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Wreck: Random Setting [playlist]

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  • ninplant@xs4all.nl
    wReck thiS meSS on Radio Patapoe 97.2 - Amsterdam Adventures in UNsound: no. 146 Random Com[de]pilation* Maandag, 30 Juli 2001 (17:00 - 19:03)
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2001
      wReck thiS meSS on Radio Patapoe 97.2 - Amsterdam

      Adventures in UNsound: no. 146 > Random Com[de]pilation*
      Maandag, 30 Juli 2001 (17:00 - 19:03)


      Kaspartransport mit Einmischung des Herrn Cowboy > Niobe [1]
      Troubles of Serial Life > Niobe [1]
      Wild Motherfucker Dub > Aphrodelics [2]
      Holy Smoke > Shanti Roots [2]
      Traces > Curd Duca [2a]
      Carpenter > Cube & Sphere [2]
      10 > Neina [3]
      Red Click > System [4]
      Pustekuchen > Beige [4]
      9 > Stewart Walker [3]
      The Village Vanguard > Jan Jelinek [4]
      4 > Geez N' Gosh [3]
      3/10 of the Population > We [5]
      No. 5 > A.P.E. [6]
      Bunny Kick [Your Mothers Mix] > Tipsy [5]
      Transmission > The Five Star Galaxy [6]
      m0k > Norscq [7]
      Quark Soup > We vs DJ Spooky [8]
      Samana > Naang-Faa [7]
      There's A Reason You All Speak American And We Don't Speak Any of
      Your Silly Languages > Kid 606 [9]
      Helium > Phagz [7]
      Glass > Hrvatski [9]
      Don't Forget the Donation Box > Kubidisk [9]
      Thumb > Wee Djs [9]
      Plays "Physical Remix" > Klaus Oldenburg [9]
      Excuse Me, Too Many Segments > Felix Kubin [9]

      * I brought very few sound resources and tried to conjure a mix based
      on the random functions of the CD-players. The only element I brought
      to it other than some otherwise random spoken word samples [scary
      tapes for yuppies to improve their acquistion and merger skills which
      they are supposed to listen to while commuting, I guess]. All of the
      discs were compilations except the Niobe CD which I just received and
      found lushly engaging, dense, hi-referential pastiche but somehow

      [1] "Radioersatz" on Tomlab <www.tomlab.de>. Niobe is Yvonne
      Cornelius, a German-Venezualan musician who creates a rich ragged
      pastiche of sounds, samples, sources and enchantingly siren-like
      almost-Yma Sumac voice creating interesting enveloping patterns,
      sonic tapestries, wandering dream-like melodies, confidently letting
      us know she has somehow ventured over to the other side.

      [2] "The Eccentric Sounds of Vienna II" on Spray
      <spray@...> is a nice primer that once again shows that
      globalisation has its interestingly stimulating effects when it comes
      to the arts - a wild potpourri of styles running hot to cold, pop to
      experimental, dub and roots...and all in staid Vienna. Was Vienna the
      Seattle of the late 90s?

      [3] "Famous Aspect" on Mille Plateaux <www.mille-plateaux.com> with
      no song titles. A sampler that offers some of the best from this
      outstanding label. I only receive a dribble of MP discs but the ones
      I DO receive [because of the efforts of 3rd parties] are always
      engaging. This one came to me as a gift from Sonic Renegade, Laurent
      at sister cell radio in Paris where he approaches his 500th show as
      Wreck This Mess-Paris. Perseverance has it's own rewards?

      [4] "Staedtizism 2: ~Scape" on Scape, 2001 <www.scape-music.de>
      <info@...> This is a gloriously successful disc as
      compiled by the glitch-Kraftwerk of the 21st century, Pole. What
      works here is the evocation of the dynamic tension that accompanies
      life in an urban environment, that eternal feeling of alone in a
      crowd. The music on this compilaiton is composed almost entirely of
      what less than 10 years ago would have been discarded noise, dross,
      static, imperfections. What this helps create is a beautifully
      lonesome feeling, a recycled feeling of hope/pleasure [however
      ironic] of finding solace in the very details of urbanity that are
      supposed to drive you off the edge. This means that the disc
      cut-by-cut basically repackages angst, angoisse, existential feelings
      of worthlessness, and in true alchemical or laptop buddhist style
      manage to renovate the psychic space known as urban living. I find
      myself returning to this disc over and over...

      [5] "Asphodelic" is a sampler from - surprise! - Asphodel
      <www.asphodel.com>. Post-exotica war zone illbience style as remixed
      by DJ Olive and We, one of my favorite sounds out of NY. .

      [6] "An Endless Journey: Family Affair Vol. 2, From Ambient to Trip
      Hop" on Family Affair This is one of those discs that meanders into
      the lame and slack but always comes back to surprise as ambient seeks
      new sonic resuscitations. Easy listening with style as our lives
      continue to seek sonic meditational cure-alls for the hegemony of
      speed as barometer of progress...

      [7] "Lytch" is a sampler from Prikosnovenie
      <www.multimania.com/prikos> sublabel Lytch and includes Mimetic Mute,
      Norsq, Phil Von, Phagz, Atlas Project. Very interesting material
      coming out of France.

      [8] "Necropolis: the Dialogic Project" on Knitting Factory <
      www.knittingfactory.com > is the record that helped define the NY
      style called illbient. It was something you were unlikely to hear
      very much in NY anywhere ever and yet, ironically, it defined NY,
      which always defies appreciating its best artists, the artists who
      mark the psychological terrain's coordinates. It also introduced
      Spooky's pomo speak upon which he spun his image. Many despised him
      and his pompous ways. There were racist undertones in some of the
      denunciations and ultimately, I just never read the texts and never
      saw Spooky as anything other than a composer. I mean Sly Stone and
      George Clinton wear wacky outfits and Spooky just wraps himself in
      another type of sartorial slendor - call it semioticsĀŠ This disc
      explores the future of sound which is now. I still like this disc
      very much. It includes Ben Neill, Byzar, Naut Humon, Sub Dub, We, DJ

      [9] "Naked & Alone On The Celebrity Circuit" on Diskono 07
      <www.onoksid.freeserve.co.uk> This is an odds & sods nuts & bolts
      freaks and tweaks coolection rescued from the obscurist bottom of the
      trash bin. It is a compilation of tracks from "friends that Diskono
      have 'debated with', missed deadlines with and never returned
      phonecalls to." In other words, a sonic piece of a peace offering.
      The schizoidal all over the place feel is amusing there are some real
      diamonds in the rough as the cliche goes.

      ** Insertions of "Language Use: Pre-Intermediate - Tests" from
      Cambridge University and the "Partner Dance"


      WEEK // stay tuned for Dubonics part 20 something - new dub tomorrow
      monday August 13 on Radio Patapoe // accordion attacks #3 this friday
      Aug. 17 on Radio 100 midnite Amsterdam time = 6 pm NY time / + Live
      webcast <www.desk.nl/~dfm/>



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