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re sweet jesus

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  • Stevo
    look i didn t mean that to go out like that i don t like the idea that i d fall out with somebody that fast -its you that took umbrage -to a message posted way
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2001
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      look i didn't mean that to go out like that
      i don't like the idea that i'd fall out with somebody that fast
      -its you that took umbrage
      -to a message posted way before i even came across you
      i didn't like the attitude of your first response
      -anybody saying sheesh -implies that they think there is a major
      mental problem involved -that they are inherently superior
      I'm not about to defer to you but i certainly didn't mean to call you
      an imbecile - I lost my temper for which I apologise.
      I did so yesterday too -which was stupid.

      -i think that last post still shows that you are creating conflict
      where it shouldn't exist way more than you ought to -mine went out in
      a way that i thought
      i'd edited since

      I am under the impression that since the books came out -starting
      with krautrocksampler - a lot of stuff had been passed off as
      krautrock that really wasn't
      the same way psychedelia was used as a general umbrella to sell 60s
      hippy kaka to the unexpected.

      I think from what I've read of what you've said you probably know the
      difference between the good and the bad. but i'm not about to stick
      you on any type of pedestal-

      -show me excess in krautrock - please do
      or anywhere that any of Can play excessively.
      i can think of a lot of places where they stick on one chord
      throughout the first lp for e.g. -
      +Colchester finale
      -how long does karoli do that? -and magazines that talk about them
      doing so
      which is what i said

      i agree with most of what you said -i think i even had said a lot of
      things you covered - elsewhere
      -yes i have a problem with prog -because of its stigma
      -you are saying that there is good stuff coming from that area?
      please show me
      -its something I'm trying to work out -the 70s dead era?-inventive
      non-smug stuff -where is it?
      comes from Germany/ -funk /-jazz--presumably elsewhere
      (I'm not trying to say they're the same thing-thats 4 separate
      places oh ye smug )

      i listened through the Gentle Giant lp again earlier and was going
      to say that yes that definitely goes in there -not as bad as a lot of
      stuff as far as i'm aware but still unfortunately Prog
      -i meant i wish there was a different title -subset 30 years on that
      separated out the absolute head up ass dead end stuff that are only
      understood for that emperors new clothes reason -you only like this
      stuff 'if you're intelligent'.

      i thought king crimson deserved their own subset -since they were
      more about discovery than showing off chops - at least on the
      material i have (-even there its probably personal taste)
      -probably also since they got there first and do have some idea of
      lengths to go -where to reject.

      sorry -but i hate your idea that faust is not stripped down

      -i would say that anything that minimal was
      -you think a lot is going on there?
      -you think that there is anything used that might not be?
      -i'm thinking of - what is not played as much as what is
      and how much repetition is involved

      i sat and listened through the final cd that i hadn't heard recently
      from the set and it has 19 excerpts of longer pieces
      -but that isn't minimalism? i thought those were excerpts of longer
      things that stayed much the same -which would be minimalist-wouldn't

      Television -do reject waste on at least most of their stuff -show me
      extra chordage
      i'd show you what starling says about them -but then you'd think that
      that was the only place i'd read it -or heard it -not by myself
      i thought their whole essence of being was marrying 3 chord garage
      punk to freejazz ideas -which is what is normally talked about
      but you know better?

      yeti -show me excess-therefore what is not stripped down
      -chorded guitar instead of weedly-weedly type lead all through.
      (except on Cerberus where everybody is using the same primitive
      rhythm to jam to- and basic riff- or am i(not?) hearing things)
      -even on Yeti that is more rhythm defined than showy
      show me lack of economy.

      look economy =stripped down -do we disagree?
      all excess cut off -do we disagree?

      I was wondering as i walked out of my place earlier after listening
      to 'We're only In it for the money' if prog went wrong by taking the
      template of Zappa -who was as much about rock and roll as he was
      about other influences -Varese -jazz etc
      -and removing the 'dumb black stuff' i.e rock and roll
      thus winding up with extremely po faced tricky things -that they
      didn't know how to use.

      i thought chord choice was deeply important -like most things as you
      get better at something you know what to use and not use
      -find shortcuts.
      using things to show off was a bit like 'nouveau riche'.
      those who knew how to do things were economic.
      i don't think you'd disagree.

      the use of sustained chords -this is alien to krautrock?
      isn't it what Manuel Gotsching is doing most of the time
      -at least on Schwingungen and Cosmic Jokers

      Do Guru Guru sound as much like a template for Caspar Brotzmann
      Massaker as i remember them?

      I've gone against my last post -but i stand by what i said -i don't
      want this to be a flamewar -i hate flamers
      its a stupid pastime -that last message should have been edited
      -i thought it had been
      until i read it
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