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Re: [thewire] krautsources?/Modry Efekt?

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  • Ryan Whitehead
    70% or more are available in legit reissues ... labels like Garden of Delights, Think Progressive, Spalax, Captain Trip, etc., have (re-)covered the scene
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2001
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      70% or more are available in legit reissues ... labels like Garden of
      Delights, Think Progressive, Spalax, Captain Trip, etc., have (re-)covered
      the scene pretty well. Of course, the more canonical works are available as
      well, usually on less specialist labels for less inflated prices: Faust
      (ReR/Klangblad), Can (Mute/Spoon), Neu! (Astralwerks). Check
      www.forcedexposure.com for extended descriptions/purchase of most of the
      works referred to so far in the discussion.

      Now my own question for the true "krautcognoscenti": what's the word on
      Radim Hladik and Modry Efekt? Not truly "kraut", being from Czechoslovakia.
      I've heard them condemned for prog-rock excesses and lauded for Sonny
      Sharrock goes Kosmiche guitar workouts.

      To stir up controversy, I'll also throw down some blasphemy. Someone
      mentioned the shortcomings of krautrock's b-list/c-list artists ... I'd like
      to add the shortcomings of an a-list artist. Neu! was a gap in my listening
      ... I'd absorbed most of the a-list and moved around them into the second
      and third tier. I purchased all three reissues as soon as they were
      available and spent the next several days listening to them consecutively in
      all permutations/combinations of A-sides/B-sides/1-2-75, like kabbalah or
      alchemy, dancing and chanting in my living rooom, inhaling vapors, spinning
      the records backwards, fasting, indulging in drink-carnal-psychotropic
      excess ... I scried vagaries from the entrails of poultry/burnt coal/tea
      leaves, manifested every ritualistic behavior with a proven history of
      unleashing dimentia or tapping into the portals of revelatory bliss which
      can emanate from the prosaic. Yet all I was left with was a living room
      scattered with offal, ash, half-eaten scraps of food, traces of pungent
      odors ... the prosaic. Time seems to have subsumed Neu! rather than
      jettisoning them "out" as timeless cosmo-nauts or cosmo-knots (more
      cosmo-nots). Hmmm, compared to Faust's Wumme Years box, what a major
      disappointment. The way I justify Neu!'s legendary status is in terms of
      influence rather than continued relevance ... now like a cobwebbed eniac,
      curio, musical equivalent of the disinterest with which I approach a Joseph
      Cornell tableaux. The perils of being ahead of your time rather than outside
      of it.

      In terms of the over-rated, (gasp) I'd rather git my freak on.


      >From: Albrecht Koschnik <akoschni@...>
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      >Subject: [thewire] krautsources?
      >Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001 03:08:01 -0400 (EDT)
      >So, can the krautcognoscenti tell us unwashed multitudes if and where some
      >of these krautjewels they've been raving about are legally available?!
      >I recall reading reviews of some of the krauttitles mentioned in this
      >string in Ed Pisent's Soundprojector [again: very highly recommended], and
      >it sounded next to impossible to track many of them down. Evidently, it
      >is not?!
      >Thanks, Albrecht

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