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Re: Dave Grubbs

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  • Davis Ford
    ... To be honest, my favorite parts of Gastr Del Sol seem to be created mostly by Grubbs. This is assumed from what I ve heard of him solo. This equates to
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 27, 1998
      >Jon Abbey wrote:
      >>> 2) a good musician? very, very debatable in my eyes on the recorded
      >and on the times I've seen him live. certainly one of the more pretentious
      >musicians around.
      >I'll have to admit to not being the biggest Gastr Del Sol fan around
      >(pleasant enough but I'm puzzled by all the hype) but Grubbs will always be
      >a hero in my rocky little world for the Bastro LPs. Dazzling bursts of
      >angular guitar and one of the meatiest rhythm sections ever. And the lyrics
      >seemed to make sense in that context. Pretentious? Maybe, but enthralling
      >all the same.

      To be honest, my favorite parts of Gastr Del Sol seem to be created mostly
      by Grubbs. This is assumed from what I've heard of him solo. This equates
      to (like I said before) very minimalist guitar or piano pieces. Repetitive,
      somber, simple phrases. Whether this makes him a good musician or not is
      irrelevant. I'd much rather listen to his simple guitar phrasing than Steve

      It always seemed to me that O'Rourke was around for the effects and noise
      processing. Listen to his solo records. They're mostly noise (very quiet -
      Terminal Pharmacy) or drone (Happy Days), with Bad Timing being the only
      real exception. Whereas on Grubbs' solo stuff, all that extraneous noise is
      missing, therefore, I'm assuming it was mostly O'Rourke's doing. Not that
      this was bad, because some of the effects on Gastr records were quite
      innovative, in my opinion.

      I still find the new album an even more awkward display of his lyrical
      approach than ever before, but it does have some nice features, and Tony
      Conrad jumps in with his violin for more fun.

      What's the story with the split anyway? Does anyone care to elaborate,
      since some of you seem to have heard one or more sides?


      >plus the namedropping I know godspeed email from a wee bit earlier.

      >And the wire mailing list finally disappears up it's own arse.

      >Sorry people, the vast majority of this stuff is anal rubbish, rather much
      >like the contents of the magazine at the moment.

      >Music is supposed to excite, provoke emotion - not the cod academic
      >that gets onto this list in between sales lists.

      I couldn't agree more with Graeme here. I've pretty much given up.

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