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&etc v3.se5 foton & 2063 & monotonik

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    Ampersand Etcetera - Volume 3 SpecialEdition ambient & microwave & electronica & experimental & lowercase & postclassical & minimal & techno & etcetera As we
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2000
      Ampersand Etcetera - Volume 3 SpecialEdition

      ambient & microwave & electronica & experimental & lowercase &
      postclassical & minimal & techno & etcetera

      As we move into the christmas silly season, and ampersand goes into
      summer hibernation, I wanted to mention a few music sites which I
      think you would like to know about - more free, new, fascinating
      sounds. Something to while away the summer/winter hours.



      Foton Records

      Yes - I wasn't going to cover labels with a few MP3 tasters to get
      you in. But I recently found them, and Foton have a few things going
      for them: their disks look beautiful (they have two out so far), and
      I hope to review them in the new year. But for the MP3 collector they
      have some enticing attractions.

      Firstly, as well as snippets of all tracks they also have additional,
      non-album tracks available. The label is into glitchy minimal to
      date, and the material presnted is very dreamy and fascinating.

      Secondly, they have remixes of one or two tracks from the disk and
      have just made available three quicktime videos from the Ultraphonist
      album. These are a minute or so in length and combine the minimal
      pulsing to medical videos - an angiogram, an ultrasound and a
      gastroscope. The sound and vision work wonderfully.

      But mainly there is the osaka online remix project: taking as a
      source a recording of a site in Osaka, the project asks musicians to
      remix it or reremix a remix. To date there are 14 versions and they
      are very varied from ambient through beated to more concrete
      arrangements. Artists in the latest batch include peripheral, anders
      dahl, baradelan, paul devens, aeki and josh russell. It seems to be
      developing pretty fast, so keep an eye on it or maybe participate.

      2063 music

      Since February 2063 have released 12 tracks, most in the second half
      of the year. Dentaku have put out 2 and Opal 2000 5 - making them the
      label stalwarts. The mood is relaxed techno, shifting into a more
      ambient glitch with the later releases and the sounds come together
      to create a stable label sound. All together the pieces to date can
      be used as a nicely moving background to work to, and also good


      This is a very impressive collection of material. Mono et al have
      been going since at least mid-97. There are a number of sublabels -
      Mono has the original .mod material, mono211 the breakbeat, and my
      focus Monotonik. The first release was in January 99, and there are
      42 at the moment - some single tracks, others eps, and a couple of

      The label describes itself as
      'idm/messed-up-breakz/androidfunk/whatever' which is pretty accurate.
      I have only sampled the stuff, but the tange is facinating and
      reminded me in many ways of Fax and other idm labels. Another feature
      is the dj-set releases - as the name implies, DJ mixes of varied
      material in single long takes, which provides some great aural

      While I wouldn't download it all myself - I don't need or want too
      much beaty stuff - what I have is excellent quality and I will
      continue to listen to it. Go expore.


      Go to the site to see over 100 cds reviewed from volumes 1 and 2, let
      alone the many from volume 3 and the links to other eMusic sites.
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