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Re: My Favourite Records This Year

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  • Danny Gromfin
    I tried to order the Fennesz 7 directly from Mego and there are already sold out.
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 22, 1998
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      I tried to order the Fennesz 7" directly from Mego and there are already
      sold out.

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      :At 02:40 PM 11/22/98 -0800, you wrote:
      :>Fennesz: Plays (7")
      :is this even out yet?? i've been trying to get a hold of it, but no one
      :seems to have it in stock... has anyone heard his new mini CD on Tanz
      :Hotel, i saw it in the mego mailout?
      :anyway, my list::
      :farmers manual: 'explorers we' (or)
      :mouse on mars: 'glam' (sonig)
      :suetsu & underwood: 'find the hits & use them' 2xCD (lucky kitchen)
      :holosud: fijnewas afpompen (a-musik)
      :third eye foundation: you guys kill me (domino)
      :third eye foundation & v/vm split (fat cat)
      :mos def & talib kweli are blackstar (Rawkus)
      :squarepusher: music is rotted one note (warp)
      :boards of canada: music has the right to children (warp/skam)
      :don't dolby: 05 (gefriem)
      :phthalocyanine: 'navy warships' (phthalo)
      :siah & yeshua da po ED ep (fondle 'em)
      : i think these 2 came out last year, but i didn't get em
      :until this one.
      :the three equinox coil singles so far (eskaton)
      :nurse with wound: second pirate session (united daries)
      :saul williams: elohim 12" (ninja tune/big dada)
      :v/a: highways over gardens (carpet bomb)
      :pluramon: render bandits (mille plateux)
      :noto: kerne (plate lunch)
      :aceyalone: a book of human language (project blowed)
      :outkast: aquemeni (some major)
      :dj faust: man, or myth? (bomb)
      :overall really weak year for the idm i usually love so much, skam goes
      :bland, bad autechre and jega albums, a so-so mas return. the only good
      :stuff are the few that push the barriers- squarepusher, v/vm, mom, and
      :carpet bomb. boc gets honarary mention for being soo lush, and actually
      :putting an interesting twist on ae rip off.. great year for way out bizzare
      :stuff (noto, fm, suetsu & underwood, etc.) and hip hop (aceyalone could be
      :the lyrically best album of the decade, saul williams is the most emotional
      :mc in years, blackstar and outkast can maintain intelligence, integrity and
      :underground credability, yet still appeal to the mass pop consumers,
      :si&yesh made up for that afwul tribe attempt) holosud and phthalocyanine
      :make carnival music all the more fun.
      :and i didn't get so much that i've wanted yet- recent phthalo, raster,
      :diskono, any of the recent turtablism stuff, etc...
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