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Re: Main Man & Haino

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    ... t other ... Withdrawe... , ... for ... only go ... should I ... of ... the ... the ... of Haino ... be a ... suggested ... Definetely get PSF15/16- just
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 31, 2000
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      --- In thewire@e..., "R. Lim" <r-lim-1@a...> wrote:
      > On Sun, 31 Dec 2000, Coral Rumsey wrote:
      > > Don't recall anyone mentioning 'Beginning And End, Interwoven' by
      > > Keiji Haino (solo) in the recent round-up - got this cheapo
      > > week, and it's not bad. The only Fushitsusha I have is
      > I thought this was pretty uninspired (cept maybe the first track),
      > whatever it's worth to you (in other words, you can pretty much
      only go
      > up).
      > > which I find rather overbearing. Is this an atypical date, or
      should I
      > > save my money? (Road Cone Mike's fulsome praise for PSF15/16
      > > reawakened my interest in Fus)
      > The Victo release documents a typical performance abroad by that
      > incarnation of the band (e.g. more focused on improv a la the bulk
      > _Caution Appears_- one assumes they're doing something different in
      > marathon concerts that they're known for in Japan). However, since
      > impact of this particular approach relies on the visual component
      of Haino
      > leaping about with a cane to "conduct" his bandmates, it might not
      be a
      > convincing introduction to the band. I'd try one of the titles
      > earlier in the thread before writing 'em off.
      > -rob

      Definetely get PSF15/16- just got it for Xmas- and, you know, what
      can I say that hasn't been said before- utterly remarkable. How the
      fuck did Haino come up with this sound man?- It's fucking amazing!
      It's just great noise, but done with feeling as well, not noise for
      noise's sake. Not a great description but i might be able to put it
      to words properly in 5 years, who knows. Haino must be saluted for

      Also get I saw it!... their latest studio double on paratactile. Not
      as good, but hey, better than Queens of the Stone Age.

      Happy new year.

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