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V/A "MARCONI POINT" Forthcoming Release for 1999

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    Hello, Yeah, we know it s only the end of November and Christmas is only round the corner, but we decided to inform you about the first album Iris Light will
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      Yeah, we know it's only the end of November and Christmas is
      only round the corner, but we decided to inform you about the first
      album Iris Light will be releasing next year instead of passing on
      early seasonal greetings to everyone.
      This is mainly because this album is incredible and includes
      some of the most ingenious artists recording today, but also
      because we are trying to avoid thinking about Christmas until the
      last minute when it'll be too late.
      Bah humbug.

      ****************NEW RELEASE INFORMATION**********************

      title: V/A "Marconi Point"
      release date: 18/01/99
      cat no.�s: i-LIGHT010CD
      barcode no.: 5038044101020
      format: CD album
      distributed by: shellshock (uk and export)
      dutch east india (us)

      Tracklisting: 1: Penumbra �Duet For Horn & Theramin�
      2: :zoviet*france: �Temple Attic�
      3: Ashfelt �Mekanik�
      4: Rapoon �Lest We Forget�
      5: Zuvuya �The Hang Of This�
      6: Lucha �Ribnail�
      7: Muslimgauze �Trial Mix�
      8: Marineville �Modus Operandi�
      9: Filter Kweens �Ground Parrot�
      10: �A Dizzy Reasoning�

      Marconi Point is the first Iris Light Records compilation album and
      includes some of the most ingenious sonic manipulators
      recording today � including tracks by artists in the
      �Northumberland Triangle�.

      Marconi Point includes EXCLUSIVE tracks from such luminaries
      as Zoviet France, Rapoon, Muslimgauze, Marineville and
      Penumbra (Zoviet France side project). These artists release
      music on such labels as Soleilmoon, Staalplaat,
      Release/Relapse, Universal Egg (ZION TRAIN�s own label)
      and Charrm.

      With stunning artwork of Poldhu Point in Cornwall, the place
      where Marconi transmitted the first long distance radio
      frequencies and the home of Iris Light Records, this compilation
      will be an excellent introduction into some of the more esoteric
      music from the label.

      Penumbra and Ashfelt have both recorded full-length albums for
      Iris Light Records. Zoviet France will be releasing a collaboration
      album with AUBE on Iris Light Records sometime in the future.

      Marconi Point is a benefit album for the Autonomous Centre of
      Edinburgh - a community free space for artists which is under
      threat of closure.
      Adam Sykes
      website: http://www.irislight.demon.co.uk

      **************************OUT NOW**********************************
      (Debut album by Digital Hardcore band)
      (re)LIGHT1 AUBE "FLUSH"
      (re)LIGHT2 AUBE "FLARE"

      i-LIGHT010CD V/A "Marconi Point"
      (inc. Zoviet France, Rapoon, Muslimgauze, Penumbra, Marineville, etc)
      i-LIGHT013CD SHINING "Dinmix"
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