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Re: New Electronica

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  • Gabriel Frazee
    For me, electronica is a logical progression... Culturally, we have gone full circle to the mentality of the 60 s, more or less. My generation, which has been
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 1999
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      For me, electronica is a logical progression... Culturally, we have gone full
      circle to the mentality of the 60's, more or less. My generation, which has
      been unduly dubbed Generation X is, more or less, the same as the 60's Hippie
      generation, minus the politics and the spokesperson. R.U. Sirius said it best
      in a recent Time magazine editorial, unfortunately, I don't have that copy on
      hand. Regardless, just as in the 60's where musicians were breaking boundaries
      with the new found electronic devices for guitar and the like, modern
      electronic musicians have taken it a step further using all electronics and,
      ironically, using those electronics to make the sounds we hear in everyday
      life. Just as the 60's "psychedelic" music recreated the sounds on hears
      during a "psychedelic experience", modern electronica recreates the sounds of
      everyday life, "Generation X's" biggest trip, car horns, cellular phones,
      pagers, etc... etc... etc... Close your eyes, sit on a street corner, and
      listen to the city...

      Alex Stone wrote:

      > From: Alex Stone <alex@astone.u-net.com>
      > >From: "John" <W.J.Gibson@...>
      > >
      > >> Electronic music of the 90 seems to break the "pacific futurism"
      > >>approach of the 70.
      > >> ?Is Electronic Music possible without the idea of progress? Oval,
      > >>Autechre, FXtwin, Mouse on Mars and Pan sonic seem to prove it is.
      > >> Negating the idea of Electronic Music as a technic space of absolut
      > >>control over all the parameters of aural events, this groops register the
      > >>limitations and defects of electronic devices and articul> The historic
      > >>dialectic between cultural and polit
      > >>
      > >Errr...I'm not entirely sure if I fully grasp what you mean but if
      > >you're essentially saying that musical futures lie in synthesising
      > >and joining things that have long been held to be 'separate' then I'm
      > >with you.
      > >
      > I'm not sure either but my reading is that electronic music can be more
      > interesting if it is not fully controllable - instrument defects providing
      > chance events which may not be repeatable etc. Deconstruction time
      > again...all digital media need a healthy dose of error and chaos if we are
      > to progress.
      > I could be wrong.
      > Alex Stone
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