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Coalition For A Better Tomorrow

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    I was asked to forward this to relevant lists. This is something that Menschenfeind Productions would have defiantly been interested in if it wasnt for the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2001
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      I was asked to forward this to relevant lists. This is something that Menschenfeind Productions would have defiantly been interested in if it wasnt for the upcoming move, and the recent release of The new Death Squad cd.


      Coalition for a better tomorrow is looking for labels that release Power Electronics/harsh noise/experimental music. We have a demo cd that we would like to submit to some labels. We have received some decent reviews up to this point, and think that the material would be worth consideration for release.

      Coalition for a better tomorrow can be reached at

      some reviews are listed below

      Klaus Charnier for ACEPHALE
      "25 minutes of strange extreme electronics which inherit both William Bennet's harsh sadistic vocals and TG's unrelenting craving for yet new experiences with sound. The result is a good surprise for the sonic explorer, who will encounter a mix of good old analogue weirdness enhanced by concret disturbances, exotic improbable beats, skrewdrivers working their way deep into yout cortex and an overall tone of schizophrenic post-experimental improvisation which fears neither some lenghty moments and the violence of the inner being. More simply said, this little project may well soon be one that will have to be reckoned with..."

      Paul Nielsen Purist Online Magazine
      "This is noisy drone music with frequent distorted vocals screaming through the unremitting chaos. The "music" basically consists of loopy drones, clangs, and industrial bangs and crashes. Virtually beatless, the 3 tracks provide an almost constant wall of drones and clamor. Saw blade screeching and panning clatter claim most of the time on this disc, with brief moments of stillness breaking up the madness. This will make your hair stand on end and grit your teeth..."

      Hellraver@... from industrial mailing list
      Well I listened to this disc a few times....parts of it remind me a bit of the typical Power noise artists, merzbow and Nanamax, but other parts remind me of controlled Bleeding and Missing Foundation. Im not a big "noise" fan, and I appreciated the fact that there were audible samples and soundbytes in the songs as opposed to straight "static and noise". The fact ther is dialogue in the audio noisescapes made this recording less monotonous than most of the power noise or experimental music Ive heard. Again Im a DJ, a more "dance" oriented DJ, so Im used to hearing synthlines, beats, some sort of song structure, but I couldnt help really digging this CD. I guess that goes back to my days of listening to the Dry Lungs comps./ Japanese -american Noise Treaty etc., but did hear some parts that reminded me of older bands like Lab Report and Illusion Of Safety. Overall, not being a big fan of noise can still see myself listening to this disc alot in the future.

      The first track on this cdr starts off with some heavily oscillated low-end feedback that strectches out like some muted siren. Some clanging metal joins in at oddly timed intervals, with vocals being processed through god-knows-what, and there are different vocals throughout; hard to pinpoint what's being said and what's being sampled. A shimmering, like glass against a contact mic maybe? joins the vocal barrage and the low-ended feedback becomes somewhat more severe. A powerful track. Some banging on what I'll say is a garbage can, as well as fading synth-esque ambient sounds sets the tone for the second track,
      another killer for sure. Feedback growing, tension building, a circular saw buzzes on a metal table. An ambulance lays across a guard rail, teetering over an edge. More vocals, gruff distortion, electronic buzzing and a growing paranoia, the vocals again attack the listener from different points, with different effects, adding alot of power to this severe electronic attack. A drum machine starts malfunctioning, sputtering out abrupt rolls and tearing at the speakers. Unrelenting. Track three brings us back to fading feedback, some glass clanging. Electronic static bursts reminds the listener that the worst/best is yet to come. The distortion, feedback, and glass clanging begin to form a rhythm of their own. This artist is reminescent ofmore traditional industrial elements, like maybe Mental Destruction, but with a clear noise aesthetic. I hesitate to say "death industrial", becuase this is much more varied than most death industrial acts. The loops are there, the vocals are th!
      ere, but the music comes together in a much more versatile and therefore more powerful context. This is an artists to watch, some good studio production would turn this group into a force to be seriously considered as a force in electronic music.

      from noise@onelist.com
      this is an excellent balance between the wall-of-noise approach and the minimalist...always lots going on , but each sound can be absorbed...owing to the recording quality (High!) and the usage of both delicate and violent sound sources (from power tools sirens, and distorted screams to tiny bells and ambient echoes) the work progresses nicely, elements overlapping while remaining fresh. i think the divisions were well timed, each track presenting a different feeling. overall, an excellent live performance!
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