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9841Re: Re[2]: [thewire] keeping up, or not

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  • John Farrar
    Nov 3, 2000
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      Simon Smith wrote:
      > True, and this is going to sound very shallow, but don't you miss the
      packaging??!! Especially some lovely Merzbow-esque-isms.
      > A row of Tandy-bought CDs or MiniDiscs or somesuch doesn't quite have the
      aesthetic appeal of a room full of assorted vinyl, CDs in all kinds of
      shapes and design and a mountain of tapes occasionally tidied up into random
      plastic bags. Or is that just me?
      > I told you it would sound shallow

      Ah well, nothing really beats a good quality 12" gatefold cover does it!!!

      I remember people getting very uptight about CDs as being useless for
      packaging - no-one seemed to take pre-recorded cassettes seriously anyway.

      However, I can put pictures in RealJukebox and have them on screen - not the
      same but.....

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