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Re: Everyone Is A Prostitute

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  • laura
    Send me the list. Thanks.
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 9, 1998
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      Send me the list.
      At 23.11 06/12/98 -0000, you wrote:
      >From: "_____" <diskono@...>
      >the vast majority of wall street investors cannot participate on
      >the upside of an initial public offering since the investment
      >firms reserve the stock for themselves.
      >so instead gorge on the waste products of capitalism
      >unwanted vinyl / cd
      >many bargins, much cheapness, hubba hubba!!
      >john cale / terry riley, squarepusher, funkstorung, meat beat manifesto,
      >durutti column, marcel duchamp, nick cave, residents, throbbing gristle,
      >watts prophets, mike watt, dmx krew, coldcut, east flatbush project
      >email for list (i'm in the uk)
      >Sub / Way Sect
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