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Re: [thewire] San Augustin Tour (Loren MazzaCane Connors partners)

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  • c linder
    hey there, thanks for promoting this tour so well. we are actually the people who booked the tour :) sorry, we pushed hard, but no one in the uk came up w/ a
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      hey there,

      thanks for promoting this tour so well. we are actually the people who
      booked the tour :)

      sorry, we pushed hard, but no one in the uk came up w/ a reasonable offer.

      you might find the "official" mailout from TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS interesting.

      all the best


      AGENTUR *P L A N E T R O C K**

      linder/fromm gbr
      muenzgasse 22
      78462 konstanz

      tel +49.7531.917283 -84
      fax +49.7531.917280

      e-mail planetrock@...

      European Showcase Tour 2001
      in cooperation with The Wire and Spex

      featuring PRESOCRATICS (Seattle)
      and special guests SAN AGUSTIN (New York)

      07 March Berlin (Germany) Podewil
      08 March Hamburg (Germany) Molotow
      09 March Brussels (Belgium) Beurs Schouwburg
      10 March Villeurbanne (France) Pez Ner
      11 March Grenoble (France) le 102
      12 March Aubervilliers / Paris (France) M├ętafort
      13 March Bordeaux (France) Zoobizarre
      15 March Thun (Switzerland) Cafe Mokka
      16 March Weingarten (Germany) Linse
      17 March Duedingen (Switzerland) Bad Bonn
      18 March Konstanz (Germany) Studio 1
      21 March Zuerich (Switzerland) Substrat
      22 March Vienna (Austria) Rhiz
      23 March Wels (Austria) Alter Schlachthof
      24 March Prague (Czech Republic) Delta
      25 March Dresden (Germany) Riesa

      "Everything becomes fire and from fire everything is born, as in the
      eternal exchange of money and merchandise." --Herakleitos


      booked by Planet Rock
      telephone: 49.7531.917283
      fax: 49.7531.917280
      email: planetrock@...






      "The body politic, as well as the human body, begins to die as soon as it
      is born, and carries in itself the causes of its destruction." -- Rousseau,
      1762 The Social Contract

      "Dead men's opinions in all things control the living..." --Nathaniel

      Presocratics Serve Imperialism is the latest dispatch from the doubted
      underclass intelligentsia. Here, Presocratics employ consumer and
      post-consumer goods to interrogate history and insomnia in their bid to
      wrest philosophy from professional academia and the class system it
      supports, thereby returning it to the people (in general, and those people
      who pay for CDs with only 20 minutes of music in particular). This EP
      starts by wrapping vocals and instrumentation around recycled heavy metal
      (Nestor Mahkno Discovers America) and climaxes with the society debut of
      The Break-Even Point, the most breathtaking ballad ever to grace the
      electro-acoustic stage. Behold rock energy mobilized against nostalgia!

      track listing:

      1) Nestor Mahkno Discovers America / Pig Latin [9:04]
      2) Red Democracy (Schizophrenia Is No Moral Victory) [7:56]
      3) The Break-Even Point [3:33]

      total running time: 20:33


      street date: March 27, 2001






      "It is impossible, or not easy, to perform noble acts without the proper
      equipment" -- Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics

      Four years in the making, The Ill-Tempered Cassette addresses the problems
      inherent in all composition: not merely formal elements of duration, volume
      and tone, but intangible issues of economy, narrative & non-associative
      emotional content, all drawn from the unique sound of a single "blank"
      cassette tape. Concurrent with yet very different from Presocratics' debut
      (Works and Days), these seven complimentary tracks are designed to be
      played in any order or combination. The Ill-Tempered Cassette may be
      rock-hard musique concret, but it roils in liquid waves of white noise.

      "Abject formalism on its casual-dress day." -- Wallpaper

      track listing:

      1) One [2:14]
      2) Two [15:41]
      3) Three [2:04]
      4) Four [5:51]
      5) Five [10:46]
      6) Six [3:07]
      7) Seven [13:25]

      total running time: 53:11


      street date: May 22, 2001



      on Presocratics' Works and Days:

      Having created a stir in the cassette underground, Presocratics now surface
      with their debut CD, Works and Days, on Table of the Elements. Its form is
      nearly impossible to categorize as anything other than Electro-Acoustic
      Agit-Prop: an audacious cross between the old-school tape manipulations of
      Bernard Parmegiani and the wry, politically-charged Red Krayola, circa
      Corrected Slogans. Presocratics are Seattle resident Need Thomas Windham
      (analog creation) and New York denizen Jon Philpot (digital production).

      "If Gastr del Sol were Led Zeppelin, then Presocratics are Black Sabbath.
      Or, in even more meaningless terms: If Gastr del Sol were Nathaniel
      Hawthorne and the sophisticated moralism of his age, then Presocratics are
      the autodidactic posturing of Edgar Allan Poe."

      -- Village Voice


      Debut release takes a minimalists approach to analog vs. digital

      Since 1993 analog zealot Need Windham has navigated Presocratics through
      the cassette underground, performing songs by David Allen Coe, Duke
      Ellington and Henry Mancini. Joined in 1998 by Table of the Elements
      producer and digital virtuoso Jon Philpot, the group solidified. Like the
      writings of Presocratic philosopher Herakleitos, whose quotes adorn the
      cover-art for this twosomes debut CD Works and Days, the music explores
      the conflicts that occur naturally between two opposing forces.

      Drawing upon influences ranging from Gastr Del Sols stripped down
      atmospherics and subtle agitation, to the old-school tape manipulations of
      Bernard Parmegiani and Zoviet France, coupled with Philpots digital
      production skills, Presocratics present minimalism at its most complex.
      From the droning onset of Radio Esplanade to the haunting vocalizations
      of Self-Evident and delicate digi-skronks of One Step Back, Windham and
      Philpot have provided an insightful look at the friction that occurs when
      digital technology butts heads with analog recordings.

      As the grinding emptiness of "Radio Co-Worker" gives way to the lush piano
      and violin in a rendetion of Johny Mercer and Henry Mancini's 1961 classic
      "Moon River", Presocratics takes a final glimpse into its past while diving
      headlong into its future, making Works and Days as progressive as it is

      --Chad Radford, ALTERNATIVE PRESS


      Electro-acoustic pop for reckless dreamers: Presocratics Works and Days

      We were not prepared for this. From the stable of one of the most
      respected experimental music labels around charges this mythical,
      unexplainable record. Presocratics operate in a realm of absolute
      liminality, hazy, barely there, yet somehow fully cathartic, forging a
      sound perfectly syncopated to resemble haphazard emotion. There are slight
      references, one direct relative in in all those fragile Gastr del Sol
      records, but for the most part this is a new beast . . . not necessarily
      transmissions from outer space, the Other, but emissions from what you hope
      is, and are terrified might be, residing inside your most inner space, your
      heart and soul. Electro-acoustic pop for reckless dreamers. Beautiful.
      (vol. 1, no. 3)



      "Glorious. . .a coruscating river of electronic sound that sits somewhere
      between metal machine Lou Reed and Kraftwerk, while having a simplicity and
      bright energy that neither would have achieved. At its midpoint, while
      irregular, churning pulsations mutate into great glistening blades of
      sound, it becomes a tremendous and gorgeous aural experience."

      --THE WIRE


      Absolutely wonderful. . .Radio Esplande could be a renegade encounter
      between Tony Conrad and Metal Machine Music from Lou Reed. . .Moon River,
      the intensely sweet and estranged final song, might indeed be of the same
      quality as Gastr del Sol at the culmination of their splendor. The other
      eight tracks are peculiarly enchanting and rather diverse, almost set apart
      from the parallel world which is inconceivably and incredibly surprising.
      Free form, improvisation, noise shrieking from the ethereal, fragments of
      digital glitches. Fabulous.

      -- BLOW UP (Italy)


      The Presocratics conjure up sounds like a band of earth weary travelers who
      ventured into a new dimension of time and space. Works and Days captivates
      by infiltrating the senses-and beyond. Highly recommended.




      on San Agustin:

      San Agustin does a hell of a job in putting complete musical thoughts
      together. Most folks just skim across the surface. Albums like this plum
      the depths.

      --Aiding and Abetting

      Trio that purvey a floating ethereal improvised gauzy veil of sound. Jazzy
      drumming (in the best sense) and criss-crossing picked guitar parts by
      turns meditative and discursive, these guys have a great take on group
      dynamics and are justly lauded . . . entrancing.

      --Corpus Hermeticum

      Employing improvisation as the group leader does not send the trio (Andrew
      Burnes, guitar; Bryan Fielden, drums; David Daniell, guitar) into flailing
      or clattering fits. The three instruments' resonance build layers of
      orchestral wealth containing slight cymbal clangs and singular guitar
      rings. Undoubtedly charting their own path, San Agustin does fit snugly
      into the ambient/non-rock/drone-tone of Thela and the Dead C -- or even the
      pastoral scape of the Dirty Three.

      --Forced Exposure

      More fluid and restrained improvisational forays from the trio of ANDREW
      BURNS (guitar), BRYAN FIELDEN (drums) and DAVID DANIELL (guitar). Five
      extended and well-paced songs of blended dissonance, melody, drones and
      orchestral ambient ringing.




      Table of the Elements
      a unit of The Sandwalking Company

      The Sandwalking Company
      Post Office Box 8172
      Atlanta, Georgia 31106 USA

      tel.: (1)404.524.8373

      new numbers as of March 1, 2001
      tel.: 866.826.TSWC (toll-free)
      fax: 404.524.8222
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