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For Immed. Release: Sat. May 19: YBO2 (f/Japan) & SUN CITY GIRLS - at the Rainbow (Seattle)

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  • Peruvian Night Train
    * Preface: If you are getting this and do not live in Seattle, do not panic - you won t be getting a bunch of Seattle stuff from now on! This release also aims
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      * Preface: If you are getting this and do not live in Seattle,
      do not panic - you won't be getting a bunch of Seattle stuff
      from now on! This release also aims to bring attention to
      YBO2's first ever USA tour (see below). So here goes!

      --- YBO2 --- [for more: http://www.ocv.ne.jp/~sse/]
      [the Japanese noise-rock supergroup and parent band
      of the Ruins, Zeni Geva, Ghost, White Heaven, etc...]
      ~ and ~
      --- SUN CITY GIRLS --- (Co-headlining, playing first)

      - will appear *LIVE* on -
      - SATURDAY, May 19th -
      - at: The Rainbow (722 NE 45th St.) in Seattle, WA -
      - 10pm sharp ~ $8 ADV/DOS ~ http://www.ticketweb.com -


      [Seattle contact: James ~ 206.664.1086 ~ manhog@...]
      Peruvian Night Train Productions

      "It's rumored that "Alienation" (ed. note: a YBO2 record) shocked
      Sonic Youth and Steve Albini." - Masashi Kitamura of YBO2,
      interviewed by Jordan Mamone for the New York Press, Feb. 2000

      DON'T miss the *first* American appearances by YBO2 (pronounced
      "eeboh-eeboh"), the reunited, ultraheavy, Japanese-underground supergroup
      from the '80s. Led by the philosophical bassist Masashi Kitamura, and
      starring guitarist Michio Kurihara (of the original YBO2 lineup - and also
      known for his great work with GHOST and DAMON & NAOMI!), this
      great band has spawned players who have founded such Tokyo-based
      iconoclasts as the above-mentioned Ghost, the Ruins, Zeni Geva, White
      Heaven, A.N.P., ZOA, Canis Lupus, Difference, and numerous others.

      After a decade of nonexistence, YBO2 has awakened to brutalize & intrigue
      the world with its noisy, neo-progressive, psychedelic monster rock.
      Throughout 2000 and 2001, the quartet's multi-hour gigs in its homeland have
      been deafening, wild and totally unpredictable, with such guests as Masami
      Akita (Merzbow) & Maso Yamazaki (Masonna) joining in the Hawkwind-like
      onstage melee. Two limited-edition live CDs ("Heaven" and "Songs from
      Higurashi Woods") recently appeared on FSS Records, an imprint of the
      esteemed psych label PSF. A studio effort will eventually follow. YBO2
      attempted to tour the USA last summer, but were forced to cancel due to
      technicalities beyond their control.

      The current ~2001~ "reunited" touring incarnation of YBO2 features:

      * Michio Kurihara....
      ....on guitar (the psychedelic master and original founding guitarist of
      YBO, who played with them in 1984 and 1985; he's known for his
      subsequent work with Ghost, White Heaven, and Damon & Naomi)
      He is nowadays considered one of the best guitarists playing
      psychedelic rock in Japan. Back during those days when YBO2
      "formed," Michio Kurihara and the first drummer, Yoshiki Uenoyama,
      also played with a band called "ONNA" ("woman"), led by Miyanishi
      Keizo, a very artistic underground comic writer. His music was very
      much influenced by Hadaka no Rallizes (a legendary heavy-
      psych-rock band active since the 60's).

      * Masashi Kitamura....
      ....on bass and vocal (the band's founder and leader, onetime boss
      of Trans, Chaos, and SSE Records, which issued the first Ruins,
      Boredoms and Merzbow discs)

      * Seiichiro Morikawa....
      ....on guitar, synth and vocal (leader of the great Japanese cult band
      ZOA; he served as YBO's guitarist back in 1986 on a single and the
      Kingdom of Familydream LP, ironically as KK Null's replacement)

      * M. Kishizawa....
      ....on drums (also played in Kitamura's post-YBO group Differance)

      * Co-headlining with YBO2 are the equally legendary and mysterious
      SUN CITY GIRLS, an elusive & prolific Seattle-based (via Arizona)
      threesome whose music blends Beefheartian rock, real and imagined
      ethnic influences, absurdist humor, vaudevillian traditions, and purely
      spontaneous inspirations! (see the links below for much more info!)

      YBO2 headquarters:
      YBO2 article, from the New York Press! (Feb. 2000):
      http://www.nypress.com/ (just type "ybo2" in the search box!!!)
      [this is a great interview with Masashi Kitamura, YBO2's leader!]
      YBO2 photos:

      SUN CITY GIRLS info/articles:
      SUN CITY GIRLS photos:

      YBO2 2001 tour: (check w/venues for more - other bands, etc.)
      MAY16 (WED) - Los Angeles / The Fold in Silverlake Lounge
      MAY17 (THU) - Los Angeles / The Fold in Silverlake Lounge
      MAY18 (FRI) - Sacramento / EMRL Studio
      MAY19 (SAT) - Seattle / The Rainbow
      MAY20 (SUN) - San Francisco / Bottom of the Hill
      MAY24 (THU) - Chicago / Empty Bottle
      MAY27 (SUN) - NYC / Knitting Factory
      MAY29 (TUE) - Philadelphia / The Khyber
      [Seattle contact: James / 206.664.1086 / manhog@...]
      Peruvian Night Train Productions
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