" (CMP Records) $10

      TRANS AM "Surrender to the Night" (Thrill Jockey) $8

      V/A "Around the World for a Song" (Ryko) FREE + shipping w/ any
      -features Mickey Hart, Dzintars, Babatunde Olatunji, Rythym
      Devils, etc.

      V/A "Astralwerks 1998 Summer Sample" (Astralwerks, sleeve)
      -10 tracks - features Gearwhore, Fatboy Slim, Wagon Christ, Ait,
      Alpha, etc.

      V/A "Chaos in Expansion" (Sub Rosa) $7
      -features Coil, Ligeti/Kazan, Charles Hayward & Nick

      V/A "CORE: Conspiracy International Project" (Nettwerk, OOP)
      -features Coil, Lustmord, Robery Wyatt, Boyd Rice, John Duncan,

      V/A "Japan Nite '99: Musical Madness from Japan" (Japan Nite,
      promo) $3
      -features Missile Girl Scoot, Nicotine, Petty Booka, Spanova, etc.

      V/A "Lime Green Yellow Sampler 2001" (Lime Green Yellow, UK)
      -19 tracks - features Net, Pan Techno Icon, Curtains, Placement,
      Sprayhead, etc.

      V/A "Source Nouveau: 2001 Label Sampler" (Source/Astralwerks,
      sleeve) $4
      -features Air, Turin Brakes, Simian, Sebastien Tellier, etc. + 2

      V/A "Star Rise: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook remixed"
      (realworld) $7
      - features Talvin Singh, State of Bengal, Joi, Asian Dub
      Foundation, etc.

      V/A "The Third Mind" (Third Mind) $6
      -features Front Line Assembly, In the Nursery, Delerium, Faction,
      Moon Seven Times, etc.

      V/A "X-X Section" (Extreme) $8
      -features Shinjuku Thief, Paul Schutze, Muslimgauze, Jim
      O'Rourke, Merzbow, etc.

      V/A "The Year of Silence: A Dorobo Compilation" (Dorobo) $9
      - features Paul Schutze, Shinjuku Thief, Black Lung, Alan Lamb,

      VIOLET INDIANA "Roulette" (Instinct, punch in barcode, + music
      video) $9

      JAH WOBBLE "Umbra Sumus" (Paras Group, promo) $7

      THE YOUNG GODS "L'eau Rouge" (Play it Again Sam) $7

      THE YOUNG GODS "The Young Gods" (Organik) $11

      JOHN ZORN "Game Pieces Vol. 1: Xu Feng" (Tzadik) $10

      LEONARD COHEN "The Future" (Columbia) $7

      CURE "Disintegration" (Elekra, fair shape - plays fine) $4

      JULIA FORDHAM "East West" (Virgin, notch in spine) $5

      SARAH McLACHLAN "The Freedom Sessions: Interactive CD"
      (Nettwerk) $6

      ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK "Pulp Fiction" (MCA) $4
      - features Dick Dale, Al Green, Dusty Springfield, Urge Overkill,

      V/A "Electronic 80's - Volume 1" (Chronicles, punch in barcode)
      - features Thomas Dolby, Yello, Howard Jones, Berlin, Kraftwerk,

      V/A "Electronic 80's - Volume 2" (Chronicles, promo - punch in
      barcode) $4
      - features Wang Chung, ABC, The Fixx, Ultravox, Eurythmics, Trio,
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