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Re: [thewire] That Seattle Album

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    Hey John; While I haven t gotten around to reading the Wire review. I believe what you are talking about is: Christopher DeLaurenti s N30 disc. It s about 78
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 3, 2001
      Hey John;
      While I haven't gotten around to reading the Wire review. I believe what
      you are talking about is:
      Christopher DeLaurenti's "N30" disc.
      It's about 78 minutes long with 3 tracks, one is a sound collage w/
      various people saying "Cocaine"
      the second is experimental tones and the third is a 61+ minute field
      recording of the WTO fracas.
      It's pretty interesting, tho probably moreso if you were there.
      It was released on Sonarmap.net label on Nov. 30, 2000 and comes in a
      hand folded red cardstock pack for $10.
      He also writes for the Seattle experimental music journal The Tentacle
      You can get streaming mp3 of his work at www.sonarmap.net
      or email him at chris@...
      Peace out,

      My five for 2000
      were the five discs from Bob Marleys' "Songs of Freedom" boxset which I
      finally got around to buying.

      On Sun, 31 Dec 2000 13:36:06 -0000 "John Gibson"
      <john@...> writes:
      > OK, does anyone have some PRACTICAL info re. that Seattle anti-WTO
      > 'documentary' album reviewed by Ben Watson in the current issue,
      > like when it comes out etc.
      > For what it's worth, here's my five for 2000:
      > John Fahey - Hitomi
      > The Necks - Hanging Gardens
      > Dean Roberts - And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema
      > The Sea and Cake - Oui
      > DAT Politics - Tracto Flirt
      > JOHN
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