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new comp. from Infrasound Collective-"Owasso Night Atlas" feat. M. Shrieve remix

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    Infrasound Collective – Owasso Night Atlas A various artists compilation from the Infrasound Collective - a work of art sabotage sponsored by the muse
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2000
      Infrasound Collective – "Owasso Night Atlas"
      A various artists compilation from the Infrasound Collective
      - a work of art sabotage sponsored by the muse

      "Owasso Night Atlas" combines the ethos of dub and noise with the
      slipstrike power of beat-driven soundscapes. It is the first
      compilation from the Infrasound Collective - a vehicle for subversive
      music and art sabotage. Gathered here are many artists operating from
      Seattle, to New York, Austin, Nashville, London, Charlotte, and
      say Baltimore.
      The pieces range from beatscape remixes of Michael Shrieve solo works
      (original drummer of Santana) sliced by fognode:::, to improv
      sessions inside abandoned steel mills by the famed Tentacle
      Improvisers - the hub for the Pacific Northwest creative music scene.

      Visit www.infrasoundcollective.com for mp3 samples and more info.
      Also make sure to glimpse the most mistakenly downloaded music video
      of all time for Brink's now timeless classic "Teen Sex
      MPEG" –
      available for free download.

      Track List
      Mark Fauver - "Return to Innsmouth"
      The International Bankers - "The Hunt for Bin Laden"
      the grassy knoll - "Sabbath's Theater"
      Luther*MacRae - "Erons"
      Brink - "Teen Sex MPEG"
      Absorption - "Dead Slow"
      Tentacle Improvisors - "Steel Mill Improvisation"
      fognode::: - "Orbiting Polly" (Michael Shrieve remix)
      Layng Martine III - "Globe"
      baleen - "Assistance"
      Chuey / Monhart / Rea - "Edge Trio"
      Let's Say Baltimore - "When I Broke Into That House That Time"Here is
      a sampling of the great feedback we are getting for this new release:

      "A very intriguing release that crosses over many territories and yet
      still manages to hold on to its integrity;
      it surprises the listener with every turn and with every track,
      capturing our attention and holding it right through until the very
      Richard Di Santo - Incursion Publishing Ontario, Canada

      "Got the Owasso disc a couple of days ago...very good job, guys.
      Strange how ambient, guitar space jazz and trip hop are comin'
      together...inevitable, really. Music that is unlabelable (try sayin'
      that 5 times fast!) is the way to go. Fringe is Fun!"
      LP3 - Greenville, MS USA

      Infrasound Collective
      5133 Harding Road B-10 #101
      Nashville TN USA 37205
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