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Re: [thewire] CDR EXCHANGE E-Group

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  • trommer
    ... let s say my addiction is quotation marks ...can i still join ?
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 5, 2001
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      >CDR Exchange is a list for Listeners of "Deep" Music to
      >exchange and swap CD's of "hard to get","out of print" titles...or
      >for people just with similiar music interests...This IS NOT a list
      >for people who want to swap top 40 titles or anything really
      >popular...this is a more eclectic list...if your musical tastes are
      >varied and passionate and you have access to "Burn" discs this
      >list is for you....hopefully it will grow and we can create a solid
      >circle of people with varied enough tastes that everyone will be
      >fixing thier music "addiction"...hope to hear from you soon....

      let's say my "addiction" is "quotation marks"...can i still "join" ?
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