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Re: [thewire] the heaviest of the the heavy

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  • Ryan Whitehead
    I also missed this Heaviness thread ... wanted to follow up on the comment on Gabba. A lot of this is lost music ... the distribution was pretty limited to
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 12, 2001
      I also missed this "Heaviness" thread ... wanted to follow up on the comment
      on Gabba. A lot of this is lost music ... the distribution was pretty
      limited to begin with and there aren't many people playing the role of
      conservationist. These "come and gone" micro-genres will be the ridiculous
      collector frenzies in the coming decades.

      That said, anything on Lenny Dee's Industrial Strength label is pretty
      intense. A compilation that shouldn't be too hard to track down is
      "Industrial F**king Strength" ... distributed in partnership with Earache
      records which should tell you something. Tracks not for the weak of heart or
      those concerned with propriety: Fuckin' Hostile (yes, with sample of
      Pantera), Mad As Hell, Gabber Up Your Ass, Cunt Face, Cock Sucker, Extreme
      Terror, etc. There are a lot of other compilations usually referring to
      "Dutch Masters", Rotterdam, Hardcore, etc., on labels like Mokum, Ruffneck,
      Rotterdam, Shockwave, or Industrial Strength. The Terrordome compilations on
      edel and the Frankfurt Trax series, each comprised of four or five volumes,
      are some of the more consistent.

      Stuff by The Horrorist is probably still available--I's classify him as a
      gabba/hardcore version of Green Velvet ... The songs (in his case, the word
      song is applicable ... in most of these cases the affective intensity has
      nothing to do with "songs") reveal a cacaphonous/claustrophobic/dystopian
      narrative. The narrative takes away from the functional heaviness, but adds
      a mediated layer of heaviness. Anything on the PCP label ... tracks by The
      Mover, Mescalinium United, Pilldriver, Rave Creator (all the same person,
      right--Marc Acardipane?) ... check www.acardipane.de for an intro to his
      world. A two disc retrospective of the best of Marc Acardipane's work came
      out a couple of years ago. I was never able to track it down, but I think it
      was a wire end of the year pick ... I heard good press and good words from
      friends who purchased it. If you grew up with a taste for
      Pantera/Slayer/Carcass/etc., you'll find joy.

      I've mentioned this before in other contexts, but Ambush records/DJ Scud
      also put out some heavy stuff ... the seminal track being "Total
      Destruction" (which I think was actually released on a Machineblau 7"). The
      Ambush label sampler, Mash Up The Place, would be the place to start there.
      I've heard this stuff referred to as "Terrorcore" ... whatever level of
      genre granularity you desire.

      RW out*

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      >Subject: [thewire] the heaviest of the the heavy
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      > >i don't mean to be rude or offend anyone, but could the people arguing
      > >about
      > >radiohead please do it off-list? i can't be the only one who is finding
      > >this
      > >topic extremely boring.
      >yes, please. it was already old ten years ago when it was some other pop
      > >now, another of my famous questions:
      > >
      > >what is the heaviest electronic/dance music in existence?
      >probably any gabba track circa 1992-1995. they were regularly reaching
      >of 300+, just blurring into this wall of concussive percussion. plus all
      >those mentasm-derived terror riffs are like kraftwerk play grindcore.
      >are tons of comps with this type of stuff; you gotta be careful though
      >because you can easily wade into icky-ass happy hardcore territory. as
      >as i remember some specific track names, i'll post em.
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