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WRECK: Best & Optimum of 2001

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wreck thiS meSS ‰ Radio 100 ‰ Amsterdam ‰ 99.3 FM + wReck thiS meSS ‰ Radio Patapoe ‰ Amsterdam ‰ 97.2 Annual Best Top Faves & Other Choice Raves
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
      wreck thiS meSS ‰ Radio 100 ‰ Amsterdam ‰ 99.3 FM
      wReck thiS meSS ‰ Radio Patapoe ‰ Amsterdam ‰ 97.2

      Annual Best Top Faves & Other Choice Raves of 2001

      "I Love drinking now and then.
      It defecates the standing pool of thought."
      * Robert Burns

      "Bizz Top 20 over 2001" will be published on 23 January 2002 in the
      Dutch music industry magazine Muziek en Beeld, which will include the
      final Top 20 as voted on by people in the Dutch music world. All of
      the individual lists will also be available via email. More info:

      Inspired by this invitation and the fact that its the end of the year
      AND my 100th Anniversary show at Radio 100, I decided to do two shows
      devoted to faves: my overnight on Radio 100 concentrating on total
      discs that I liked and my Xmas eve show on Radio Patapoe
      concentrating on single cuts I really got hooked on. [SEE BELOW]. My
      choices were based on pure pleasure, the surprise of sound, the
      repeat plays on air AND at home [both thru air and on cordless

      System: the cuts in the 2 playlists below are numbered as to their
      placement in my "Bizz Top 27". Other discs played either needed to be
      reheard [PiL] or included although released in 2000 [Tosca] or were
      really really good but just missed making the list [Tennis, Janek
      Schaefer] or were part of my tribute to friend/DJ, Frank Balesteri
      [Vanilla Bean] who passed on into the great white noise in November.
      All these discs I have written about throughout the year. If you need
      contact or other info just ask.

      Naam: bart plantenga
      Bedrijf: Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      Functie: Radiomaker / schrijver [writer]

      1. "Matrix" > Ryoji Ikeda [Touch]
      2. "Sah? / 5_24" > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [Progressive Form]
      3. "Staedtizism" > Various Artists [~scape]
      4. "Dub this Net: Altered Connection 1" > Various Artists [Hypertunez]
      5. "Select Cuts from Blood & Fire: Chapter Two" > Various Artists [Echo Beach]
      6. "Bip Hop Generation vols. 1-4" > Various Artists [Bip Hop / Bleep]
      7. "Shallow & Profound" > Yonderboi [Ugar]
      8. "King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger" > King
      Jammy vs Dry & Heavy [BSI]
      9. "Your Favourite London Sounds" > compiled by Peter Cusack [London
      Musician's Collective]
      10. "Julie B. Bonnie" > Julie B. Bonnie [Island]


      11. "Three the Hard Way" > DJ Scud vs Bombardier vs Nitro [Cross Fade
      12. "I Love Serge: Electronica Gainsbourg" > Various Artists [Universal]
      13. "Bit Streams" > Various Artists [JdK / Whitney Museum]
      14. "Claire de Terre" > Robert Normandeau [Empreintes Digitales]
      15. "Pole R" > Pole [~scape]
      16. "The City's Collapsing [But Not Tonight]" > Zorn [Lux Nigra]
      17. "Don't Dolby the Bedroom Composers" > Morphine Boutique [tete-a-tete]
      18. "L'Autre Nuit" > Phil Von & the Gnawa Musicians of Fes [Prikosnovenie]
      19. "Skandinavian" > Penumbra [Iris Light]
      20. "Electronomicon" > Pitch Black [Kog]
      21. "State of the Union 200.1" > Various Artists [EMF]
      22. "Famous Aspect" > Various Artists [Mille Plateaux]
      23. "Ten Thousand Shades of Blue" > Richard Lainhart [XI Records]
      24. "My Life in the Gush of Boasts" > Scott Marshall [Paniculture]
      25. "Handle With Care" > EZ3kiel [Jarring Effects]
      26. "We Are Your Friends" > Die Trip Computer Die [Alcohol]
      27. "Orange Noise" > Maschinenschlosser [Dbelltime]

      ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉

      wreck thiS meSS ‰ Radio 100 ‰ Amsterdam ‰ 99.3 FM
      Show #100: Best of Whatever
      Midnight Friday 21 December 2001 [24:03 - 4:07]

      Skandinavien > Penumbra [19]
      1111101111> Ryoji Ikeda [1]
      1111110111 > Ryoji Ikeda [1]
      Yoga For Health [throughout] > Richard Hittleman [Yoga For Health]
      Living on the Borderlines > Penumbra [19]
      Kiser Lake > Scott Marshall [24]
      The Great Tit [bird] > Ben Schott ["Preeeweet!" <ben@...>]
      My Life in the Gush of Boasts > Scott Marshall [24]
      Trans Incolore > Phil Von [18]
      Sah? > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [2]
      + Agenda > Vanilla Bean [*]
      + Word Association > Vanilla Bean [*]
      4 > Geez N' Gosh [22]
      IDP > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [2]
      Tonali > Massimo [6]
      Black Smoke > Vanilla Bean [*]
      The Suit > PiL ["Metal Box" or "Second Edition"]
      14 > Komet [22]
      Naloxon > Morphine Boutique [17]
      13 > Alva Noto [22]
      Age Breaker > Space Wrm [13]
      Mystic > Ultra Milkmaids [6]
      Mister Whitehead, Are You There > Gregory Whitehead [13]
      9 > Stewart Walker [22]
      Electric Earth Part 2 > Pitch Black [20]
      Raum 1 Original > Pole [15]
      Buprenorphin > Morphine Boutique [17]
      Total Destruction > DJ Scud [11]
      Mash The Place Up > DJ Scud [11]
      Come With It > DJ Scud [11]
      Polvo Maranjo > Maschinenschlosser [27]
      + Sex Talk > Vanilla Bean **
      Civic Halo > Tennis ["Europe on Horseback" Bip Hop]
      Nowhere At Home > Karl Marx Stadt ["1997-2001" Lux Nigra]
      Kopfleuchten > Zorn [16]
      Boss in the Boat > Tosca ["Suzuki" G-Stone]
      Pabadam > Yonderboi [7]
      Aeroplanes [Gainsbourg] > Readymade [12]
      Do you Like My Music > Julie B. Bonnie [10]
      Au Bord de la Mer > Julie B. Bonnie [10]
      Je Prefere attendre Encore un Peu > Julie B. Bonnie [10]
      Requiem Pour un Con [Gainsbourg] > The Orb [12]
      Vol. 1 [Advanced] > L.S.Diezel [4]
      Radical Dubber > King Jammy vs Dry & Heavy [8]
      Windaloop > Subaqueous Pleezer vs Digi Dub [4]
      Deconsoled > Zorn [16]
      Vas 2 > Maschinenschlosser [27]
      Finale > Vanilla Bean [*]
      Estatica Estacionaria > Maschinenschlosser [27]

      [*] "The Price Is Beans" was produced and compiled by his sometime
      sidekick WFMU DJ & wily/wryly-humored Jim Price in 2001. Frank
      "Vanilla Bean" Balesteri who was the insanely inventive,
      unpredictable, turbulent, dynamic inspiration for many a DJ at WFMU
      [NY/NJ]. He wasn't only good with freestylin' talk and jive, he also
      had excellent musical taste and a depth and breadth of musicological
      knowledge that really was amazing -- anecdotes and observations about
      almost any musician you might bandy about. Altho most notorious for
      his transgressive mouthing-off wiseguy skits and freestylin
      adlibbing, he could also get under your skin by spinning songs that
      were always irritating and godawful but somehow he made you look at
      really bad music anew - deconstruction, decontextualization? I dunno.
      He just stripped the paint right off your bonnet... or stripped all
      preconception right off whatever serves as your hard drive...

      [**] I now realize that before I became a DJ in 1986 and even after,
      how I used to record WFMU radio shows and realize how much of the
      Bean's shows survive. He also used to do a great show with sidekick
      and erstwhile near-pop-star, R. Stevie Moore, who with his Brian
      Wilson meets Captain Beefheart meets XTC pop songs was way ahead of
      most listener's time and is unjustly not appreciated [although he did
      have some somewhat popular releases in France I seem to remember].

      ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉

      wReck thiS meSS on Radio Patapoe 97.2 ‰ Amsterdam

      no. 163 > Best Top Faves, Maandag, 24 December 2001 (17:15 to 19:06)

      Sah? > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [2]
      The First Line> Ann Hamilton & Andrew Deutsch [13]
      Dustmite > Headset [3]
      We Are Your Friends > Die Trip Computer Die [26]
      Ramen #1 > Low Res [3]
      Wormy Epidermie > Roberto Valenza 14 [A]
      Malina [2000] > Robert Normandeau [14]
      Kastransport mit einmischung des Herrn Cowboy > Niobe [B]
      Body Building in the Great Northwest > Vito Acconci ["Writing Aloud"
      Errant Bodies]
      Along the Route > To Rococo Rot vs I-Sound vs A. Balenescu ["Hungry
      Ghost" City Slang]
      Track One [untitled] > Korai Orom [New Music From Central & Eastern
      Europe" Tamizdat]
      Contraption > Janek Schaefer ["Above Buildings" Splinter]
      It Hurts > Burnt Friedman ["Plays Love Songs" Nonplace]
      A Shower > Si-cut.db [6]
      President Bush > Kathy Acker ["Redoing Childhood" Kill Rock Stars]
      Blue in Green > Miles Davis ["Kind of Blue" Columbia]
      Handle With Care > EZ3Kiel [25]
      NY, USA [Gainsbourg] > Snooze [12]
      Double Warning > Jah Wobble vs I-Roy [5]
      Raum 2 Variation > Pole vs Burnt Friedman [15]
      Trump Funk > Ashfelt vs ["The Butterfly Chair EP" Iris Light]
      Guidance Dub > King Tubby vs Horace Andy vs Seven Dub [5]
      Who's on Third > Third Bass ["The Cactus Album" Def Jam]
      Salvation > Actuality [4]

      ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉

      THANX: to all the musicians and soundscape people and audio
      enthusiasts who sent me advice and material and all the readers of
      the playlist who offered encouragement ... thanx to the many labels
      and distributors who continue to see to it that i receive so much
      interesting material - Touch, JdK, Prikosnovenie, ~scape, Echo Beach,
      Mille Plateuax, Selektion, Moloko, Mego, ping pong, a-muzik,
      soleilmoon, word sound, BSI, Dubmission, Kog, Dense, Sprawl, Kill
      Rock Stars, Iris Light, Bip Hop, XI, Empreintes Digitales, Pax Rec.,
      Pogus, Nonplace, Lux Nigra, Hypertunez, Universal Egg, Tamizdat,
      Knitting Factory, and others. I'd also like to thank musicans /
      soundsmiths / wordsmiths like Scott Marshall, Jaap Blonk, Dallas
      Simpson, Roberto Valenza, Wanda Phipps, Mike Cooper, John Schnall,
      Ken Montgomery, Judy Nylon, Brandon Labelle, Septimania, If Bwana,
      Ben Schot and guest/musicians like Toni Smith and Jozef van Wissum,
      as well as others who helped make the show & playlist something else:
      Dave Mandl, Mike Golden, Ellen Waterman, Sal Salasin, Carola von
      Hoffmanstahl, black Sifichi, Nic, Laurent [WTM=Paris], Josephine
      Bosma, Ptp djs Grrrt & Ronald and Toek and Frits of Fool's Gold who
      offered sound material, direction & or WTC-info over the past year
      and countless others who emailed me. But most of all, Paloma Jet &
      Nina who allow me the indulgence of this time-consuming diversionŠ

      This PLAYLIST reaches 1500+ READERS & Eyeball "LISTENERS" per Week

      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

      ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉

      I am proud to announce that my playlists have begun appearing
      regularly in 3am Magazine <http://www.3ammagazine.com> under the
      title "Radiophotogram: Visual Radio".

      "For a more international, commercial feel, try 3am Magazine. . . .
      The cosmopolitan, rive gauche quality of the site is wonderfully
      obvious. From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and
      music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and
      clued-up, and it counter-balances nicely the London/New York
      publishing behemoth." o Bill Broun, The Times (Monday April 30 2001).

      "Cool ezine 3am is worth taking a look at for a dip into the edgier
      waters of literature on the net." o Michelle Pauli, The Guardian

      ؉؉ ؉؉

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