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9834Re: [thewire] keeping up, or not

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  • John Farrar
    Nov 3, 2000
      > John Farrar wrote:
      > > Bit of shooting the messenger. Napster is just the medium for linking
      > > seekers to tracks. It's hardly their fault if people have crap
      > > communications equipment and mp3s.
      Øivind wrote:
      > Agree, but if Napster will charge me for linking to a bunch of faulty MP3s
      > really don´t have a very attractive product to offer. Of course, making
      this a
      > centralized endeavour, where there´s a pool of properly encoded MP3s
      located at
      > a stable server, would definitely make it easy for record companies to
      > them, so I can see the problem(s).
      > Guess buying CDs still has its place. ;)

      Actually, I don't use Napster for the very reason you have identified. I
      was merely pointing out that it wasn't necessarily the author of Napster's
      fault. I tend to use services like http://www.listen.lycos.com/ to find
      stuff and then its either free or if I want it, I'll buy it from people like
      E-music. From a Brit point of view downloading an album (last one was
      Merzbow/Gore Beyond Necropsy) for $8.99 is damned good value - even after
      adding the cost of phone connection here.

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