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Re: No.178 : Q re Neubauten solo recordings

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  • Taylor McLaren
    ... While I can t comment on many of them, I ve been inclined to pick up a handful of FM Einheit s almost-solo outings during the past couple of years, and
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 1998
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      GNOP! Kilroy wrote:
      >anyone out there care to comment on the solo recording projects released by
      >various Neubauten members in the past 5-10 years?
      While I can't comment on many of them, I've been inclined to pick up a
      handful of FM Einheit's almost-solo outings during the past couple of
      years, and they're surprisingly short in the banging-on-metal bit.
      _Merry Christmas_, a duet with Caspar Brotzmann, is basically a long
      disc-sander-and-tablesaw roarfest that reminds me an awful lot of the
      sounds from _Patienten O.T._ (think "Wasserturm" with the addition of power
      tools and feedback)... it isn't exactly everyday listening material, but
      after two years, I still haven't been able to convince myself to sell it.
      Of the lot that I've heard, it's probably the easiest of the bunch to
      compare with early Neubauten. (I've got it on right now, actually, and the
      scrap metal bit takes over for a while towards the end... it's more
      Unruh-style pushing-pots-around-with-a-lead-pipe clattering that rhythmic
      pounding, though, and there's a lovely treated bass warbling along over top
      of it.)
      _Deutsch Krieger_ is another duet, this one with Andreas Ammer, and is
      apparently a radio play of some sort that draws parallels between Kaiser
      Wilhelm, Adolf Hitler, and Ulrike Meinhof. Very slow, very quiet, and
      subtly menacing... also very rarely in the CD player, probably because I
      don't speak German and consequently get very little out of the radio and
      newsreel snippets that form the bulk of the sampling library upon which the
      composition is based. If you're into the sounds of old victrola recordings
      gradually wearing away under a blunted needle, it might be worth checking
      out... the mail-order place that I ordered my copy from last year billed it
      as "quasi-Nazi cabaret-techno". I'm not sure.
      _Sensation Death_ (not spelled that way) is the most uncharacteristic of
      the bunch, mainly because you could almost dance to some of it. Metronomic
      clicking, Bee-Gees-gone-synthpunk falsetto vocals, and samples from '60s TV
      shows (Batman, Mission: Impossible, etc.) round out the soundtrack to an
      "interactive dance program" that involved letting the audience control
      dancers and gymnasts who were suspended from the ceiling by steel cables at
      some point... the "plot" of the show, such as it was, apparently involved a
      gameshow that isn't terribly different from the idea behind Rollerball.
      It's very, very, very odd, but strangely listenable.
      If you're interested, I'm fairly sure that there are a couple of brief
      RealAudio samples of the last two titles (as well as _Radio Inferno_ and
      the more recent _Odysseus 7_) at the Invisible Web site
      (http://www.invisiblerecords.com); Gnat was supposed to have updated the
      Einheit section a month or two ago.

      Also, if anybody just *happens* to have a copy of Meret Becker's Ego
      release, _Noctambule_, lying around and they're really keen to get rid of
      it, let me know... I've been half-heartedly looking for a copy for a while,
      and digging through my tiny pile of Einheit albums has me curious about how
      it turned out once again.

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