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KEYHOLE :PELT,Keenan Lawler concert ,release

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  • Keenan Lawler
    ... A special evening of sound performance & the release of 7-12-00 lp(Eclipse records) sunday May 13 900pm -Louisville Visual Arts Association at the Zorn
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6 3:31 PM

      ---- Konstant& Eclipse Records present --


      A special evening of sound performance
      & the release of "7-12-00" lp(Eclipse records)
      sunday May 13 900pm -Louisville Visual Arts Association
      at the Zorn Ave Watertower.(Directions follow )


      KEYHOLE is -Mike Gangloff,Jack Rose and Patrick Best of the
      acclaimed instrumental group PELT ,and Louisville musicians
      Keenan Lawler and Eric Clark .

      " The music made by the KEYHOLE collective is like that of a
      psychedelic appalacian chamber group. Expansive & hypnotic,yet
      deeply rooted in the ancient traditions of
      folk and various ethnic musics .The L.p. "7-12-00"
      is culled from a predawn session in a stone silo located
      in southern indiana.Events unfold slowly as the sounds of acoustic
      instruments are transformed into sustained masses of shimmering
      sound through the physical characteristics of the silo.The sound
      travels unsure of its own destination .Crickets and other natural
      ambient sounds echo through the giant hollow space as reverberating
      acoustic sonorities linger and fade into distant memory ".

      The May 13th performance will feature broad stokes of sonic
      color and eclectic instrumentation .In an all acoustic concert,
      expect to hear hurdy gurdy
      bowed banjo & steel guitar,tibetan singing bowls,gongs,
      didjerdoo amoung others.The historic location was specifically
      chosen for its unique ambient character.

      -PELT, from West Virgina ,have just celebrated their sixth year
      as a band They have released music on VHF,Drunken Fish And their
      own Klang imprint .Currently on tour in the south
      releasing a new double cd on VHF ,Ayahuasca .

      KEENAN LAWLER is a Louisville based musician & sound artist
      best known for his electro-acoustic work with the Resonator guitar.His
      list of collaborators includes
      Matmos and David Watson . Plans for this year include the july
      release of a new solo
      cd ,Music for the Bluegrass States and an east coast tour with
      minimalist pioneer Rhys Chatham .

      ERIC CLARK is a Louisville based multi-instrumentalist and instrument
      maker .He performs a unique brand of electronica under the
      moniker CLARK .Currently recording a forthcoming

      Arriving from I71 south -take Zorn ave exit turn right -go straight
      -look for white tower .

      Arriving from I65 North or South -take I71 north to Zorn exit
      turn left off exit -look for white tower straight ahead .



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