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Don't go, O!

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  • jamello@aol.com
    Come back. We ll miss you. I ll miss you. Honest. We ve been down this road before. OK, the list isn t always musical/intellectual rocket science, but I
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2000
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      Come back. We'll miss you. I'll miss you. Honest.

      We've been down this road before. OK, the list isn't always musical/intellectual rocket science, but I say ya get what ya give. It's ironic that the straw that apparently broke the camel's back -- Cale ad nauseum (I stand accused) -- was really just a discussion, albeit a surface one, of recommended Cale recordings. Whatever.

      I promise to behave from now on. No more cheeky bastard one-liners.

      -- JAM

      <I guess this will qualify me as Scrooge or something, but still: I`m outta
      here. This list contains nothing but cheeky (or cheesy) one-liners these
      days (weeks/months) on topics that could very well have appeared in Melody
      Maker or Select or NME or whatever. And how that John Cale-thread could go
      on for days and days and days (and mails and mails and mails) is beyond me,
      as I think most people "got" whatever there was to get after the first
      couple of tongue-in-cheeks.

      Yes, yes: no one will miss me and all that, but if it´s any consolation: I
      won´t miss this list, either. To be on the safe side: ;) >
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