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WRECK: Animals 8/4/2-Legged [playlist]

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wreck thiS meSS on Radio 100 o Amsterdam o 99.3 FM Pyschogeographies & Auditory Derives: #97: Animals [from 8 to 4 to 2 legged]* + Live webcast
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2001
      wreck thiS meSS on Radio 100 o Amsterdam o 99.3 FM

      Pyschogeographies & Auditory Derives: #97: Animals [from 8 to 4 to 2 legged]*
      + Live webcast <http://www.desk.nl/~dfm/>
      with special guest DJ Black Sifichi from Paris

      Friday, September 21, 2000 (00:03 - 4:11)

      Crickets > Hildegard Westerkamp [1]
      That's My Honeybee > 101 Strings [2]
      Worm Is Not A Human > John Schnall [3]
      Move 1 Bee Drone Mix > Ned Bouhalassa [4]
      Spindle Spider > Janek Schaefer [5]
      Triomphe des Mouches > Univers Zero
      Das Insekt > Der Plan
      L'Insect > Tom Novembre
      Tsetse Fly > Sofa Surfers [6]
      The Butterfly Collector > Garbage [7]
      Closet Birds > Ellen Band [8]
      Ellen Birds > If, Bwana [9]
      Birds > Ben Schott [10]
      Albatross > Fleetwood Mac [11]
      Albatross > Watermelon [12]
      Swallow Tail > Tipsy [13]
      An Eagle in My Mind > Boards of Canada [14]
      Sweetbird > Joni Mitchell [15]
      Night Tawny Owl [Welkya] [16]
      Yellowbird > Eartha Kitt [17]
      Tequila Mockingbird > John Schnall [3]
      Condor > Zion Train [18]
      Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends > Ray Heatherton
      Chicken in a Box > Mr. Scruff [19]
      Reptile Room > Pitch Black [20]
      Snake in a Hole > African Head Charge [21]
      Snakes & Ladders [exc] > Typhoon Tosh [22]
      Sea Otter > Zion Train [18]
      Skunk Funk > LS Diesel meets Digidub [23]
      Dutiful Ducks [exc] > Charles Amirkhanian
      Rightwing Pigeon > Dead Milkmen [24]
      Product Crow > Sand [25]
      Sand Rabbit > Bask [26]
      Fire Fishes > Tymon Dogg
      Neon Tetra > Tipsy [13]
      Tennessee Toad > Leo Kottke [27]
      My Dog Eats Beats > Console [28]
      Dog Day Chicada > Bovine Life [29]
      Was Dog A Donut > Jellybean Benitez
      The Barking Dogs vs The Minimalists > Henry Kaiser
      Old Dogs New Tricks Intro > Allen Levi [30]
      Zoodie Doggie Va Zie > Black Sifichi vs Black Dog [31]
      Dog > Bob Dorough [32]
      Rain Dogs > Tom Waits [33]
      Man Is Dog > Chienne [34]
      Aux Chiens Ecrases > Gel [35]
      El Pussycat > Roland Alphonse
      Cat Ska > Také Rodriguez & His Exotic Arkestra [36]
      Go Cat > Pig Bag [36a]
      Nuclear Cats Get New Home > Blitter vs Hrvatski [37]
      Don't Dress Your Cat in an Apron > Billy de Wolfe [38]
      Leopard > Fan Simmons [39]
      My Dog Is A Plumber > Dick Cavett [38]
      Dogs Dicks & Cats Cunts > Costes vs Toshi Hiraoka [40]
      Lady & the Tiger > Toyah & Fripp
      Lady & the Tiger > Playmates
      The Lion Sleeps Tonight > John Schnall [3]
      Kitten > Thermos [41]
      Mad Cat > Roni Size [42]
      Dogs in the Mix > Norscq [43]
      Funky Sharks > Maschinenschlosser [44]
      Arabian Horses > Signs of Chaos [45]
      Elephant Songs > Rainforest Pygmies
      Donkey Stroke > Bullitnuts [46]
      Elephant > Zion Train [18]
      Rats de Villes, Rats de Champs > Positive Black Soul [47]
      Yodeling Mule > Three Tobacco Tags [48]
      Pinto, Pony & I > Topp Twins [49]
      Couer de Poulet > Xavier Boussiron [50]
      Jongens, Meisjes aan de Kant Want er Komt 'n Olifant > De Band Krijgt
      Kinderen [51]
      The Whale Zoo > Clive Pig & The Hopeful Chinamen
      Delaware Pig Attraction > Gawk [52]
      Stegasaurus > Beachflea [53]
      Le Renard et La Rose > Robert Normandeau [54]


      [*] It was great to have Black Sifichi as my special guest. He is one
      of my dearest friends and it's always a fat night doing yet another
      collaboration with him. We used to do regular discumbobulations on
      Radio Libertaire 1988-91. But now he has really moved to the position
      where he has a verifiable effect on the nocturnal zeitgeist of Paris
      as DJ, as radiomaker and visual artist and all around spirit in the
      air. Like a dervish spinning around his own records. Look for recent
      collaborations of his with Burnt Friedman and Black Dog. More info
      at: <http://webperso.easynet.fr/blkdix/>. Also look for his excellent
      "Tick" on Noise Museum. I have described him as Man Ray in a shot
      glass placed in a Moulinex.

      [1] "Transformations" on Empreintes Digitales <info@...>
      <www.electrocd.com>. ED is a great label of enterprising experiments
      in psycho-electrical-acoustic works. Amazing stuff they put out
      including Francis Dhomont, Claude Schreyer, H. Westerkamp and many
      others. The odd thing is, is why Canada is so in the forefront of
      electro-acoustic work? Soundscape philosophy as well? Most of this
      stuff is of extremely marginal value in the USA but in Canada it
      seems to be part of the dialectic. In the forefront of confronting
      our natural ambience and how technology and humans have impact on
      this is HW. She developed her soundwalks in the 80s which entailed a
      kind aural equivalent of the Situationists Dérive. "Cricket Voice is
      a musical expression of a cricket, whose song I recorded in the
      stillness of a Mexican desert region called the zone of Silence."

      [2] "Love is Blue" on Europa vinyl is one of those strange sound
      documents - it is basically hippie muzak as performed by the 101
      Strings, the Spots, and the Petards. Great cover of a sloe-eyed
      bleach blond naked except for the body paint rendered in typical
      LSD-inspired swirling patterns that give all these kinds of rip-off
      documents a kind of post-modern kitsch feel. Liner Notes are typical
      psychotropic youth hype: " With the youth polsion taking place around
      the world, the late 1960s finds young people creating exciting new
      trends in the arts and music. Fresh new sounds from electric guitars,
      swinging organs, indian sitars and all sorts of percussion
      instruments and electronic sounds, to create the moods of beat and
      psychedelia. These are the refelctions of the restless new generation
      of people in their teens and twentiesŠ"

      [3] "The Best of Midnight Matinee" on private CDR. I interviewed JS
      <schnall@...> by email. He is as quick to the draw as he was in
      our days when our radio shows ran back to back. But now his aim is
      better and he's much less likely to shoot his foot off into his
      mouth. Imagine a collaboration between John Oswald & the Smurfs in
      the Plunderphonics studio. Imagine Ren & Stimpy wreaking havoc in the
      Negativland studios... He has an unhealthy predilection to naming
      songs after animals as well. Is he traumatized by a missing teddy
      Bear or something?

      [4] Sound Trafic Control (from San Francisco) presents "Swarm of
      Drones" on Asphodel <http://www.asphodel.com> 1995. From the liner
      notes: "Based on an idea of representing animal/human movement
      through sound. Move I explores the possibilities of generating rich,
      evolving textures from single samples. Particularly effective when
      heard through headphonesŠ"

      [5] Janek Schaefer - from his album "Above Buildings" Fat Cat
      Recordings <http://www.fat-cat.co.uk>. Janek Schaefer
      <janek@...> is a sound designer, experimentalist and
      performer. Noted for his double tone-arm turntable with a pitch
      control going from 1 to 100 rpm.
      <http://www.fat-cat.co.uk/artists/janek.html>. Great piece.

      [6] "Hi Tek steppas meet the Demon Flowers" on Klein Records
      <http://www.kleinrecords.com/>. A remix by this excellent group from

      [7] "Fire & Skill" on Ignition is a disc of Jam cover versions.

      [8] "90% Post Consumer Sound" on XI
      <www.ellenband.com>. I have always thought [and played a number of
      tiumes] her piece "Railroad Gamelan" was a fantastic piece of
      Electro-acoustic composition and anthropological-sonic brilliance.
      This piece completes the sub-theme of birds. It seems to be a
      companion piece to If, Bwana's birdy piece, mechanical paradise,
      ersatz nature confabulations [I like that word - it sounds like
      furniture of the imagination]. A great record.

      [9] "33 Birds Went" on Pogus <www.pogus.com>. Pogus is the little
      brother of labels like XI and Empreintes Digitales. It used to be a
      very active cassette label, Sound of Pig, devoted to unusual and
      adventurous musics. I've had the fortune to perform with Al Margolis,
      head of Pogus. One time he and premier bassist [Fist of Facts], Dave
      Mandl surprised me by instead of showing up with 2 basses to play
      atmospheric noir background music for my reading from novel
      CONFESSIONS OF A BEER MYSTIC with 2 suitcases full of toy instruments
      and noisemakers. And I had to ... adjust. It turned out great in the
      old Tin Pan Alley, socialist bar in the middle of Broadway, with a
      hole in the ceiling...

      [10] "Preeweet!" on Time Stereo <TIME-STEREO@...> The title
      comes from James Joyce's "Chamber Music" and to quote Joyce: "And
      hear you not the thrushes calling, calling us away..." This is a
      tremendous CD of electronically enhanced sounds of nature, nature by
      night is how it feels. I used to live in Michigan and found the lower
      peninsula to be a barren kind of land approaching wasteland. But
      these are the birds of and around Livonia, MI. given shape to the
      point where they sound symphonic." From a press release: "About the
      artist: Dutch artist Ben Schot was born on a small, isolated island
      in the south of Holland, where his father made a living as a
      fisherman. After having finished high school in 1971 Schot took a
      degree in English studies, left his native island and attended the
      art schools of The Hague and Rotterdam. Since then he has explored
      the imaginary in various forms. He has dealt with
      subjects as various as psychedelia, insanity, mimicry in nature,
      optical illusions, otherworldliness, fiction and fictitious works of
      art. Besides his visual works, he has written several books and
      organized projects on the films of surrealist Jean Painlevé, the
      French literary movement OULIPO, the films of William Burroughs, the
      Residents, Sun Ra (in cooperation with René van der Voort and Ronald
      Cornelissen), and in 1998 - together with Ronald Cornelissen - the
      project I RIP YOU, YOU RIP ME on Detroit's high-energy, psychedelic
      culture. Schot has recently started a new project with the publishing
      house Sea Urchin Editions (E.A. Poe, Serge Gainsbourg, André
      Breton/Philippe Soupault, and others to come) Visit Sea Urchin
      Editions at: <http://www.sea-urchin.net/>

      [11] Some greatest Hits reissue on Warwick. I left the record at
      Patapoe after playing that same song again a week later! What has
      come over me?

      [12] "Fish Smell Like Cat" Compilation on Pussyfoot
      <http://www.pussyfoot.co.uk/a> messed up but nice version of the
      Fleetwood Mac classic by Peter Green.

      [13] from the album "Uh-Oh" on Asphodel

      [14] "Music Has the Right to Children " 1998 on Warp

      [15] "The Hissing of Summer Lawns" on Asylum Records vinyl. I declare
      her a much maligned genius who pissed off her prissy folkie fans by
      going far afield in her choice of material. She has recently been
      praised by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.

      [16] "Welkya" by theodosii Spassov & friends on Gega New from Sofia,
      Bulgaria. Was brought back from Bulgaria by Nina. Who stayed in a
      hotel where they changed the rug in the elevator every day with the
      day of the week on it. Was that for drunken conference goersŠ? Liner
      notes: "Let the Welkya carry you awayŠ"

      [17] "Eartha Kitt - Earthquake cd # 4" on Bear Family Records
      <http://www.bear-family.de/php/getArtists.php> A collection of 5
      CD's of great Earth Kitt songs. Classy, brassy, sexy, and
      provocative. The true International woman gliding between NYC,
      Istanbul, Paris and Berlin. When Cocktail hours were a 24 hour affair.

      [18] "Secrets of the Animal Kingdom in Dub" on Universal Egg
      <http://wobblyweb.com> vinyl. Excellent concept album. ALL animals!
      Double record.

      [19] "Mr Scruff" on Ninja Tune <http://www.mrscruff.com/> amusing
      site with nice little drawings and animations.

      [20] "Electronomicon" on Kog <www.kog.co.nz> is one of those
      beautifully flawless dub productions that reminds you of how capable
      we humans are of transcending the body. There are all sorts of
      psychic vents that allow us entry into the slip stream... Their
      seamless combination of organic ambiences + electronicized sonic
      scapes + the roots skanking beats + acid-derived riffing + bass heavy
      ballast and a sense of dub that allows their music to never sound
      contrived or edgng into the territory of schlock and glop. They might
      sound like cousins of Zion Train Went to see PB at the Melkweg in
      Amsterdam on a rare night out as the little bodily dynamo known as my
      daughter has changed my entire relationship to time. The evening
      begannicely with Jasper from Dubmission bascally Djing for _ hour to
      anear empty Oude Zaal. And when the duo known as PB came on stage
      they made it clear why dub is appreciated in New Zealand. They are on
      top of the game of trance dub -- deep ambient reverberent rhythms
      that encourage psychic transportation and enough enthusiastic
      gymnastics and gizmo improv on stage to keep you enthralled and
      intellect trained. Michael on the knobs a kind of solid impassive
      presence that mad-capped kinetic Paddy could bounce off of. This disc
      is that perfect dynamic tension, that fervent weld between live
      mayhem and machinistic control. The subtle building of tracks based
      on various trance hums and rhythm patterns is both subtle and

      [21] "Great Vintage Volume 2" on On-U. AHC is one of the truly
      groundbreaking and earth shattering bands of the 80s. One of the
      truly revolutionary sounds. Period.

      [22] "Fish Smell Like Cat" Compilation on Pussyfoot.

      [23] "King Size Dub Volume 1" what a killer intro to the Echo Beach
      strategy. Old meets new. Deep dark dub meets electrical ecstasy.
      Revamped, reconstituted, rereleased Š repeatrepeat. Shows where Echo
      Beach cuts into its deep grooves - roots with On-U which is the label
      where respect for the past met the excitement of the future. Echo
      Beach continues this tradition. Includes Revolutionary Dub Warriors,
      Disciples, Zion Train, Bim Sherman, Small Axe, Dub Syndicate, Iration
      Steppas, Rootsman and more.

      [24] They were big in the late 80s. Cynical whiney snotty and post-punk.

      [25] on Satellite

      [26] "The Eccentric Sounds of Vienna II" on Spray
      <spray@...> is a nice primer that once again shows that
      globalisation has its interestingly stimulating effects when it comes
      to the arts - a wild potpourri of styles running hot to cold, pop to
      experimental, dub and roots...and all in staid Vienna. Was Vienna the
      Seattle of the late 90s? And don't both these towns claim to serve an
      indescribable cup of coffee?

      [27] "Leo Kottke: 6 & 12 String guitar" on Takoma vinyl, is one of my
      faves. Kottke is great but also someone endowed with self-effacing
      humor. His tongue-in-cheek liner notes note: "Kottke is for all
      intents and purposes nowhere and nothing. He was the first to admit
      this when confronted by interviewers in Ft William, Canada after his
      abortive attempt to stowaway on a boat leaving to tour Lake Superior.
      It may seem odd, with hindsight, that after being aroused by reality
      in Wyoming, K. should retreat from it in Oklahoma. Š Finally consider
      K.'s voice which sounds like geese farts on a muggy day."

      [28] Console (aka Martin Gretschmann) Dog Eats Beats from Rocket in
      The Pocket on Payola. <http://www.matadorrecords.com/console/>

      [29] "Social Electrics" on Bip Hop out of Marseille, France
      <www.bip-hop.com>. Is the sound strategy moniker of UK filmmaker
      Chris Dooks <info@...> which is a hodgepodge tapestry of
      [re]sourced sonic bits. He collaborates with other international
      electronic bedroom musicians via the internet and mp3 sonic dialogs.
      Very interesting.

      [30] "Old Dogs New Tricks" on Tyler. New country, old sentiments.

      [31] "Black Sifichi Bitten By the Black Dog - Unsavoury Products"
      advance CDR - Hydrogen Dukebox. "3rd September 2001. We are presently
      putting the finishing touches to our collaboration withperformance
      artist and poet Black Sifichi. The resulting tribute to William
      Seward Burroughs is called Unsavoury Products and will be released by
      our friends at Hydrogen Dukebox." <http://www.dogsquad.com/>

      [32] "Pictures From The Gone World"

      [33] "Rain Dogs" on Island records.

      [34] "Chienne: We're Pals" on Chienne Productions cassette. This is
      one of my fave DIY cassettes which combines the best of the Residents
      with Shonen Knife and all from Quebec! Circa 1983.

      [35] "!"on Artefact <http://www.chronowax.com>

      [36] "Pssion De Ritmo" on Sonic Plate

      [36a] on Stiff. One of the great punk funk combos arising out of one
      of the most legendary bands of all time, the Pop Group, also see Rip
      Rig & Panic and Mark Stewart & the MaffiaŠ Great stuff.

      [37] "Mind the Gap #24" on Gonzo Circus. Great sound magazine if you
      read Dutch :

      [38] "Free To Be You & Me" on Arista with Marlo Thomas, Alan Alda,
      Mel Brooks, rosey Grier, Tom Smothers, Diana Ross, and despite all
      that a kind of cleverly giggly album with snappy lyrics.

      [39] "The Leopard" from The LP "Last States of Nature". Ian Simmonds
      is one of the pople who has made sure that the label Trip-hop is
      still an open base. "The Last states of Nature" and "Return to X" are
      both excellent releases worth listening to. <http://www.k7.com/>

      [40] "No Sex boy" on Hard Disc International. Recorded in Tokyo &
      Paris in 1993.

      [41] No idea - oops

      [42] "From the album "New Forms" on Mercury

      [43] "Palo Alto 'Pogs Box" on land records <http://conapt-sounds.com>
      Norrsq: <http://norscq.free.fr/>

      [44] "Orange Noise" on dbelltime <www.dbelltime.at> is excellent
      electronic trance in the old sense of the word. Yes, mind full of
      idle thoughts transported. But it has enough glitches and blippy
      diversions and layers of sound to constitute as post-jazzy improvs on
      hums and mantras. There are also wonderful flitty flighty hints at
      abstract humor. Check out his very interesting version of "La

      [45] "Departure" on Medcom/Roadrunner

      [46] "Submerged Part 2" on Incoming

      [47] "Salaam Salaam" on Island

      [48] "American Yodeling: 1911-1946" on Trikont
      <kommentar@...>. This is another excellent anthropological
      masterpiece. It combines scholarship with rip-roaring yodeling fun.
      Inc: Emmett Miller, Patsy Montana, Roy rogers, Carter Family, Wilf

      [49] "Grass Highway" on EMI is a lovely record of lovely vocals.
      <www.topptwins.co.nz>. You will hearing more from this lesbian duo
      from New Zealand.

      [50] "Rien Qu'un Coeur de Poulet " des airs de Roy Orbison on DRAC Aquitaine

      [51] "Ook Klein, Klein Kleutertje Houdt Van Pop" [the little one also
      likes pop] on Junior is a great record by a bunch of old Dutch pop
      stars who have become parents. They do great ska, new wave, punky and
      thumped up versions of a lot of Dutch childrens songs.

      [52] "Tongue" on Offshore <www.walrus.com/~offshore> is a rehashed
      greatest noise bites from the ex-Carbon bassist. He still hasn't sent
      me his latest.

      [53] from the compilation "Abstract Workshop" on Shadow Records
      faeturing other tracks byThe Herbaliser, Ute, 9 Lazy 9, DJ Krush,
      Funci Porcini....


      God Gave U.S. 'What We Deserve,' Falwell Says

      By John F. Harris

      Television evangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, two of the
      most prominent voices of the religious right, said liberal civil
      liberties groups, feminists, homosexuals and abortion rights
      supporters bear partial responsibility for Tuesday's terrorist
      attacks because their actions have turned God's anger against America.

      "God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America
      to give us probably what we deserve," said Falwell, appearing
      yesterday on the Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club," hosted
      by RobertsonŠ

      Falwell said the American Civil Liberties Union has "got to take a
      lot of blame for this," again winning Robertson's agreement: "Well,

      Then Falwell broadened his blast to include the federal courts and
      others who he said were "throwing God out of the public square." He
      added: "The abortionists have got to bear some burden for this
      because God will not be mocked. And when we destroy 40 million little
      innocent babies, we make God mad. I really believe that the pagans,
      and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the
      lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative
      lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way - all of them who
      have tried to secularize America -- I point the finger in their face
      and say, 'You helped this happen.'


      I excerpt here mainly the list of atrocities from the excellent
      impassioned and articulte article by Larry Mosqueda, Ph.D., The
      Evergreen State College, September 15, 2001, who offers in the words
      of fellow DJ Pieter B. a "thorough, if not exhaustive one fears,
      listing of US atrocities since WW II." For complete article:

      o "ŠI continue to be horrified by the sanctions on Iraq, which have
      resulted in the death of over 1,000,000 Iraqis, including over
      500,000 children, about whom former Secretary of State Madeline
      Allbright has stated that their deaths "are worth the cost".
      o I have been shocked and horrified by a variety of U.S. governmental
      actions, such as the U.S. sponsored coup against democracy in
      Guatemala in 1954 which resulted in the deaths of over 120,000
      Guatemalan peasants by U.S. installed dictatorships over the course
      of four decades.
      o [PLUS] the U.S.overthrew the government of the Dominican Republic
      in 1965 and helped to murder 3,000 people.
      o the U.S. sponsored a coup in Chile against the democratic
      government of Salvador Allende and helped to murder another 30,000
      people, including U.S. citizens.
      o the U.S. sponsored a coup in Indonesia that resulted in the murder
      of over 800,000 people, and the subsequent slaughter in 1975 of
      over250,000 innocent people in East Timor by the Indonesian regime
      with the direct complicity of President Ford and Secretary of State
      Henry Kissenger.
      o the U.S.sponsored terrorist contra war (the World Court declared
      the U.S. government a war criminal in 1984 for the mining of the
      harbors) against Nicaragua in the 1980s which resulted in the deaths
      of over 30,000 innocent people (or as the U.S. government used to
      call them before the term "collateral damage" was invented - "soft
      o the U. S. war against the people of El Salvador in the 1980s, which
      resulted in the brutal deaths of over 80,000 people, or "soft
      o the U.S.sponsored terror war against the peoples of southern Africa
      (especially Angola) that began in the 1970's and continues to this
      day and has resulted in the deaths and mutilations of over 1,000,000.
      o the U.S. invaded Panama over the Christmas season of 1989 and
      killed over 8,000 in an attempt to capture George H.Bush's CIA
      partner, now turned enemy, Manual Noriega.
      o the Shah of Iran was installed in a U.S. sponsored brutal coup that
      resulted in the deaths of over 70,000 Iranians from 1952-1979.
      o the Ayatollah Khomani, who overthrew the Shah in 1979,and who was
      the U.S. public enemy for decade of the 1980s, was also on the CIA
      payroll, while he was in exile in Paris in the 1970s.
      o the U.S. has "manufactured consent" since 1948 for its support of
      Israel, to the exclusion of virtually any rights for the Palestinians
      in their native lands resulting in ever worsening day-to-day
      conditions for the people of Palestine
      o the largest and most shocking war crime of the second half of the
      20th century was the U.S. assault on Indochina from 1954-1975,
      especially Vietnam, where over 4,000,000 people were bombed,
      napalmed, crushed, shot and individually "hands on" murdered in the
      "Phoenix Program" (this is where Oliver North got his start).
      o Many U.S. Vietnam veterans were also victimized by this war and had
      the best of intentions, but the policy makers themselves knew the
      criminality of their actions and policies as revealed in their own
      words in "The Pentagon Papers," released by Daniel Ellsberg of the
      RAND Corporation. In 1974 Ellsberg noted that our Presidents from
      Truman to Nixon continually lied to the U.S. public about the purpose
      and conduct of the war. He has stated that, "It is a tribute to the
      American peoplethat our leaders perceived that they had to lie to us,
      it is not a tribute to us that we were so easily misled."
      o the U.S. attacked and bombed with impunity the nation of Libya in
      the 1980s, including killing the
      infant daughter of Khadafi.
      o the U.S. bombed and invaded Grenada in 1983.
      o U.S. military and CIA actions in Somalia, Haiti, Afghanistan,
      Sudan, Brazil, Argentina, and Yugoslavia, The deaths in these actions
      ran into the hundreds of thousands.

      The above list is by no means complete or comprehensive. It is
      merely a list that is easily accessible and not unknown, especially
      to the economic and intellectual elites. It has just been
      conveniently eliminated from the public discourse and public
      consciousness. And for the most part, the analysis that the U.S.
      actions have resulted in the deaths of primarily civilians (over 90%)
      is not unknown to these elites and policy makers. A conservative
      number for those who have been killed by U.S. terror and military
      action since World War II is 8,000,000 peopleŠThis does not include
      the wounded, the imprisoned, the displaced, the refugees, etc.
      Martin Luther King, Jr. stated in 1967, during the Vietnam War, "My
      government is the world's leading purveyor of violence." Shocking
      and horrifying. Nothing that I have written is meant to disparage or
      disrespect those who were victims and those who suffered death or the
      loss of a loved one during this week's events. It is not meant to
      "justify" any action by those who bombed the Twin Towers or the
      Pentagon. It is meant to put it in a context.

      Ed Herman in his book The Real Terror Network: Terrorism in Fact and
      Propaganda does not justify any terrorism but points out that states
      often engage in "wholesale" terror, while those whom governments
      define as "terrorist" engage is "retail" terrorism. While
      qualitatively the results are the same for the individual victims of
      terrorism, there is a clear quantitative difference. And as Herman
      and others point out, the seeds, the roots, of much of the "retail"
      terror are in fact found in the "wholesale" terror of states. Again
      this is not to justify, in any way, the actions of last Tuesday, but
      to put them in a context and suggest an
      explanation. Perhaps most shocking and horrific, if indeed Bin Laden
      is the mastermind of Tuesday's actions; he has clearly had
      significant training in logistics, armaments, and military training,
      etc. by competent and expert military personnel. And indeed he has.
      During the 1980s,he was recruited, trained and funded by the CIA in
      Afghanistan to fight against the Russians. As long as he visited his
      terror on Russians and his enemies in Afghanistan, he was "our man"
      in that country. The same is true of Saddam Hussein of Iraq, who was
      a CIA asset in Iraq during the 1980s. Hussein could gas his own
      people, repress the population, and invade his neighbor (Iran) as
      long as he did it with U.S. approval. The same was true of Manuel
      Noriega of Panama, who was a contemporary and CIA partner of George
      H. Bush in the 1980s. Noriega's main crime for Bush, the father, was
      not that he dealt drugs (he did, but the U.S.and Bush knew this
      before 1989), but that Noriega was no longer going to cooperate in
      the ongoing U.S. terrorist contra war against Nicaragua. This
      information is not unknown or really controversial among elite policy
      makers. To repeat, this not to justify any of the actions of last
      Tuesday, but to put it in its horrifying context.
      As shocking as the events of last Tuesday were, they are likely to
      generate even more horrific actions by the U.S. government that will
      add significantly to the 8,000,000 figure stated aboveŠ
      Below are a few resources for up to date news and some background
      reading, by Noam Chomsky, the noted analyst. The titles of the books
      explain their relevance for this topic.
      current information: http://www.commondreams.org/.
      how the media distorts the news: http://www.fair.org/.
      For background reading by Noam Chomsky see:
      "Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies"
      "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media"
      "Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel and the Palestinians
      Deterring Democracy"
      "An eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind." Mahatma Gandhi



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