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  • Burton Thomas
    ... cancelled, his daughter claims she will no longer perform under her given name, etc.) I obviously missed these. Where can the comments be found? Thank
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      At 05:13 PM 10/1/01 -0400, you wrote:
      >Surprised no one has commented on Stockhausen's recent quotes about Sept.
      11. Was it:
      >-- Taken out of context?
      >-- A semi-valid/interesting idea which was simply not clearly articulated?
      >-- Rantings of a crazy old coot?
      >Either way, immediate damage is apparently done (upcoming NY performances
      cancelled, his daughter claims she will no longer perform under her given
      name, etc.)

      I obviously missed these. Where can the comments be found? Thank you.
    • Stevo
      ... i thought i d posted this when i got it from the avant garde list this is supposed to be Stockhausen s response to the towers incident UI just picked it up
      Message 2 of 4 , Oct 3 11:26 AM
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        --- In thewire@y..., ralph2391311@y... wrote:
        > What did he say? Can someone please post it?

        i thought i'd posted this when i got it from the avant garde list
        this is supposed to be Stockhausen's response to the towers incident
        UI just picked it up at Avant garde
        -not sure where the quotes are from
        "I heard this from the master's own voice, as somebody had the good
        idea to tape this unbelievable, presumably improvised speech...

        Two concerts with music by Karlheinz Stockhausen were scheduled for
        last weekend in Hamburg. At a press conference the composer told a
        bewildered audience:

        - You must change your way of thinking for a minute now! And I'm
        gonna tell you that in my view what happened there (re: the terrorist
        attacks) in America, this is simply the greatest work of art that
        existed - ever. I mean, imagine, I talk to you as a musician now,
        imagine 50 people rehearsing LIKE CRAZY for ten years and then giving
        a performance, people who DIE during that performance, and send 5000
        others into redemption. I mean, think about it - that's so
        incredible...I mean...I assure you, I couldn't do that...This, I
        couldn't do it.

        Both concerts by Stockhausen in Hamburg were called off.

        As a commentator in Deutschlandfunk said:

        -Whatever happens in this world, there will always be a German
        professor coming up and trying to tell people what it
        meant "aesthetically". We have seen that several times in our

        Stockhausen claims he was misquoted. The following is from

        Subject: Stockhausen press conference in Hamburg, Germany

        Statement by Kathinka Pasveer to Jim Stonebraker
        September 18, 2001 evening

        Stockhausen is not yet at home.

        I was at the press conference in Hamburg.

        Being asked by journalist, if MICHAEL, EVE and LUCIFER were historical
        figures of the past, he answered that they were existing now.

        For example, LUCIFER in the attack of New York.

        After more questions about this he said "that for a musician it seems
        rehearsing ten years for one concert and then killing oneself and 5000
        people. The whole planning looked like the greatest piece of art of

        Naturally Stockhausen is shocked - like everybody else - by the
        horror of
        this terrible event and cannot understand it.

        The journalist (for BILD) has completely twisted Stockhausen's words
        out of
        context and used it against the Hamburg Festival of New Music.

        Kathinka Pasveer - Stockhausen-Verlag
        K├╝rten, Germany

        Webmaster's note:

        Stockhausen's comments during the Hamburg interview were delivered in
        context of a metaphoric line of questioning. He provided an
        answer to an allegorical question.

        Anyone who knows Stockhausen can tell you that he is a compassionate
        thoughtful person. The journalist who spewed forth this unconscionable
        poison should immediately retract his untruthful reporting and
        publish an
        apology to Stockhausen.

        I live in the US and we have suffered through this cowardly and
        attack on our nation by terrorists. As a loyal and patriotic
        American, I can
        tell you that Karlheinz Stockhausen is not the kind of man to condone
        terrorism in ANY form.

        On September 13 Kathinka Pasveer sent me a thoughtful fax from
        Suzee Stephens (who is American) and herself that said "We all follow
        tragedy in the USA and pray for you all. So terrible."

        The reporter who wrote this rubbish for the sake of his own financial
        professional gain should be condemned by the public for his
        sensational lies
        and promptly fired by his employer.

        James Stonebraker, Webmaster
        St. Louis, Missouri USA
        Claims of misquotation seem to be challenged by Stockhausen's
        Daughter Majella is quoted in today's Abendzeitung (Munich) as saying
        that the "fascistic undertone" of her father's statement is so
        offensive that she will not use the Stockhausen surname again. And
        Simon Stockhausen is quoted as saying "my father has lost all touch
        with reality. He just hears the attack as music".
        Are these more misquotes, by different journalists? That would imply
        a rather broad-based press conspiracy. And to what conceivable end?

        Is the claim from stockhausen.org an attempt at "damage control"?

        Nevertheless some journalists try to make a, so to speak, backlash
        against the Stockhausen backlash. Net-zine "Telepolis" subtitles its
        annoying story with "Composer Karlheinz Stockhausen fails at demanded
        German affliction work". Furthermore the article takes side against
        "emotional correctness".

        sorry some of that is individual stuff from the list
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