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9837Recommended music from an egomaniac

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  • Kickin' Da Speaker
    Nov 3, 2000
      Yeah, I would like to recommend my own song! My new song "A
      Place" has aparitions of Leonardo Di Caprio screaming things
      like "This is fucking bullshit, you bitch", and I think that sounds
      cool, hehe.

      Although that's true, on a more serious note, you are susceptible
      to like my music if you like Nine Inch Nails, or VAST (in case you
      know them. If you don't, run to http://ww.realvast.com and
      discover the band of the millenium, after me), or maybe
      RadioHead too, or anything that's dark and beautiful, weird and
      catchy, intense and soft, powerful and disturbing.

      Hope you dig it.

      Download the song at http://www.mp3.com/6ameternal. (The
      band name is 6am eternal)

      Other musicians on this list? Where can I listen to YOUR music?
      I'm just curious......

      Hey, now you have all a great wek end, hoping it feels eternal ;)
      Thanks for reading to the bottom:)