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Sub_deviant recordings night on September 22th

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  • Erwin Van Looveren
    Sub_deviant recordings night on September 22th Start: 20.00h at D’herbouvillekaai 36 scheld’apen squat Antwerp (Belgium) SUB_DEVIANT RECORDINGS NIGHT
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2001
      Sub_deviant recordings night on September 22th
      Start: 20.00h at D’herbouvillekaai 36 scheld’apen squat Antwerp (Belgium)



      Llips is an international post-rock / electronics project fronted by Koen Lybaert (Starfish Pool), who’s collaborating with various artists from around the globe, such as Chantal Yzermans (field recordings, New York, US); Steven Lambrechts (guitar, Bel.) and Geert Mets (founder of Zeal records and Cutty Shark, Bel.); Esther Santoyo (field recordings, Mexico), Ivy Smits (Cinérex, Bel.), Jeff Mcillwain (L’usine icl., US) and various others.

      Llips recorded its 5th album ‘Dos Partes’ for SUB_DEVIANT RECORDINGS, an astonishing release that takes you on a journey into beautiful sound-scapes and shifting ambiences, using a wide range of instrumentation (lo-fi guitars, vocals, electronics, field recordings,…).

      Llips will record its next album on the highly respected Deluxe Records from San Fransisco, USA (Electric Birds, Matmos (Rachel’s, Björk), Balance Man etc…)


      Unalaska The Valley of 10,000 Smokes LP (Inc.us)

      Smell Lp (Inc.us)

      Sweetwater CD(Llips versus starfish Pool, U-cover)

      The Brooklynn Attitude LP (Inc. us)

      Dos Partes 2LP (Sub_deviant recordings) CD U-cover

      Downloads on www.burn.at/subdeviant

      House Of Low Culture ( Boston, US)

      Solo project by Aaron Turner, founder of Hydra Head Records (Cave-in, Converge, Neurosis,…), highly anticipated bands such as Isis, Old Man Gloom, HOLC and Lotus Eaters (with james Plotkin) and artwork artist for various labels and bands (Hydra Head, Chrome Saint Magnus, Knut, Atomsmasher, Neurosis, Relapse,…)

      HOLC creates a realm of drones, layers of effects and noise, contrasted by brooding guitars and subtle electronics.


      Submarine Emmersion Techniques Vol.I (Crowd Control)

      contribution to the ‘Funeral Songs’ compilation cd on (Release/Crowd Control)

      Upcoming releases on AUDIOBOT and SUB_DEVIANT.

      Cassini Division

      Multi instrumentalist Miguel Angel (Argentina) (Moog, guitar, drums, sampling,...) explores the outer limits of music on a free music trip through space-psych, avant-noise, free-jazz and back. Illuminating our grey world with organic sound compositions, chaotic and complex drum/beats eruptions and fascinating acoustic instrumentation (trumpet, clarinet,…)

      Miguel Angel also collaborates with Mauro Pavlowski and Dago Sondervan in a new improvisational band called Monguito.

      Cassini Divisions music would never have been what it is without these influences in music, art and philosophy:

      Robert Moog, Brian Eno, Archie Shepp, John Coltrane, L.Theremin, Pierre Henri, Beaver Harris,The Orb, Sun Ra, Mouse on Mars, Marcel Duchamp,Franscesco Malvarosa, Manet Michelangelo, Miles Davis,Raymond Scott,Brixton Crenchi, Jane's Addiction, Anthony Braxton,Pink Floyd, Daniel Johnston, Spiritualized, Spinezza Michael Jackson, Red Ninja, Universal Mic, 3Dimension, Ju-Ju, Bermudas,µ, Solar, Cuti, Acum23, Derek Bailey, Brigitte Fontaine, Hielo-Matic, Present, Pyramid X, Big Mouse, Silver Blue, Atlantis, etc...

      Later this year his debut album ‘Rings of Saturn’ will be released on SUBDEVIANT_RECORDINGS accompanied by original Dennis Tyfus artwork.

      Downloads on www.burn.at/subdeviant

      Bohr Bug

      Bohr Bug is Dago Sondervans (aka Anton Price) new alter ego, this omni talented instrumentalist and electronics wizzard, who also plays in Daan and Monguito, already surprised the music press with its first EP release on his own Tryptamine label as comparisons to early Black Dog, Balil, Autechre and Speedy-J were made. Dago Sondervan likes to take risks and never turns down the opportunity to experiment as he plays live both drums and electronics and uses a complex multi PC set-up when recording.

      Bohr Bug recorded a self-titled 12 inch for SUB_DEVIANT RECORDINGS, following his releases on Tryptamine and Audioview (Lowlands); including exclusive artwork by Dennis Tyfus.

      Downloads on www.burn.at/subdeviant


      Longing for knowledge (Tryptamine)

      EP II (Tryptamine)

      Collapse of the State Vector (Audioview)

      Double Slith (Audioview)

      Bohr Bug ‘self-titled’ (Sub_deviant Recordings)

      Sub_deviant recordings night on September 22th doors: 20.00h at D’herbouvillekaai 36 scheld’apen squat Antwerp for info and reservations: 03/225/19/29 Also check www.conspiracyrecords.com
      ((((( CONSPIRACY RECORDS )))))
      PO BOX 269 - 2000 ANTWERP 1 - BELGIUM
      Tel: 0032 (0)3 225 19 29 / Fax: 0032 (0)3 295 39 49
      VAT n° BE 461.385.151
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