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Alejandra & Aeron 'film, sound & image' EVENT

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    Alejandra & Aeron film, sound & image EVENT The Changing Room, Unit 35, The Crawford Arcade, King Street, Stirling, FK8 1AX Tel / Fax : +44 (0) 1786 479361
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
      Alejandra & Aeron 'film, sound & image' EVENT

      The Changing Room,
      Unit 35, The Crawford Arcade,
      King Street, Stirling, FK8 1AX
      Tel / Fax : +44 (0) 1786 479361
      email : info@c...


      On the evening of Thursday 6th December, as part of '(re)visionland',
      an exhibition by Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas (Lucky Kitchen),
      the artists will present the first of two evenings of 'film, sound and
      image' (the second being on the evening of Thursday 13th December,
      presented by the curators of the exhibition Diskono; "troublesome
      stuff in bright colours". Full program to follow.)

      The event on 6th December will start at 6.30pm and finish at
      8.30pm.Admission is FREE. Refreshments will be provided.

      Program as follows (final running order to be decided)

      LIVE performance

      Alejandra & Aeron will present a performance based on their Lucky
      Kitchen CD release "The Tale of Pip"

      FILM & image

      Short video pieces from the following artists based on landscape

      Peter Campus (New York)
      Working in the early 1970's with Nam June Paik and Bill Viola, Peter
      Campus has long been recognized as a pioneer of video art. Currently
      in the chair of the New Media department of New York University, his
      work is also showing at The Whitney Museum of American Art.

      Karl Erikson (Los Angeles)
      Editor in chief of Cakewalk Magazine and writer for the New Art
      Examiner, Karl is on an MFA at the California Art Institute and
      showing in various art galleries. http://www.cakewalkmag.com/

      Kenny Schachter (New York)
      Curator and artist, since the early 1980's well know for
      his "Guerilla" style exhibitions, such as recent 'How Much? A History
      of Young British Art' at the International 3 Gallery in Manchester.
      He is currently showing at the Sandra Gering Gallery in New York.

      Susana Salinas (Toronto)
      A Spanish artist working in Toronto, making installations and video
      works, which have been shown in The Netherlands, USA and Canada

      Anna Wilms (Berlin)
      Anna makes 16mm, Super-8 and videos which have shown in Germany,
      Poland & Belgium.

      SOUND (listening presentation)

      Presented by the artists, selections of landscape sounds from up and
      coming Lucky Kitchen (record label of the artists) releases by:

      Toshiya Tsunoda - A Japanese artist who makes beautiful vibrations
      using contact microphones in the Japanese landscape. He has run
      the 'Wrk' label with Minoru Sato since 1994.

      Aerospace Soundwise - A Chicago based artist. Selections from his
      diary of his last 10 years in the windy city. He plays with TV POW
      and has had work released on Box Media, Staalplaat, Diskono amongst

      Steven Vitiello - from New York. Working on a birdcage sound piece
      for Lucky Kitchen, tonight Alejandra & Aeron will present some of his
      sounds shown at the D.I.A. Center for Arts, Whitney Museum and others.

      For further information please contact:

      The Changing Room, 35 The Arcade, King Street,
      Stirling, FK8 1AX Tel / Fax :
      +44 (0) 1786 479361. email :

      Lucky Kitchen: http://www.luckykitchen.com
      Diskono: http://www.onoksid.freeserve.co.uk

      Alejandra & Aeron

      ARS Electronica Prize Winnners in 2001 (for digital music), Alejandra
      & Aeron have exhibited and performed internationally, releasing sound
      works on their own Lucky Kitchen label as well as record labels such
      as Fat Cat (UK), Tomlab (Germany), Goodiepal (Denmark), Diskono (UK)
      as well as contributing to over 35 compilations. In addition to a
      regular recording schedule, and film soundtrack work, their
      installation "Bells Intervals" rang from the belltower of the Ex
      Teresa Contemporary Art Museum in Mexico City this past July. Their
      sound work entitled "Pueblos Asolados, Underwater Villages" in
      the "Listening Pod" has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in
      Luxembourg, Centre Georges Pompidou and is currently exhibiting at
      the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg.

      '(re)visionland' is curated by Scottish artists collective Diskono,
      long time collaborators with Alejandra & Aeron and funded by the
      Scottish Arts Council through 'International Projects in Scotland'

      "Alejandra and Aeron conjure a world that truly has to be seen--and
      heard--to be believed." Philip Sherburne XL8R
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