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  • Stevo
    ... Dublin ... There is a ... walls - one ... features Deyhim ... powerful, ... interesting to see that there s somebody else onlist living in ireland. or at
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2001
      --- In thewire@y..., "Nirav Soni" <nirav@i...> wrote:
      > There is currently a wonderful photography/film exhibition at the
      > Museum of Modern Art by an Iranian artist whose name escapes me.
      There is a
      > particularly fine film piece, with two projections onto facing
      walls - one
      > of a male singer in a male-only concert hall, and the other
      features Deyhim
      > (wearing a black burka) singing to rows of empty seats. It's very
      > not least because the vocal performance is astounding.

      interesting to see that there's somebody else onlist living in
      ireland. or at least thats what i assume -just chyecked to see if it
      was Nirav. the message looked like it might be the 2nd part-answer so
      i can't tell.
      just the fact that Dublin is being discussed -didn't realise there
      was a museum of modern art. i guess theres bound to be, though i
      can't place it. where is it?
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