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EM:DEF Newsletter - 5/4/01

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  • Nikki Groovetribe
    Forwarded message: Electronic Music Defense and Education Fund (EM:DEF) ... Dear reader, Our web-site is updated with video footage of the DEA Ecstasy and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2001
      Forwarded message:

      Electronic Music Defense and Education Fund (EM:DEF)
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      Dear reader,

      Our web-site is updated with video footage of the DEA
      "Ecstasy and Club Drugs Conference" held last July.
      In the footage, the DEA compares raves and nightclubs
      to "crackhouses." They then proceed to explain that the
      predominate reason people go to raves is just to buy
      drugs. Finally, they state that investigation of club drug
      use should extend beyond raves, to other venues.

      We also added a link to a story in The New York Times
      documenting several cases of law enforcement cracking
      down on raves and nightclubs -- likely the result of last
      years DEA Conference.

      We hope you'll review this information,
      -----> and, contribute to EM:DEF.<--------

      Table of contents:
      1. Fundraising status
      2. DEA Video
      3. New York Times Piece
      4. SPIN Magazine Piece
      5. New Credit Card Processing
      6. Events - How to throw a benefit
      7. Join our mailing list - get the news first!

      1. Following our announcement of some fundraising
      success, donations dropped off in the end of April. In
      fact, fewer than 300 people have donated to the fund!
      If you are prepared to make a donation of even $15,
      please do so today. If you can donate $50 or more,
      you will receive a free poster donated by A & A Graphics.
      Our new credit card processing makes it easier than before.

      To donate, follow this link:

      2. The DEA held The "Ecstasy and Club Drugs Conference"
      in July of 2000 strategizing a campaign against clubs and raves.
      EM:DEF received video footage from the conference. The videos
      on our site are only clips of the conference, and have been edited
      to highlight the growing movement to shut down nightclubs and
      raves completely. The conference lasted three days.

      The DEA believes, that promoters and venue managers of
      electronic music events are responsible for drug sales in the clubs.
      They also believe that rather than proving direct involvement they
      can prosecute people simply because a customer uses a drug.

      The video edits can be viewed on our web-site at:
      (Server space donated by www.phatnetwork.net)

      3. New York Times reporter, Jennifer Steinhauer, has done
      a story on law enforcement targeting clubs: (excerpt below)

      Club Owners Are Focus of Effort to Combat Drug Use


      Law enforcement officials are no longer pursuing
      just those who sell and take Ecstasy, but the
      owners of clubs and other places where it is used.

      Frustrated by the rising popularity of Ecstasy and
      other illegal drugs among young nightclub revelers,
      law enforcement agencies and local governments
      around the country are increasingly going after the
      clubs themselves, saying that the electronic music
      they play has a close connection to abuse of these

      For the full story, visit, then link:

      4. SPIN Magazine's David Prince has covered the
      New Orleans case in an article aptly titled "Southern
      Discomfort". Acknowledging that "(Donnie) Estopinal
      is one of the most renowned promoters on the American
      dance music scene," SPIN helps to illustrate the danger
      of this case. See the May Issue.

      For the full story, visit, then download (pdf):

      **Rolling Stone article in upcoming issue.

      5. EM:DEF has a new credit card system for our web-site.
      Donated by Trust Commerce, it allows a one click donation.
      Several people wrote with concern that Pay Pal was tedious,
      and didn't work for our friends in Scotland and other countries.
      We hope you'll find the new system more agreeable.

      *** TO DONATE ***

      6. Many people have written and asked about throwing events
      as benefits for EM:DEF. We welcome the opportunity to receive
      donations from anyone, and certainly events are a good way to
      get several people to pool money for a donation. Many requests
      have asked that EM:DEF provide seed money for these events,
      or that we assist in finding DJs to donate time. We would love to
      do these things, but are constrained by availability of resources.

      Experienced promoters wishing to do fundraiser events in a licensed
      venue should contact Will Patterson: will@.... The unfortunate
      reality is that the case in New Orleans will cost $200,000 by the
      time we file our next Motion to Dismiss. If it goes to trial, the cost
      will likely exceed $500,000.

      7. Please sign-up for our mailing list:


      Please support EM:DEF: please forward this e-mail to
      all your friends, coworkers, and others who may support
      electronic music.

      Please note that I respect your online time and privacy. I try and only send
      e-mail to people that would truly benefit, have interest or work inside the

      However, if you would prefer not to receive future e-mail, please reply to
      with a remove in the subject field, and I will remove you from any future
      informational emails.

      Thank you,

      nikki solgot
      media/artist liaison
      fon +1 602 292 6170
      eml nikki@...
      aim girl3o3

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