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treat your mother right

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  • hairy butter
    September 2001 Saturday 8th, 15th and 22nd Paul Smith 122 Kensington Park Road London W11 Richard Thomas presents, Treat Your Mother Right. featuring: The
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      September 2001
      Saturday 8th, 15th and 22nd
      Paul Smith
      122 Kensington Park Road
      Richard Thomas presents,
      Treat Your Mother Right.
      featuring: The Bohman Brothers, Extractor,Ralf Nuhn, London Toy Orchestra,
      Chocolate Sandwich, Hairy Butter, Madeleine Furness.
      Over the course of three consecutive Saturdays in September - 8th,15th,22nd
      - Richard Thomas and collaborators stage a series of audio installations and
      performances in Paul Smith's West London flagship store. With central
      operations occurring in the children's Playroom, Treat Your Mother Right
      radically alters the interior and exterior acoustics of the building.
      Richard Thomas exhibits and performs with customised and
      amplified hard-drives, motherboards and other micro-electronics peripherals.
      Audio-visual experiments and games are also conducted with trees, water,
      glass, animation and miscellaneous musical and non-musical objects. In the
      same space Ralf Nuhn presents `Cool Ralf Survives Chaos', a computer
      controlled mechatronic soundtrack system. Electro-magnetic plungers strike
      elements of the shop infrastructure exposing hidden resonance's and
      Dialysis: Extractor indulge in physical hacking. They present
      mutant-a-phonic tangible media devices. Satirising the current convergence
      of communications technologies, Extractor's devices develop identity
      crises; telephones are cross fertilised with radios and drum-machines, other
      tools and devices are similarly subject to Dr.Moreau-esque experimentation.
      Adam and Jonathan Bohman make splendid studies of extra-musical sound. Their
      tools are an assemblage of prepared and non-prepared objects; mustard tins,
      polystyrene, wine glasses, violins and confectionery, to name but five
      examples. Positioned on a balcony each, The Bohman Brothers battle it out in
      an electroacoustic-improv sibling soundclash.
      Madeleine Furness gets herself in a knot feeding an acoustically enhanced
      sewing machine anything it can eat. One can also hear and view regular
      surveillance footage diffused by Hairy Butter or, totally remove oneself
      from synaptic overload and listen to the same groups' audio guide `Towards
      The Collective Unculture'.
      London Toy Orchestra make plastic symphonies for the street. Children's
      instruments and noise-making gadgets are used by adults to perform a wide
      repertoire of popular and unpopular tunes. In the past LTO have entertained
      policemen, committed inverted busking (they pay you) and performed at an
      Adam and The Ant's Convention. On the 8th, 15th and 22nd they bring
      kidscapes to the pavement and a music-box soundclash to the kids.
      Situation(ist) comedy. CHOCOLATE SANDWICH drag comedy into the 21st Century
      and almost destroy it. Deploying noise, digital technology and `nonsense
      verbiage' as their props, CHOCOLATE SANDWICH have been accused of
      '*********!?!' and wholeheartedly condone the existence of Plant Hire firms,
      they will provide adult entertainment in the children's section and exhibit
      infantile behaviour everywhere else.
      for further information

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