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WRECK: Battle of the Geniuses [playlist]

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS on Radio Patapoe 97.2 - Amsterdam Adventures in UNsound: no. 162 Lee Perry vs Mad Professor Maandag, 17 December 2001 (17:15 to 19:06) I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2001
      wReck thiS meSS on Radio Patapoe 97.2 - Amsterdam

      Adventures in UNsound: no. 162 > Lee Perry vs Mad Professor

      Maandag, 17 December 2001 (17:15 to 19:06)

      "I slew the Bank of Egypt, I slew the Mid-Atlantic, I slew the Bank of England,
      and I slew the Barclay's Bank... I slay the ITT, I nick the ITT,
      I slay the IMF... I slew the FBI and I flew and I fly...
      and I overthrow the devil governments..."
      * LSP "SDI"

      East of the River Nile > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Rough & Smooth > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      I Got the Groove > Lee "Scratch" Perry
      Kimble [Lee "Scratch" Perry] > The Fall
      Music & Science > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Adrian Sherwood
      Ashes & Dust > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Augustus Pablo
      I Want a Meekie Girl > Lee "Scratch" Perry
      Why are People so Grudgeful [Lee "Scratch" Perry] > The Fall
      Navarone Guns > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Tuturing > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Bone of Witch > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Two Mad Man in Dub > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Thunder & Lightning > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor
      World Peace > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Don't Drink the Piss > Mad Professor [2]
      Blood of the Dragon > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Rightful Ruler > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Peter Tosh vs U-Roy [1]
      Space Dub > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      + Mad Professor Interview excerpts 1992 > Laurent WTM-Paris [3]
      Fast Forward into Dub > Mad Professor [2]
      Voices from Wilderness > Mad Professor [2]
      Power Dub > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Shepherd Rod / Shepherd Rod Dub > Lee "Scratch" Perry / The Upsetter [4]
      Noah's Ark > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      SDI > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Adrian Sherwood
      Reincarnation > Lee "Scratch" Perry vs Mad Professor [1]
      Abu Dhabi Dub > Mad Professor vs Puls Der Zeit [5]

      ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉

      Went to see Lee Scratch Perry, the Mad Professor & the backing band,
      the Sane Inmates at Melkweg, Dec 17. Went with Pieter and the price
      [42 guilders = $17] was steep by Amsterdam standards but LSP is
      someone I've always wanted to witness. I won't say 'in the flesh'
      because I have my suspicions about whether he is really of this
      earth. I get the feeling that whatever planet Captain Beefheart and
      Sun Ra and Harpo Marx are from is probably LSP's home planet.

      The crowd was crowded, the smoke was blue and smokey, the beer was
      small and distant but then I wanted a toe jam view of LSP. Pieter was
      brave and considerate enough to plow through the bodies whose former
      stressed-rigidity had gone taffy from the clouds of ganja being
      inhaled... LSP entered in a costume that can only be likened to Mad
      Max meets Jean Paul Gautier in an opium den -- or Ganja adventures in
      virtual space. LSP had DAT and CDs glued to his silvery pants and on
      the seat a lot of paper money, mostly dollar bills. The idiot
      luminary, the pranskter genius, the agile pixie soft-shoeing
      anti-profit prophet, the fantabulistic soothsaying leg-pulling
      jestering scat-bantering brain-worker ... LSP was in top form
      freestyle extemporizing in a manner that combined nursery rime with
      political portent and tongue-cheeky solipsism. It reminded me of
      early William Blake's songs of innocence, a kind of
      anarcho-religiosity with off-the-cuff riffs and rimes being his
      domain and ammo. And no one is better at poetry that swerves
      precariously from nonsense to great sense, from anarcho visionary to
      tongue in cheek, from grandiose delusion to magnanimous and almost
      Gandhian humanitarian... This is to say that it was brilliant. He
      seems in fine shape, athletic, prancing, puffing spliffs while
      claiming to have stopped all indulgence. I mean this guy is in his
      60s! And the Mad Prof, who I admire and love, was true to his nature
      - at the controls but absolutely nowhere to be seen. He personifies
      that oxymoronic notion of a person leaving his mark -- he is all the
      more present in his absence.

      The band was tight and playful, supportive but not totally orthodox,
      which allowed LSP lots of room to jabber, to spar, to do 2 sets of
      music that created a dynamic span between roots [history] and future
      [speculative] dub. And I did feel like I was in the presence of a

      [1] "Lee Perry Meets the Mad Professor" on Orange Street Recordings
      <www.n-m-c.co.uk> <music@ n-m-c.co.uk> Mechanical and fairly minimal
      dub beats discs. Seems very cotrolled and lacking mayhem. And yet
      there are a bunch of great backing tracks here.

      [2] "Dub Me Crazy Parts 1-10" Ariwa Records. Great Essential.
      "Voices" has one of the greatest early reworkings of a sampling -
      weaving Edith Piaf through the dubby beats.

      [3] Laurent has been steering the Wreck This Mess pirate ship in
      Paris for over 10 years now. He has also produced 3 compilations of
      dub, offering flickering glimpses into its future. "Wreck This Mess
      #1 & 2" & "Dub This Net". More info: <laurentdiouf@...>

      [4] "Voodooism" on Pressure Sounds. Great. Essential.

      [5] Oops, this is off that essential mid-1980s ROIR cassette of Mad
      Professor meets PDZ, an eccentric German pop band. Decidedly strange
      successful collision. It seems I left the cassette at the elegant
      Patapoe studios and that someone has decided to temporarily hold the
      cassette hostageŠ

      ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉ ؉؉


      Send all sound material for airplay and review to:
      Wreck This MeSS
      Radio 100 / Radio Patapoe
      bart plantenga
      Zeilstraat 23 / II
      1075 SB Amsterdam
      the Netherlands

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